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from clcassius :
Aww... so sorry about Mozart. But I hope your memories bring you a little bit of joy in the midst of sadness. :)
from harri3tspy :
Hi. I'm updating the academia ring and I can't find a link to it on your page, so I'm deleting you. If it's there and I missed it, I apologize. Please just send me a note telling me where to find it and add yourself back to the ring. Thanks.
from goodsandwich :
Husband not OK? Job not OK? Mother not OK? Here's hoping everything straightens out soon.
from goodsandwich :
Any chance of the password? I'm concerned about you dearie.
from goodsandwich :
Oh girlie, won't you come back? Even if I had your password I see there hasn't been a word from you in months; hope you're holding up because clearly something is Not Right.
from goodsandwich :
I like reading your journal, for what that's worth. Things do get better. Sometimes the whole world just has a bad day (week, month) and even those of us who know we are lucky and have good lives can't escape that bad day.
from wateryone :
They're reprinting Tam Lin!? Yes! Now I can buy all my friends a copy. It is the ultimate book to recommend to English and Classics majors. Thanks for the intel.
from pixie0323 :
you should probably go fully willie nelson-style for the next week and wear the t-shirt that he sometimes wears to concerts. it's black and in white letters it just says "FUCK" on the front. i think that pretty much sums it all up!
from wateryone :
So did you go buy Last light of the Sun today? I can't believe how long I'm going to have to wait before I get my hands on it. *gnashes teeth*
from wateryone :
oh! I loved your feminist-anarchist wedding vows... They're classic. I have to admit, I read a few of those books before I got married, and just laughed and laughed at some of the ceremonies. Some, like the Quaker ceremonies are great though, and the feminista-anachist takes the cake. Beautiful.
from wateryone :
I'm reading Kage Baker at the moment! that's three out of five! we must have similar tastes. I think I can accept the Zubir, because it's fiction, and because I know Kay did it better than anyone else could, except maybe Russell Hoban.
from wateryone :
They just don't make names like they used to, do they. Have you read the Zubir thread at Bright Weavings. I'm the naiad in favour of the Zubir. :)
from wateryone :
You know, I'd name a child Theodora if my husband would let me. Do you frequent Bright Weavings - The official Kay site?
from wateryone :
LLoTS is coming out before March 2, even. It's coming out on Friday now. Wheee!
from goodsandwich :
Took me a while to answer your offer-note, but yes! I would love it if you would check with your coworkers about the "Victorian" thing (I enjoy being exact when I claim something). I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I think I've guessed which museum you work at and have had a lovely time looking at the website. What a detailed treat! And what a pain in the ass those delegation ladies must sometimes be!
from goodsandwich :
Thank goodness clever people make a banner once in a while too! I'm enjoying the read.
from robin-smith :
Guy Gavriel Kay is great...I must have read the Fionavar Tapestry trilogy five times.
from marn :
Yayyyyyy, I'm so glad they go there safely! I just took your CD back into the gym with me this last week (it's one of my favourites). I really appreciate your kindness in making it :)
from marn :
FEAR NOT MS. GENIBEE. I will bring your eggs with me tomorrow when I go to the gym :) Thanks for letting me know--I knew there was one eggless person, but I wasn't sure who. I do apologize. Can we call it a senior moment?
from allerax :
i tend to pluck my eyebrows a bit too much at times & then forget all about them for a month. this is perhaps 10 times worse than never having plucked them *ever* - because the hairs become more random & ugh. it looks bad. in any case, you make me giggle. one day i too will make someone giggle. well, maybe i just need to work on my layout.
from marn :
You're right, he is lickable. But, well, HE WAS BEING MEAN TO HARRISON so of course I had to hate his guts while I was watching the movie.
from katehackett :
Yours isn't bad yerself...I really enjoy not only the layout, but also the diary itself...I think I'll be back & add you to my favourites. :o)
from marn :
Why thank you kindly. You're added to my collection. I love getting a sense of my three loyal readers.
from marn :
It's addictive. I still can't believe the personal stuff people babble on cellphones for all the world to hear. It just stuns me.

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