From Anathema's lips

What's in a name? Everything and nothing.

My favorite diaries:

sugarcorpse profile - diary
comments: A refreshing blast of angry, cynical honesty.
mcclain profile - diary
comments: It's like a drug. I stumbled across it, and just keep reading it.
shutupmom profile - diary
comments: I am still laughing.
pariahpoet profile - diary
comments: A reason to stay, a person worth knowing.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Sarcasm, wit, and humor with a twist. I think I am in love.
hel profile - diary
comments: With so much in common, we are destined to rule the world!
darkomen profile - diary
comments: Such a beautiful intellect, such an amazing talent.

My favorite music:

Sex Pistols and DropKick Murphys
comments: A little of the old, a little of the new.
comments: What a beautiful way to go...and never return.
Pink Floyd
comments: Sweet lullabyes...
comments: Grew up on them...still love them...'til death do us part, baby.
System of a Down
comments: 'Cuz sometimes I get angry and have to growl.

My favorite movies:

Pulp Fiction
comments: I love circles.
Grosse Point Blank
comments: Seen it 15 times...will watch it again.
Tank Girl
comments: A role model for little girls everywhere!
Rocky Horror Picture Show and They Live
comments: Both classics. And They Live has the best fight scene EVER!
The Blues Brothers
comments: The original. Must be the original.

My favorite authors:

Neil Gaiman
comments: No explanantion needed I think.
Marge Piercy
comments: If you haven't read her, you are missing out.
Oscar Wilde
comments: I love a man who says exactly what he thinks.

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