The mind of Hel

Transmutable hair, currently purple with dark golden blonde roots/Blue-Grey eyes/5'4"/Plus size Chiq

I'm evil, if you care. But fun evil, not scary seriously hurting people evil. Least, very rarely seriously hurting people, and never accidentally. *grin*


'I'm a bitch, I'm a tease, I'm a goddess on my knees.'-Meredith Brooks

'People who think they know everything are very irritating to those of us who do.'-Aristotle

'Anyone who says money can't buy happiness has never been broke.'-Unknown

'Some ppl do not understand uniqueness, nor do they want to. The hell with them.'-Unknown

'Do not condemn the judgment of another because it differs from your own. You may both be wrong.'-Unknown

�I drank what?�-Socrates

'Why live in the world when you can live in your head?'-Pulp

'Devils speak of the ways in which she'll manifest. Angels bleed from the tainted touch of my caress.'-Trent Reznor

'I know it's not the right thing, and I know it's not the good thing, but kinda I want to.'-Trent Reznor

"The biggest conspiracy has always been the fact that there is no conspiracy. Nobody's out to get you. Nobody gives a shit whether you live or die. There, you feel better now?" -Dennis Miller

My favorite diaries:

creediscool profile - diary
comments: This is a nice person I met in the diaryland chat
egyptiandoll profile - diary
comments: another nice chat person
pieceofme profile - diary
comments: an interesting diary I clicked on the banner for and liked
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: Banner Click. Interesting
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: yet annother interesting banner click
kinetix profile - diary
comments: I really like what I've read of this person's diary, which is mostly their take on god's involvment with ppl's lives
prowlpassion profile - diary
comments: Kinda...Interesting ;) diary I found from a banner click. Haven't read a bunch, but what I have read is....interesting.
rachelmarie profile - diary
comments: I'm listed as one of this person's favs!!! isn't that amusing?
blue-belle profile - diary
comments: Another person who lists me!
magentafluff profile - diary
comments: And Another!
angldarknes profile - diary
comments: Yet Another
j-e-l-l-o profile - diary
comments: This person calls me amusing!
murflegirl profile - diary
comments: more listage
ranzi profile - diary
comments: and more
nighteangel profile - diary
comments: She signed my diary, and I read hers and just HAD to send her a note, Cos I've been there
fozziekag profile - diary
comments: IRL friend of mine, sorta a lil sis. YAY!!!
abery87 profile - diary
comments: Another IRL friend, even if he does live in India and I almost always talk to him online
muxxie profile - diary
comments: weird, but cool. she had an interesting banner
ghanima profile - diary
comments: interesting
step-inside profile - diary
comments: and yet more listage! this makes me so happy
samkitty8 profile - diary
comments: and more!
tailbonelust profile - diary
comments: Random banner click, interesting/amusing diary
ryacr profile - diary
comments: cool australian guy who I met through a yahoo group for an online game
americangeek profile - diary
comments: guy off, interesting *grin*
anathema- profile - diary
comments: hehehe. this guy tried to steal her car stereo. and she kicked his ass. TWICE!
pheanox profile - diary
comments: aawwww, cute military boi
ashtray-dirt profile - diary
comments: This chiq is cool

My favorite music:

comments: First non country or oldies group I liked, All time fav
comments: Everything since, and including, Blood Sugar sex magic. Not that I don't like what came before that, I just haven't really heard it
Meredith Brooks
comments: At first, just cos of the song Bitch, but then I got the CD, and LOVE IT!
comments: I dunno y, just cos
Pulp, Suede, The Clash, Travis
comments: Pretty much all the bad british bands

My favorite movies:

Interview with the Vampire
comments: I have a thing for vamps, have u noticed?
comments: Come on, it's funny
Welcome to the Dollhouse
comments: A lot of ppl have never heard of this. it's good. disturbing, but good.
Pump up the Volume
comments: Christian Slater is YUMMY in this one
comments: and Clerks, and Mallrats, and Chasing Amy. But I think I like Dogma best

My favorite authors:

Ann Rice
comments: Not just the vamp books either. The rest of her stuff too. The Mummy, the Beauty series, Exit to Eden
Christopher Pike
comments: Yeah, I know he's mostly for middle school age kids, but I like his stuff.
JK Rowling
comments: Harry Potter, but of course
Issac Asimov
comments: What can i say, i like Sci Fi
Jane Yolen
comments: I like fantasy too, especially dragons

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