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I'm a popular cliché!

Magic and mischief from the irreverent mind of CuteThing.



My favorite diaries:

andrew    profile - diary
comments:  andrew makes the ladies hot and the men bothered.
basal    profile - diary
comments:  a little black box with words in it
beany-ducks    profile - diary
comments:  beany hasn't taken his meds in a long, long time
daljo    profile - diary
comments:  porgy.
dangerspouse    profile - diary
comments:  awesome.
ebm    profile - diary
comments:  hot comedy coming straight atcha
hissandtell    profile - diary
comments:  aussie hilarity ensues (and prevails)
jwinokur    profile - diary
comments:  he's magically delicious, AND a rockstar.
simply-red    profile - diary
comments:  the one, the only
slinkycurtis    profile - diary
comments:  child abuse! wait, no, just kidding. humor.
squirrelx    profile - diary
comments:  lost to the world, but hanging on for posterity, i guess.
thegoodbook    profile - diary
comments:  my modern translation of the bible

My favorite music:

dave matthews

My favorite movies:

the wicker man
comments:  classic. beautiful. just see it.
playing by heart
comments:  i have no idea why no one has heard of this movie
streets of fire
comments:  a rock and roll fable
comments:  brilliant, and beautiful. accounting, pornography, nymphomania, amnesia, and torture.
harold and maude
comments:  jesus christ, just see it.

My favorite authors:

kurt vonnegut
abbie hoffman
neil gaiman
douglas adams
william goldman

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