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Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Reading, HTML, Web-building, Sewing



My favorite diaries:

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comments:  -------Diaryland Friends Below, I'm the fan of all of the following people-----
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comments:  Jeremy
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seasons79    profile - diary
comments:  Interesting find
rebecca    profile - diary
comments:  Great candid writing.

My favorite music:

comments:  Flyleaf, Alica Keys, Shakira
Regae Arists:
comments:  Kat DeLuna, Sean Paul
Pop Artists:
comments:  Christina A., Pink, Beonce
Metal Bands:
comments:  SlipKnot, KoRn, Godsmack, Disturbed, Stained
Rock Bands:
comments:  Simple Plan, Sugar Cult, Limp Bizket, System Of A Down, Linkin Park

My favorite movies:

The Matrix
comments:  Reloded and Revalutions too.
Save The Last Dance
comments:  This movie so sweet.
comments:  Lord Of The Rings
Bourn Idenity
comments:  That movie was hot dude.
comments:  Silence Of The Lambs, Queen Of The Damned, Dragon Boy

My favorite authors:

Carol Berg
comments:  Flesh & Spirt, Breath & Bone, The Bridge of D'Arnath, Song of the Beast
Naomi Novik
comments:  The Temeraire Series; His Majesty's Dragon
K. A. Applegate
comments:  Animorphs, Ever World, Remants
comments:  Lord of the Rings

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