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"And so it was that the bush burned with a great fire, but was not consumed"

if you would like to follow me, email me at michelle.hooper@furman.edu

I'm an emotional massochist and exhibitionist. There's a sad irony that keeps following me around, so finally I put it on a leash and gave it a name. I keep it in my pocket now and touch it when I need to be reminded that I am an artist, and the path of the artist is not smooth. But then, neither am I.



My favorite diaries:

aquietboy    profile - diary
comments:  Still hanging onto every word.
infinidox    profile - diary
comments:  My favorite funnyman.
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  Is this guy for real? He's a hoot! Thanks for D-Land!
ineednoname    profile - diary
comments:  I wish I knew him in person. He seems fun, and I genuinely want his life to work out well for him.
maryboleyn    profile - diary
comments:  The ever charming, ever ladylike, Mary Boleyn.
theothergirl    profile - diary
comments:  She did what I have not managed, crossing the sea to meet her love. You're a heroine, Lanore.
psallmylove    profile - diary
comments:  Her words pierce me. But if only she would get a new layout!
mousepoet    profile - diary
comments:  This man loves his family more than anyone I've ever seen (except maybe Brian but I think I might be biased there) and expresses it with both modern flair and classic elegance.
dumbgenius    profile - diary
comments:  I almost feel like we know each other in real life...
tudor-diva    profile - diary
comments:  Mary's OOC diary
tics    profile - diary
comments:  Mr. Hyde
dailycomic    profile - diary
comments:  Her efforts are expanding daily.. also, a very nice person. Come vote for her webcomic.
quoted    profile - diary
comments:  Submit me to this and I'll love you forever.
blank01    profile - diary
comments:  Amusingly offensive, just the brand of insult I like.
challenge-me    profile - diary
comments:  Because I'm a former soulmate, too. At least she got to grow up forward, and not in reverse.
evermind    profile - diary
comments:  Someday she'll be a superstar, and then I'll be able to say I knew her when. An incredible girl.
elliorange    profile - diary
comments:  Daily affirmations, some sexy talk, and one very sweet woman.
notjoe    profile - diary
scanzilla    profile - diary
comments:  Truly insane.
foreverlight    profile - diary
comments:  Slam poetry with overtones of Langston Hughes. (God did I spell that right?)
hotrodgal    profile - diary
comments:  Classic cars and insane randomness
tech-noir    profile - diary
comments:  I admire his powers of philosophy, and I'd love to hear that accent ;)
willnavidson    profile - diary
anon-amus    profile - diary
comments:  My friend Richard. Go read his diary! Now!
arandomname    profile - diary
comments:  "It's how I make my choices? I consider the consequence, understand it, and still choose to do what I do. It's like I'm on a highway with a sign that says, 'Heaven this way' and I decide to go off-roading"
ghanima    profile - diary
comments:  Ever since she changed her layout, I can't read her diary. *sigh*
willthiswork    profile - diary
comments:  Quoted Hamlet AND my favorite song.
doing-wrong    profile - diary
comments:  A fellow college student, reveling in and trudging through the wonder and the pains.
lobsterchick    profile - diary
comments:  Cool in blinking neon lights
ga-templates    profile - diary
comments:  Girl Aflame Templates, version 3.0 - we're back, armed with a brand new pirated copy of photoshop 7. *grins*

My favorite music:

comments:  Also: The White Stripes, The Strokes, Aimee Allen, Cake, Dashboard Confessional, Massive Attack, Portishead, Melissa Etheridge, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, The Cardigans, Tom Jones, Rob Zombie, The Smiths, The Cure, Tori Amos, U2, Voltaire, Wolfsheim
The Cranberries
Leonard Cohen

My favorite movies:

The Sixth Sense
comments:  A very well done movie in my opinion, and the last movie I saw with my father. "They don't hold meetings about rainbows."
Samurai Jack
comments:  Think cartoons are just for kids? Good - more Jack for me.
The Lord of the Rings
comments:  You just can't top this. An absolute flood of chills.
comments:  Quod me nutrit, me destruit - That which nourishes me, destroys me.
Mary Reilly
comments:  A quite lovely interpretation of the Jekyl and Hyde story. Divinely tragic.

My favorite authors:

Stephen Crane
comments:  The undeniable god of poetry, in his time and in this.
Charles Dickens
comments:  Brilliance.
Kate Chopin
comments:  All the complexity of Hemingway, and all the pathos of Tennesee Williams.
Tennesee Williams
comments:  The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, clearly the signs of a tortured genius.
Leonard Cohen
comments:  Even now, there are some who feel.

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