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Looking for some laughs? Well, maybe youve come to the right place. Check out my comic "Dimples"

My favorite diaries:

girl-aflame profile - diary
comments: Her poetry and writing is so amazing and descriptive. She seems to be a very smart person too. Great layout.
catzi profile - diary
comments: She loves cats. She loves bettas. What more can I say! CATS RULE! >^..^< Gr8 diary.
alittlehorse profile - diary
comments: Seems very smart! Interesting writing style. Amusing!

My favorite music:

comments: Tell me did the wind sweep you off your feet, Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day And head back to the Milky Way And tell me, did Venus blow your mind Was it everything you wanted to find.....BEST.SONG.EVAR.
comments: Not a band, but a CD released by Cirque Du Soleil. AMAZING music. OMG. U gotta hear it.
Alan Jackson
comments: I do love many of his songs. Chatahootchie is a fave. Tall Tall Trees. Ect.
Our Lady Peace
comments: I like some of their stuff. Yep yep.
Russell Watson
comments: Hes British, hes HOT, he sings opera. Waaait a sec.....HES BRITISH ?!

My favorite movies:

A Beautiful Mind
comments: My God and my Lord, this is the most amazing movie experiance Ive ever had. Its just....WOW. Um, in fact its been a while since I watched it so if ull excuse me......*leaves*
Finding Nemo
comments: Ya I admit it. I love Disney/Pixar flicks. I love Dory. How can you not love Dory ? Or Bruce ?! Crush needs to go to hell though.
The Trueman Show
comments: This is Jim Carrys best film that Ive seen, IMHO. I love it. Its funny, sad, and thought provoking. "What if..."
Roman Holiday
comments: HELLO! Audrey Hepburn! HELLO! Gregory Peck! HELLO! Good story! HELLO! Romance! HELLO! FUNNY! HELLO! Rome! (Been there) HELLO! Would ya stop sayin hello??!
Mrs. Winterbourne
comments: I love this movie. Good looking guy, humor, romance, cute baby (uh,..babies suck!),(j/k)murder, intrigue,....whats intrigue ?? How do you spell it.....wait, what were we talking about ??!

My favorite authors:

comments: He inspired men to write the bible. Have you read yours today? No me neither Im so bad. *shame*
Susan Kay
comments: Phantom of the Opera is the best book EVAR. I read it in 2 days. Thats like a record for me. Usually it takes me 2 years to read anything.
Michael Chriton
comments: Jurassic Park, Lost World, ER, Congo, he brought us these things. If it werent for him there might not be a George Clooney. Well, there would be but he might not be famous....blah blah..

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