Jack's Facts

Go ahead. You cry now.

Get it all out.

I am Jack's Dark Catharsis.

"What happens here is first going to piss you off. After that it just gets worse." -Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

I am Jack's Pilfered Disclaimer.

If you are looking for easily digestible feel good fluff, you've come to the wrong place.

You've been warned

* * *

If you want a password just ask. I don't know how long this will be locked.

My favorite diaries:

Jim-Hawking profile - diary
comments: One of the first diaries I liked here, the only one from that era that still updates. If you are reading this leave me a note, I want to leave you notes or make contact somehow but cannot. If you want to of course.
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comments: Shit you don't need.
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My favorite music:

comments: My "favorite" music varies with what mood I am in. I like to put quotes here that stand out or mean something to me at the time. I also put music quotes in my extras page.
System of a Down
comments: "I don't feel it anymore..."
Pink Floyd
comments: "What shall we use to fill the empty spaces, Where we used to talk, How shall I fill the final places, How shall I complete the Wall?"
comments: "Save me from the nothing I've become..."
Alice in Chains
comments: "See my heart, I decorate it like a grave. You don't understand who they thought I was supposed to be, Look at me now, I'm a man who won't let himself be..."

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: I quote, think, read, watch, dream and write fan fiction about Fight Club
Moulin Rouge
comments: God I loved that movie. Nicole Kidman has always been one of my favorite actresses anyway, I am glad to see this work of art is finally gaining recognition.
Fast and the Furious
comments: Oh god, that one revved up my motor, I have a love affair with my hot rod already, and that movie fueled my lust of hotrods even more! I thought i was going to blow a nut in the end when that sexy black road demon stood up on its back wheels.
comments: Welcome to the Xander Zone
Death to Smoochy
comments: You have to see this!

My favorite authors:

Chuck Palahniuk
comments: I was infected by fight club a few years ago, I wonder if there is a support group for that sort of thing? READ THE BOOK IT ENDS EVEN BETTER!
Serj Tankian
comments: "I can feel you far away, with your earth blue eyes, catching the waves of unknown oceans..."
Dr Murphy
comments: The Power of the Subconscious Mind. Possibly the most profound book I have ever read. Sometimes it really scares me when I see the theories at work.
Dan Millman
comments: Sage wisdom from just a regular guy.

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