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I write bad poetry...and even worse rants about nothing in particular. I'm an absent-minded Thelemite with a god complex (I don't like having been deified).

My favorite diaries:

three-wishes profile - diary
comments: nifty person who thinks I'm a good writer...cool!!!!
malice profile - diary
comments: nifty entries is all I have to say
mscellophane profile - diary
comments: Every entry has an obscure quote attached, all the more interesting because of it
daath profile - diary
comments: "Knowledge" in Hebrew, and this guy has quite a bit of it
super-fly profile - diary
comments: Always short sweet and to the point, but mostly just sweet
prayformojo profile - diary
comments: Excellently insightful
ripetomato profile - diary
comments: A great source of inspiration if only in my head (which as any of you know, is pretty messed up)
tangledblue profile - diary
comments: He doesn't update very often, but when he does it certainly is interesting
pure-milk profile - diary
comments: Quite the girly-girl and has a crush on Hobbits, but is cute that way
futilehorn profile - diary
comments: Interesting, but I'm not sure exactly why
gbg profile - diary
comments: She lives somewhere in or around New Orleans (my favorite city in the US), and she is both insightful and entertaining at the same time
believing profile - diary
comments: A very interesting person with a very interesting life
runic-rhymes profile - diary
comments: found her through her banner add and I'm hooked on her writing
zziememkye profile - diary
comments: this person linked me out of the blue, and I'm glad that it happened because now I'm addicted to this diary
rookittycat profile - diary
comments: a uniqu outlook on life
lucky-starz profile - diary
comments: wow, check out this layout, very good, and her writing is easily equal to it
enigmotion profile - diary
comments: I love her writing, it reminds me of things I wish I could forget
drahmaqueen profile - diary
comments: Everyone needs a short sharo shock from reality every now and again, and she delivers
fangtastic4 profile - diary
comments: She has a great way of phasing things
schmeernoff profile - diary
comments: good poetry, and a sense of herself....also writes fiction...but on another diary
take1 profile - diary
comments: this is a fiction-based diary, I enjoy it quite a bit
squarelife profile - diary
comments: i love the artwork, and I know the pain
sumbum41 profile - diary
comments: Someone whom I should have added to my fav's a long time ago, but she didn't used to update very much, and I am very lazy
felicezombie profile - diary
comments: great layout, and I enjoy her writing, again should have been here a whle ago, but I am lazy
siddel profile - diary
comments: She this entry about coming home that makes me sad thinking of days long ago
yeoldesoul profile - diary
comments: I love the layout, and she has this entry called leeches, which echoes my feeling about the media perfectly
dust-settle profile - diary
comments: writing for someone who doesn't know you are writing for them, I can relate....
greenheiffer profile - diary
comments: You just have to read it, there aren't words to describe it
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Wow, the way she uses her words is just amazing
chaosbean profile - diary
comments: interesting
kitty79 profile - diary
comments: This diary is absolutely beautiful
magickreview profile - diary
comments: another review site, pretty good stuff so far
quotheraven profile - diary
comments: Hmm...I like this so far. More input required...
i-am-jack profile - diary
comments: he said; "For a long time I was Jack's Creeping Suspicion"
kizzykim profile - diary
comments: Theatre major: that kind of says it all
tv-girl profile - diary
comments: anime and a quote of the day-need I say more?
dizzigemini profile - diary
comments: I love her logic
daleyk profile - diary
comments: Yay!!!! Poetry!!!!!
reoko profile - diary
comments: Disclaimer at the top says it all
round-13 profile - diary
watchcredits profile - diary
lil-watkins profile - diary
comments: Can't wait to see what these three add to my favorite readng material
stellamane profile - diary
comments: Waiting to see what this one's going to bring to the table, good stuff so far
behindtheeye profile - diary
comments: Here's another chance to see what other Thelemites can do...(thier will of course)

My favorite music:

Tom Waits
comments: one of the best songwriters ever
Leonard Cohen
comments: Same
Tori Amos
comments: Yet again
Depeche Mode
comments: Nothing like good synthpop
The Cure
comments: heh

My favorite movies:

comments: No gorum comment
comments: It has captured the imagination of millions, and who doesn't get a kick out of Chris Lambert's laugh anyway?
The Doors
comments: Great cinematography and Jim Morrison
comments: Val Kilmer's best role ever
The Crow
comments: I know, I know, but I still love the f'n movie

My favorite authors:

H.P. Lovecraft
comments: C'mon, who doesn't love the Cuthulu mythos and the "Dream Cycle"
Allen Moore
comments: If you don't know...go find out
A. Crowley
comments: Hey, I'm an f'n Thelemite...
Dr. F.I. Regardie
comments: Better author then Crowley, in my humble opinion
Neil Gaiman
comments: How can you not like this guys writing? It sparks imagination in even the most dull

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