My favorite diaries:

candoor profile - diary
comments: A complete enigma!
porktornado profile - diary
comments: "Not funny HA HA, funny queer" naaa he's just really friggin' funny!
the-shed profile - diary
comments: The most ELUSIVE member of this site! I LITERALLY LONG FOR MORE!
acid-reflux profile - diary
comments: So we gonna hang out or what?
MattMagus profile - diary
comments: Beautiful
DiscoTheKid profile - diary
comments: Wouldn't want to make you hot, afterall.
blaiyze profile - diary
comments: bites me!
ladeeleroy profile - diary
comments: The grooviest chick, next to me!
dulligirl profile - diary
comments: My sweetness...
dirtelilhole profile - diary
comments: So deep it bleeds
love-rains profile - diary
comments: Words so much like mine, I adore this princess of poetry.
zockendland profile - diary
comments: A sweet, sweet fan
rite153 profile - diary
comments: A precious girl
notme2000 profile - diary
intralemma profile - diary
comments: Factually strange...

My favorite music:

30 Seconds to Mars
System of a Down
comments: Rockin' load of Paki's!
The Doors
comments: I am the Lizard King! I can do ANYTHING!
The Killers
comments: I never...
comments: And the Angel of the Lord came unto me!

My favorite movies:

comments: The most beautiful movie, sights, sounds, music, characters. You should watch this on extasy. WOW!
Rosamary's Baby
comments: You didn't even have to see that baby to know it looked just like Osama Binladen!
Big Lebowski
comments: Just fun to watch and recite! "HE PEED ON MY FUCKING RUG!"
Marie Antoinette
comments: I want her entire wardrobe!
Requiem for a Dream
comments: Makes me twitchy!

My favorite authors:

Edgar Allan Poe
comments: There is no one who compares or ever could.
Jim Morrison
comments: Not to touch the earth...
Mark Danielewsky
comments: House of Leaves...Wanna go out of your mind?
Stephen King
comments: That is one screwed up mamma jamma!
comments: ...but then you probably will disagree.

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