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Dale - The Art Of Fact

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Location: Winnipeg, Canada

Interests: Philosophy, art, emotion, the human experience, objective truth, music

This is diary is now 8 years old and still going strong. It started when I was 16 and completely lost. Well I'm 24 now and still lost, but I know I'm so much closer to what I want in life. This diary is an ongoing success story, that could go bad at any moment. It chronicles my attempts to understand the world and myself, so I can try to find a place in it.

I've had to add a password to my diary for personal reasons, but if you're interested in reading, please email me at and I'd be more than happy to have a new reader!

My favorite diaries:

digitallord profile - diary
comments: Chad from P.A. Translates his feelings with song lyrics, some his own, some other's.
needleswords profile - diary
comments: A good read. I think I can relate, but I'm not quite sure.
klein666 profile - diary
comments: Another buddy from PA
breakthedark profile - diary
comments: This girl writes AMAZINGLY. I am so jealous!

My favorite music:

Devin Townsend
comments: Amazing. A true artist. Wow.
Mars Volta
comments: Once you get past how weird they are, they become one of the most original bands ever!
Pain Of Salvation
comments: Awesome prog metal. Be is the best concept album. Ever. Period.
Other Bands:
comments: Strapping Young Lad, Saliva, Linkin Park, Radiohead, Vast, Moonspell, Finger 11, NIN, Switchfoot, Sigur Ros, Stabbing Westward, Static X, Porcupine Tree, SOAD, Opeth
Movie Scores:
comments: Memento, Hero, Unbreakable, Requiem For A Dream, Waking Life, Truman Show, Unfaithful, Life Of David Gale, all have really good instrumental stuff.

My favorite movies:

Waking Life
comments: An incredibly deep philosophy movie. About the relationship between reality and dreams. Animated in a very artistic way. They filmed the whole movie normally then animated overtop of it, giving it a very surreal feel about it...
Vanilla Sky
comments: Almost a Hollywood version of Waking Life. Same philosophy. Very awesome movie!
Edward Scissor Hands
comments: This is a story about being unique. About being different. About creativity. And about the persecution that inevitably follows.
Requiem For A Dream
comments: Beautifully filmed. A work of art. Just see it. About how dreams can drag you in to a nightmare.... Another Darren Aronofsky film. My personal favorite.
comments: Other movies: Memento, SLC Punk, Romeo + Juliet, Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, American History X, Usual Suspects, Contact, Shawshank Redemption, Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Me and You and Everyone We Know

My favorite authors:

Daniel Keyes
comments: Flowers For Algernon
Ayn Rand
comments: Atlas Shrugged, The Virtue Of Selfishness
Albert Camus
comments: The Outsider (aka The Stranger), The Myth Of Sisyphus
Stephen Law
comments: The Philosophy Gym, 25 Short Adventures In Thinking
Nicholas Fearn
comments: Zeno and the Tortoise (A great book to build on your arsenal of philosophical methods)

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