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from dvlsh1 :
glad things are looking up for you =) I tried to leave a comment n silly d-land wouldn't let me. Have a great day. maria
from jocelynjunk :
Hi. I used to read your diary a long time ago and I just got a diary again and I looked up your since I enjoyed reading it so much and now it's locked. Can I possibly get the password? Thanks. [email protected]
from emperorincxt :
heya, Im on a new comp and dont have your pw anymore :( could you resend it to me?? thankyou! [email protected]
from dizzigemini :
...i 4got ur password..."carlos mencia" moment
from dizzigemini :
im in the motion to maybe lock my diary as well, its just really creepy to find a ip address linking back to ....a douchebag, id never imagine would be reading MY diary. Obviously i dont write about HIM anymore. Ugh!! Im in a mood today, all appologies. Yeah, thanks for the note. Will check in on ya, every once in a while.
from darkenedhell :
Thank you for the password and all. I enjoy your diary alot, its a very interesting read. I'm sorry someone had to ruin it and make you lock it up though >.<;
from mutantdragon :
Thanks. I do. I got your email a few weeks ago. I replied to it thanking you, but you must not have gotten it.
from dvlsh1 :
yes i sent an email unless I mis-spelled something.. ? no i don't have a user name n password from you. my email is [email protected] if you decide you'd like me to have those things.. hope you are doing good have a good day.
from dvlsh1 :
hi hope things are going better. I owe you a bit of an apology, I sent an email n meant to type hello from a diaryland user in the subject line not hell.. =( sorry about that. take care.
from dietpeppers2 :
Would you mind if I had the username and password to read your diary?
from dulligirl :
Thank you for that comment. I really hope you're right.
from dvlsh1 :
have a happy n wonderful new year's. may it bring you lots of wonderful things. maria
from repressedgrl :
I like your diary. I have come across you in your banners a few times too. Beautiful writing.
from reanimations :
checked out your banner, i like the looks of your diary. haven't actually read anything since i'm doing a million things at once, i'll bookmark and come back. just thought i'd say hi!
from dvlsh1 :
Thanks for the reply and letting me add you. Take care.
from kiarajade :
found you through a banner.. would love to add you to my buddy list on my public diary dvlsh1 if its ok leave me a note there.. I really love the honest thought provoking way you right. take care have a great day/nite. maria
from notme2000 :
No they don't happen to be. Why?
from cooljerk :
hey,i was just browsing on the members site,then i saw just gonna ask if some of your friends are pinoy(filipino)just askin..
from banefulvenus :
Loved your banner! Love your site!!
from cheekyash :
i'm yet another person who's added you as a favourite. i stumbled here through a banner of yours. and was ultimately impressed.
from just-onebody :
Re: God's personal stress ball. A clever finish! (And I dig your writing very much.) Not a few people have expressed the same view as you. There are religions out there that have a concept of God, but not Satan. So yeah, for them, they believe temptations and blessings come from the same source. Some believers, and I'm talking expressly of the Christian kind, because I know Christ, and I can only engage you in things that I know, have already taken the step of believing in a God, yet they fall back on the same line of questioning with, "Then why is Hell created, at all?" Well, my gospel (literally translated, 'good news') tells me that Hell is reserved for the devil and his angels (Revelations). And I'm pretty sure I am human, unless someone can convince me otherwise. I'm having a course in 'Culture, person and identity' and it's interesting to note that some poeple believe that there is no such thing as 'objective truth', because humans are inherently subjective. More interestingly, even science with its empricism, cannot be counted on as 'truth'. There are a lot of 'truths' out there, subject to human limitations and interpretation, and only scriptures assert the 'Truth' (with the capital-T). Your profile can therefore be misleading to a Sociology major because you sound like a believer of a religion.
from just-onebody :
"My true passions in life can't be translated into a career, so I don't plan on having one." Even as I'm hearing this for the first time from anyone in my life, I can dig it. You have the makings of a revolutionary.
from just-onebody :
Theoretically you'd like someoe like yourself because just as you want to discover and love this uniquely specific creature, you actually want someone else to do it to you. But real life is more surprising than that my friend - you'll soon fall head over heels over someone that's an opposite of yourself and you'll spend the time in between taking peeks at this person, wondering at the total "how could that be?" and "are my values straight?" and "does that mean I really don't like myself?", all the way not venturing change yourself to become like this person, even a miniscule.
from namastesakhi :
kudos to you for a great d-land layout. cute cat, too.
from just-onebody :
Hey you're cute.
from powerofduck :
I just wanted to say thank you for the comment. It's something I will keep in mind while I consider the wrist tattoo.
from notme2000 :
They take a minute to show up. I got it, don't worry ;)
from somstar :
Requiem For A Dream also has a great soundtrack!
from just-onebody :
Hey I left a pretty long message on your tag but it didn't make it. Just letting you know.
from gnarly-bunny :
I read your last entry, wow, I feel the exact same way. You seem an extremely intelligent and cool individual, leave me a note, if you like, or not, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your entry immensely. :)
from somstar :
Oh and I like the flames! Just like Chester's ^_^
from zap-jocelyn :
I like your profile, and your thoughts and ideas. I can relate to most of them. You seem like a cool cat. Jocelyn
from darkenedhell :
hey i came by your diary and i love it. its good to see someone with a brain for once. laters. --KiTTy
from thayer-p :
yo yo yo
from jellehbelleh :
Its always nice to run across a brain like yours.
from keryanna :
"I have little to no respect for organized religion, but have tremendous respect for those who have a personal relationship with their creator (if one exists)." I have always said that sexuality and spirituality should only be of concern to the people (or gods) who occupy the relationship. Although I personally have a hard time believing in god, I have tremendous and absolute respect for faith. If used properly, it can strengthen the soul. I don't believe religion is faith ... I think religion is like Walmart. Big, impersonal and far too pervasive for its own good. You're the only person that I've come across who shares a somewhat similar view. It's refreshing. I appreciate that.
from snow666white :
I thought I'd be your no.71?
from sirhcdetsiwt :
saw your add and then i read your entry on people and it is pretty much the same with me. i think a lot of people feel like that, they just dont realize it. its even worse though, when you have to tell your friend that they are the problem, that they are the reason why they dont get along with others.
from alwaysinhim :
right on.
from discodoll :
I myself got my nipples pierced las Saturday, together with 2 outer labia piercings and a navel piercing. Surprisingly enough the only one that bothers me a bit is the navel one.
from notme2000 :
Where do you rent from that's 3.50? Or is that american? Anyway, it's decent, it's got a pretty dark side for a family movie.
from dietpeppers2 :
Hey, how was the Lemony Snicket movie? I'm curious if it's worth spending 3.50 to rent it :p.
from discodoll :
Where are yoooooooouuuuuuuuuu???
from shattdsoul :
Hoping you have a happy Valentine's Day... sending *hugs* and loving you lots
from breakthedark :
I can't remember if I had told you or not, but I love the photo on your's very emotionally provoking. Cheers- J
from kellipotamus :
clicked on the banner, enjoyed every last second I spent at your site, which has now been about a half an hour. I read you latest entry, related. I read your 101 list, and wished that I was a stronger person, a girl like the one you described as being your dream girl. I looked at some pictures, and fell in love with your tattoos. As of yet I have none of my own, but some day I hope to get one of my favorite artist's (Michel Gagne) masterpieces placed forever on my body. It's been a pleasure, K.
from nerddette :
Sorry.. what I mean is .. I RELATE to those. t.
from nerddette :
4. 6. 18. 29. 34. 36. 37. 43. 46. 47. 48. 55. 68. 85. I agree with these from your 101. t.
from silverbiker :
i love the way you write..and i feel your pain deeply..
from banefulvenus :
really LOVE your site, and the banner too!...
from notme2000 :
No, he's 18, sorry.
from diary8001 :
Hi ok you probbally have no clue who I am just another sad soul! Anyway my point of writting this is that I read a few of your diary entries and the last you wrote was deap! kind like my writting! (For proof of that go to one my old entries intiled Melody)Also one last thing I'm kinda on the verge of finding I guess you could say family member his name is Chad and he's possably around the age of 30-40 and I read one of your entries with that name in it and I'm just wondering even though you live in Canada he could have traveled just wondering! If you have a kind heart to just let me know if hes around that age or...............has any resemblenace to the name Baker.................or even knows someone or emembers someone named James or Jim. I know thats strnge but I need to find him you don't want ot know!I hope you can hlep! Thank you! (Plz reply)
from shattdsoul :
Hun, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday my dear notme2000 happy birthday to you. *blows a kiss*
from ariza :
Hi. I found you by accident: I was looking at the banner. Anyway, your diary seems really intriguing. We kind of have the same interests: human experience, emotion, art, and music. Well, that's all I wanted to say. Peace out, JD P.s. I've been to Canada before. It is so beautiful
from chickpea981 :
the typical youth angst, tattoos and piercings, and a general "damn the man" type of attitude. But then you're soulful, you give a lot of yourself in your entries, and you seem to be happy sometimes. Make sense?
from kitty-fuck :
i think you should try to work up some courage and tell Katie how you feel...have a lil talk with her about it..then ask if its ok with her if you call her sister...seems kinda like something a parent would say, but i think if you DO want to ever see her again you should do what you can if you really feel that strongly about it. pinkie<3
from dj-mayhem :
Hey Dale. Do you remember me? I hope so. I haven't talked to you in a long time. My email is Please write to me and let me know how you are.
from silverbiker :
truthfully, i understand where u are coming from and what you all that surround you are simply actors.. and i really wish it was not so hard to find true friends.. i still dont know who my real friends are..*sigh*.. but hey, well..i'm here whenever ya need someone to talk to..?..i know u dont know me but..its better than nothing i guess..? take care alright? i love your diary by the way!
from relena27 :
hey, i just added you today. you seem like a very cool, down-to-earth and in-touch person. that's hard to come by. keep at it and stay true.
from quick-view :
There's a new review site out! Quick-view! Come check it out:)
from neona :
i enjoy reading your journal. you have an honest writing style, clear and full of your personality. thanks for gracing us with what you share.
from thedrink :
Thank you very much for the additions to my quotes page. I really appreciate it.
from gipsyroselee :
nice diary : ) lol made me laugh. good job!
from batastic :
You have an amazing template! Rock on!
from opinionshere :
If you don't mind waiting I don't mind doing it.
from opinionshere :
Here's the deal: At one point the pending list got deleted so I made a new one. As I was checking the guestbook to the reviews that had been completed your name didn't come up as a diary that had been reviewed or as a name on the pending list. You can do one of three things; 1. leave me a note telling me that you are on the pending list and still want the review, 2. you can leave a note saying you no longer want the review or 3. you can ignore this all together and sooner or later your name will be taken off the pending list.
from kstyle :
happy new year!
from barely-jeri :
Hey. Wow I love your writing. Your template rocks as well. Cya.
from banshee-rose :
Cool site. glad u had a good day.
from banshee-rose :
Cool site. glad u had a good day.
from cdghost :
enjoyed reading your words
from luckydonut :
Just wanted to say "hey", 'cause we're the only two people at DiaryLand to list Martha Stout as a favorite author. Thought that was cool.
from dramoth :
You're pretty handsome! And I am totally loving the profile, up til objective truth. I look forward to reading your thoughts.
from oldpenguin :
Hey! That right click gizmo y'all got is cooler than an icecube! Seriously, that is the most amazing thing I have seen all day. Really. I like what you actually write in your diary in equal measure. So that's pretty high praise... I guess... Keep up the writing, and never lose that right click thing. Never! Take heed. OP
from secretbreath :
hey dale, I really like the way u set up your diary, the effects and the comment box. Great entries too. Em wondering if you could help me with my own diary. I am just new and is transferring my old entries into a new diary. So i want the new one to be real cool as yours. Can you help me bro? I'll owe yah. Will gladly be one of ur apostles someday ;).
from discodoll :
I had to add you after I reviewed you. I really like your diary.
from xmeggiiex :
i just finished reading ur 101 things about me. all i can say is wow :O... wikkid! hit me back! XmeggiieX
from minstrelite :
By "onlt" I meant "only." You're obviously smart enough to figure that out, but I just thought I'd acknowledge the typo, just in case you thought I couldn't spell. :)
from minstrelite :
Well, thank you! I really appreciate that. The apostle Paul writes that we are to seek to be in good standing not onlt with God, but with our fellow human beings. May the Lord bless you for respecting my effort to do so, even though we may disagree.
from dejectedhell :
you are positively the nifties. you're going on my buddylist, you uber nifty person.
from sweetreviews :
Your review from Sweet Reviews is up!
from designviews :
Your review is up at last!
from quitenasty :
Your review is up:
from girl-aflame :
Hello, I'm your Design Views reviewer. I just wanted to let you know that your review should be up soon. I'm halfway finished with it now, and I hope to finish tomorrow. It just takes me a while because usually my reviews are pretty detailed. I'm enjoying doing it, though, your layout has a lot of unique points about it!
from usareviews :
Sorry about the confusion, it was my computer, not yours. Your review is complete!
from usareviews :
Not sure what's going on with your template, but it's currently impossible to view. All I see is the fortune city logo. Please let me know when it's corrected and I'll continue with the review.
from lavin :
i like your diary. just thought i'd let you know.
from germfree :
hey thought i'd say hey. dont worry im not intreasting so you dont have to be my friend if you dont want to.
from dll18 :
Notme2000, I really hope that you find all the awnsers you are searching for =)
from notme2000 :
Hey, Cool! Now people can leave comments. Pretty much the same as before, but now slightly less guestbook-ish!
from snowangels :
i think you're pretty damn cool. good luck on the whole housing thing.. i've been there, i know how much of a bitch it can be. much love.

Kat. (8-14-01)

from notme2000 :
from drakerin :
i know what you mean about the 10 pages thing. i know exactly what you mean. i've never thought of it like that...but it's kinda how i feel too. [and now for a bit of shallowness...] you're kinda cute too ;-) i thought i'd point that out to you. ps--oh yea. stabbing westward rocks. [suh-weet] check out my diary, if ya ever get bored enough. -love- drakerin
from kelly :
I just wanted to say you are really cute. I've not even read your diary. *L* And it is probably illegal for me to even say you are cute but hey, I'm on crack.
from beatledana :
Hey purty good diary there. Just thought I would leaves you a comment here. Good luck on the page here. :)
from nevarren :
I meant to write you about the great american novel, but system error 8 occured, and so that will have to wait for another time. I have yet to sucessfully tell anyone about it. But the main point I meant to make before was fate: that everything we have done becomes fate. That usually takes some digestion, so I'll try to add some Milk of Magnesia. You do something, choosing consciously not to do other things. You know the expected result, you know (most likely) some of the other possibilities. You do things and things occur, and when things have occured, that they have is fate. Because you can look back at what you did and it lead you there, but regardless of regrets or no-regrets, you got there by things you chose to do or things you chose not to do. So maybe some day you'll look back at something you've done, or how you chose to spend your paycheck and realize that determination was the fate that got you there, and that you are there and so it's fate. What I mean to say is, once something has passed, it's fate, and you're sealing it as you go along, but we don't know what fate is, so it can't be fate until it's done with. I throw a tangering candy at you, and it is fate. I write a story with someone who attitudes like you sometimes (look, I made attitude a verb) and that is fate. It's not you, but your voice (of sorts) that appears in the great american novel, because you are an archetypal human being. And no, I am not going to explain. So enjoy life and look back. There are no regrets to be had for things we've done, because we all have intentions. That is all. ~C
from lynxangel :
Hi..I happened to stumble across your diary after going to my friend Clara's...and I agree with what she wrote in your Analyzer..I do like your writings, just always remember to be true to yourself..I respect you as a person, but don't lose respect for yourself..Keep on writing..-Marissa *one fucked up fairy* =)
from nevarren :
Judging by your taste in music alone, I can say without a doubt that you are not a goth, not a metalhead, and definately not a geek. There's a lot more to all three than talking the talk. No, I'm not saying you're a poser so don't think it. What I am saying is that you seem to have an idea of what's "cool" and you seem to like flaunting that you do it. All the same, I sense that hint of reality smacking you in the head that tells me you're not entirely someone Holden Caufield would complain about. And the world doesn't judge people by their taste in music. If it did, I'm not sure what they would do with me. In my current state, they'd probably lump me with the goths: NIN, Tool, A Perfect Circle...they'd probably just ignore Suzanne Vega, who is my favorite, as a fluke. But that's not me. I'm not defined by my taste in music. Not entirely, at least, although "3 Libras" by A Perfect Circle is doing a pretty good job of explaining how I feel right now. At any rate, my point. You tell people who have a problem with you doing drugs to leave. Somehow that ticks me off. I have no problem with other people doing drugs, but the mentality of "i'm so good that if you have a problem with me you should go instead of bringing it up with me" kind of bugs me. And I'm sure by now I've probably pissed the hell out of you, but oh well. All I know is that I don't mind you doing drugs, but sobreity has its definate advantages, especially to the "artist." "Take this language//Shake it well, subdue it//Hold it, keep it still.//Stop its wiggling.//Club it. Then//Gouge it, smooth it.//Shape, hollow it out.//Point it and make it sharp//Hollow, smooth, and round" (suzanne vega) and another: "I like the boys//all dressed in black//The bashful ones//In the pointed shoes//The skinny ones//In the tight black clothes//The ones on fire//With the inner desires//And a flame in their eyes.//The ones from the city//The ones who spend time in their rooms//Writing in their notebooks//Going to film school//Coming out at night//To the clubs.//Dangerously clever//And sweetly shy." (also Suzanne Vega). I've come to another point: that despite all this; my musical snobbery, my annoyance at your morally drugged-up high horse and the fact that I can't relate, I still enjoy reading your diary. So as odd or as normal or as stupid or you may think I am, I see some odd spark in you that makes me think. So good luck, may you prosper forever. ~Clara
from cherrybombed :
hilo. i felt like saying 'hi'. you seem like a midly interestin' my friend?!

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