Postcards from the Edge

"I'm not daydreaming, I'm fighting with reality"

My favorite diaries:

backslider profile - diary
comments: i would love to slide back with you into oblivion and beyond.
fallenfairy profile - diary
comments: marissa, queen of cool.
firelust profile - diary
comments: jon, probably the person I trust most as a friend.
libathena profile - diary
comments: libby, weird ass sense of humor...i have to email her, don't i?
personae profile - diary
comments: eliot. libby's bitch.
yokohead profile - diary
comments: kyle. i'm not going to say a word.
sambot profile - diary
comments: sammy, sweetiepie extraordinaire
uberhamster profile - diary
comments: um...uber? he has a comic shop and writes really damn well
marn profile - diary
comments: marn. neato canuck.
scud profile - diary
comments: scud. he lives in NoVA and listens to me rant.
sinnamon profile - diary
comments: jaki. she just writes well.
feraloregano profile - diary
comments: jane! she was my first fan and, consequently, the first person I became a fan of. She writes wonderful prose. You should read it.
nephlyn profile - diary
comments: dane. at one point we were good friends. there's a story here.
solieri profile - diary
comments: patrick, aka puck. see, i told you it was just a matter of forgetfulness. I've known him for 4 years, and we've been varying degrees of close. he rules, i love him to death.
joellefish profile - diary
comments: fishy!
virgin profile - diary
comments: just a cool diary.
zerom3ph profile - diary
comments: thalz0r.
sporkboy profile - diary
comments: david, marissa's love.
everwhat profile - diary
comments: alex, who proposes on a daily basis.
aliena profile - diary
comments: alana, mon amie!!
sweetker profile - diary
comments: captivating! intriguing! amusing! and she likes me :)
skachica profile - diary
comments: cheryl, or rosie or whatever. known her since forever!!

My favorite music:

Suzanne Vega
comments: I am friend to the undertow, I take you in, I don't let go, and now I have you.
Counting Crows
comments: It's raining in Baltimore, but everything else is the same
Bob Hillman
comments: The first five years of circumstances loosen their grip, foreign words on your lips, my lips on your words, definitions blur and we're something else, maybe destined to be, we were destined to be...
The Get Up Kids
comments: It's better in the long run, but this is the worst day of my life.
Supreme Beings of Leisure
comments: I wear my heart like a red stain...I feel that I am not enough for you, I just don't measure up, I feel this constant condition, my strange strangelove addiction

My favorite movies:

comments: "No --no words. No words to describe it. They should have sent a poet"
Silence of the Lambs
comments: Cannibals are sexy. Don't ask and don't argue.
Roi de Coeurs
comments: Next to Contact, an all-time favorite.
The Point
comments: It's ALLLLLLL about the point. Crazy lsd-enhanced movies.
comments: Relatively new, but I'm realizing that more people need to go see it. It is good. Suspenseful. Sexy.

My favorite authors:

Wallace Stegner
comments: Read Joe Hill. Or Angle of Repose. Or Recapitulation. Or anything he's written.
Carl Sagan
comments: One word: "Contact"
Joseph Conrad
comments: I have to admit, I fell in love with Heart of Darkness
James Baldwin
comments: Another Country is fantastic.
Ruth Ozeki
comments: Read "My Year of Meats" -- it's everything I wanted it to be and more.

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