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My favorite diaries:

sinnamon profile - diary
comments: the luf, whoo-wee.
quadrophenia profile - diary
comments: a who fan, and then a good writer. what a good combo!
aglaia profile - diary
comments: miss.algaia...who writes like a champ and doesn't hold back, damned good read if only she'd update a bit more often
msj profile - diary
comments: one of the most amazing writers in all of dland. plus she's from pittsburgh, and a lemieux fan. it just doesn't get better. go read, now.
mach5 profile - diary
comments: anyone who considers a normal hour to get to sleep as 3pm is damned interesting in my book.
pip profile - diary
comments: piparoo, probably the one person who's made me laugh the most in all of dland.
sensualstar profile - diary
comments: a damned funny, and interesting girl. go read her now if you haven''ll prolly suprise you.
icebear profile - diary
comments: he's da bear. what else can ya sa? ;]
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: girls suck.
mindless profile - diary
comments: pls she r0x so hardc0re :]
rabidgirl profile - diary
comments: miss dirty heathur. she rocks in that artschool-but-doesnt-want-to-be-there kinda way.
brokenglue profile - diary
comments: oh lordy. she's well..amusing. and i think she falls into the category of sex-fiend-in-hiding like all the 'shy' and 'coy' girls seem to be. oh and not only is she good lookin, she's funny as hell to boot. what a package :o
leslie-o profile - diary
comments: whoo-wee. hottt sexxy and she's onna them thar southern girls..and you know what they say about them!
essentially profile - diary
comments: it's only esentially the bee's-knee's.
that profile - diary
comments: cantanadian.
pippy profile - diary
comments: pip-tastic! plus she's from a place i've been too, lots.
sip-melonade profile - diary
comments: how can i not love someone who i managed to turn onto e:? plus she's damned cool.
mynameisjill profile - diary
comments: her name isn't really jill..really!
starsalone profile - diary
comments: i read'm all in a row, and they were damned interesting. so you should too
gayboyspurse profile - diary
comments: she's not even gay! plus she went and got some e: so that's awesome in my book
ska-t profile - diary
comments: reggae, ska, and football combined, and he lives in va. interesting combo..
endline profile - diary
comments: the only person who i know that get's hit up by 14 yr old kids for some sweet sweet lovin [yes she turned them down, jebus]
girlyouknew profile - diary
comments: sadly i didn't know her before this, at least i don't think i did.
tapestrygirl profile - diary
comments: another sara and pretty gotdamned awesome to boot. [oh yea and hot]
lockandkey profile - diary
comments: thankfully it's nother sara, but laura's still the bee's knees'
magpiesnest profile - diary
comments: newcastle un-- oh wait that's the wrong kind of magpie.
molzo profile - diary
comments: molly-mol-mol. and then some.
beotch profile - diary
comments: what, she's a bitch, and i think she likes it. [....and i do too!]
saracraik profile - diary
comments: yes, it's ANOTHER sarah, [this time with an H] and like the other's she's very very cool.
ctran profile - diary
comments: he's charlie. he's asian. he's also funny. and my pal.
bugginyou profile - diary
comments: for some reason she disappeared off my list. but she's back now, because she's a krad canuck who loves mario. doesn't get much better than that.
ive-learned profile - diary
comments: her
blueavenue profile - diary
dcdemocrat profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: one of the most amazing and inspiring bands in a long time. if you enjoy some good jams check them out
matthew good
comments: because the music is good and he's a lifelong arsenal fan
Pearl Jam
comments: what more can be said about them?
comments: simply amazing.
comments: the, and i repeat, the best hiphop group there is. if you don't know who they are and you like hiphop you'd better find out pretty damned quick.

My favorite movies:

Any Kevin Smith movie
comments: Yes like "Clerks" "Mallrats" "Chasing Amy" "Dogma" and the soon to be finished "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"
Usual Suspects
The Crow
comments: "It's a bad day to be a bad guy"
Fight Club
Empire Strikes Back

My favorite authors:

Orson Scott Card
comments: "Enders Game" simply the best book I've ever read, and I've read a helluva lot of books.
Anne McCaffery
Terry Pratchett
comments: one of the best saterical writers there is.
Nick Hornby
comments: both "Fever Pitch" and "High Fidelity" are some of the best writing I've read in a long time

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