Tribulations in the Desert of Suburbia

This is an account of past and present occurances in my life. It's my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, all haplessly spilled onto a digital canvas in an attempt to show the world as perceived by me.

My favorite diaries:

astera profile - diary
comments: Always an interesting read, and I love the theme of her page. And she rules. So yeah.
blondefox profile - diary
comments: Always a good read. Beautiful, minimalist layout too. Her humor is infectious.
soap-box profile - diary
comments: because ranting is fun!
andrew profile - diary
comments: Crotchblaster 5000, bitchtard, and the founder of D-Land - Need I say more?
herooftheday profile - diary
comments: I just started reading her diary, but I can already tell she has great taste in music.
thefool profile - diary
comments: Makes milk come out my nose. Know the Fool, read the Fool, worship the Fool.
hayato profile - diary
comments: Damn good taste in music, and an overall interesting guy.
nullchris profile - diary
comments: Nevadan goth AI programmer with great taste in hardware and an excellent journal.
scud profile - diary
comments: Awwww. I've missed ya Scudly. ;-)
ricosuave profile - diary
comments: He's funny. Nuff' said.
pootla profile - diary
comments: This guy is a fricken genius. I've agreed 99.9% with everything he's written so far. Read his journal!
liadlaith profile - diary
comments: Reminds me a lot of Gwen, sans the "vindictive loveless bitch" part.
sofrlowi profile - diary
comments: Fascinating stuff. Found it through banner, and already I can't wait for her next entry.
nmallory profile - diary
comments: Dark and interesting stuff. Love the layout too.
strawburygrl profile - diary
comments: All around good stuff. And a beautiful layout.
rosejeide profile - diary
comments: One of my good friends. Her diary is always a pleasure to read. Make sure you follow her directions so you get her sidebar.
frootjoos profile - diary
comments: Brilliantly funny, spectacularily absurb, and never boring. A worthy addition to anyone's favorites.
shadoweloc profile - diary
comments: My former best friend. We've since pretty much gone our separate ways, but I still find her diary to be an excellent read.
gawain profile - diary
comments: This guy is funny as all fuck. Oh yeah.
alayah profile - diary
comments: Alayah is a fascinating, intelligent individual...and a damn good person at that. Her diary never ceases to provide a good read.
sighted profile - diary
comments: Because this Jolie-lookalike can't take a compliment. And because she has boobies. :-D
faithnomore profile - diary
comments: I know the feeling, it is the real thing. The essence of the truuuuuuuuuuth. Haha!
sinnamon profile - diary
comments: Mmmmm! She's everyone's favorite Spice!
spookyturtle profile - diary
comments: Fascinating entries, and a taste in music much like my own. That, and his way of narrating the everyday into sounding like some sort of extraordinary occurance....amazing. He lies though. He's not spooky.
turtleguy profile - diary
comments: Turtle #2, but by number two I don't infer he's in any way inferior - This turtle rocks just as hard as the former. But in a different way!
ripetomato profile - diary
comments: She has a penis lamp. heee heee!
vinylcarly profile - diary
comments: Music afficionado, aspiring music journalist, and kick-ass person. Rock on.
adambesme profile - diary
comments: Painfully hilarious and poignant. He's even got a similar writing voice to me. So basically, he's me, but funny and thoughtful. Damn. Now I wanna be him.
roguemarine profile - diary
comments: Here's a gent who takes his gaming seriously. A red-blooded American if I ever read one.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: I've long been a fan of him, but reluctance to give in to the "Bobby's God" mentality has kept me from adding him as a favorite. I can't resist his genius any longer. If you haven't read him yet...god help you.
martika profile - diary
comments: Beautiful layout, and..interesting...entries...
quoted profile - diary
comments: Lurve it!
blab profile - diary
comments: Erotic writing for the masses...or something like that.
classics profile - diary
comments: Because they're like, totally, uh...classic. yeah. Wait, can I do that over?
tv-dinners profile - diary
comments: Frootjoos beta 2!
faithland profile - diary
comments: Don't really know what to say. She seems to be asking alot of the same questions as me though.
anenigma profile - diary
comments: Humor is good. Humor in large doses is even better. She rocks. Read her.
dead-diaries profile - diary
comments: This guy can write. Though there are few people I've read that no longer keep diaries, but even these posthumous reviews are nonetheless excellent.

My favorite music:

Dream Theater
comments: Progressive Metal at its finest. Deep, meaningful lyrics, sung wonderfully by the operatic LaBrie, and backed up by the best drummer/guitarist/bassist/pianist combo, PERIOD.
Led Zepplin
comments: What can you say about one of the definitive bands of the 70's? Nothing which would come close to describing their glory.
comments: A musical supergenious. Moby is THE man.
comments: Okay, take Pink Floyd, lock them in a room, and pump every drug known to man into that room. Let simmer for 10 years. Serve with equal portions of philosophy and raw angst. Enjoy.
comments: Incubus, Beethoven, Metallica, Kenny Wayne Shephard, Crystal Method, Tori Amos, Megadeth, Brian Setzer, Judas Priest, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Flotsam and Jetsam, Paul Oakenfold, SRV, George Acosta...and that's just a few.

My favorite movies:

the Matrix
comments: Practically my bible (until I get around to writing my own.) In my opinion, currently the greatest movie ever made in every aspect whatsoever. You won't convince me otherwise.
12 Monkeys
comments: A masterpiece.
The Shawshank Redemption
comments: There's nothing to say about this movie. It's just phenomenal.
Hard Boiled
comments: John Woo at his finest.
comments: The Princess Bride, The Hurricane, Pulp Fiction, The Boondock Saints, Crouching Tiger, Who Am I, What Dreams May Come, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Die Hard Trilogy, Terminator 2, Sixth Sense, Stir of Echoes, Traffic, again, only to name a

My favorite authors:

Tom Clancy
comments: If you like realistic military thrillers, he's your man.
Bill Hicks
comments: The greatest comedic mind of the 20th century.
Dennis Leary
comments: I'll smoke to that.
George Carlin
comments: Free-floating hostility anyone?
Kevin Smith
comments: Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?

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