incessant ramblings of a sassy, later-teen, sit-com crisis queen...

and in remission from stage 2b hodgkin's disease as of august 29th, 2002.

My favorite diaries:

perceptions profile - diary
comments: can't explain this infatuation... I just accept it.
smartepants profile - diary
comments: jamie, the queen of all things sassy!
bluekitten profile - diary
comments: sexkitten sarah anne... and a mommy-to-be!
boogabooga profile - diary
comments: cute dorky pilots, sea monkeys, ben folds five, ewan, lab coats + fun
savecraig profile - diary
comments: craig provides my smile-a-day . thank you, cupcake!
stevo profile - diary
comments: exploits my elf fetish, quite publicly
tesseraic profile - diary
comments: it's a good thing she's on the other side of the planet. otherwise, we'd take over the fuckin world.
heartshaped profile - diary
comments: penned in prose, and breathtaking.
crayon profile - diary
comments: if only crayon were mine... he's the brightest in the box.
lisse profile - diary
comments: it's fascinating to read her as she grows into herself. bask and envy her savage libido!
cutoutstars profile - diary
comments: enchanting faerie girl, you amaze me. your words are beautiful.
awnery profile - diary
comments: lovely hip single mama
fellbehind profile - diary
comments: "I like how [Nicorette] made a big deal out of this new orange flavor. You can inject dogshit with citrusy goodness, but it'll still just be an orange flavored turd."
fu-fu profile - diary
comments: he's one weird guy, but man do I love it. ROCK THE HOUSE, FU! [hiatus]
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: "Oh, and while I have your attention ungrateful stapler-person, no, I do not have a pen/post-it/highlighter/calculator/three-headed-dildo you can borrow." queen o snark.
phoenixchild profile - diary
comments: I still love ya, babycakes. :-*
hodpodge profile - diary
comments: 27, and in remission from the same type of cancer that I had. I love her attitude.
nellstar profile - diary
comments: one hot, foxy, crazy canadian! the goddess of all that is sugar high.
technocandie profile - diary
comments: calla is beautiful, brainy, funny, and takes shit from no one. bow down!
garcon profile - diary
comments: and now I present... miss sexalicious girlheart lucille! oh we go +way+ back.
unefille profile - diary
comments: she's sassy, she's smart, she's canadian... and she'll rock your socks off.
shutupmom profile - diary
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: humor, honesty and curves. what more could I ask for? FEEL THE LOVE!
anniewaits profile - diary
comments: you make me laugh till I poo the ceiling.
tvzero profile - diary
comments: you're klutzier than I, and that is a feat. you get "automatic add".
disquiet profile - diary
comments: let's move to the beat like we know that it's over/// come back, miss misery?
sfn7 profile - diary
comments: come back to san francisco

My favorite music:

bright eyes
the magnetic fields
death cab for cutie
talking heads
bob dylan

My favorite movies:

The Royal Tenenbaums
comments: gene hackman is the funniest s.o.b. on this earth.
The Seven Year Itch
comments: Some Like It Hot, How to Marry a Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes... Marilyn is a goddess.
The Lord of the Rings
comments: I do love my Orlando Bloom, thankyouverymuch.
Bridget Jones' Diary
comments: I can relate, damnit.
As Good As It Gets
comments: Tomb Raider, Almost Famous, As Good As It Gets and GO

My favorite authors:

Francesca Lia Block
comments: we're all faeries at heart
Helen Fielding
comments: who doesn't love bridget jones?
Dave Eggers
comments: heartbreakingly excellent.
Candace Bushnell
comments: author of sex and the city and four blondes.
Janet Fitch
comments: white oleander is genius.

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