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from blondefox : g'head and add me! it's the only place I blog now.
from tuxedo :
i hope you will say where you've gone.
from sosuga :
welcome back, my frisky friend :) this is smartepants. i missed you, sister !
from sexploration :
I'm still here, Gina in NJ! I'm so glad you are having fun! I think it's time for you to switch to JL like most of us! I'm there, "lovefox1" but still updating d-land too.
from heartshaped :
holy shit i love you.
from irashnlfears :
If you like Bridget Jones I think you'd like the stephanie plum books by janet evanovitch. the first ones called one for the money. good stuff.
from mariastuart :
Hi there, long time no see. I hope we can see you here back very soon :) Hope you are ok!
from darkest-elf :
*whimpers and pokes* pwease? i miss you! i miss your diary!
from sueper :
hey, i used to read your diary and i miss it! could i have the password? :) [email protected]
from rhondarubard :
Let me in. Let me innnnn!!!! I cannot live without the incessant ramblings of blondefox.
from solstice36 :
hey, i'd love a password if you're giving them out. [email protected], thanks :D
from lbcsoftball :
hey, can i have the password... if yes, email it to me at [email protected] thanks
from darkest-elf :
aw.. christina, can you email me your pw if yer giving it out?
from darkest-elf :
*whimpers* *paws at diary* where'd you go?!
from garcon :
1) happy birthday ! & 2) i can teach you how to knit.
from garcon :
christina, he is stupid and i want to beat him up for hurting you.
from heartshaped :
okay so. it's been too long and i have things to send you. i just need the motivation to actually send them. you know. ah. but okay. your last couple of entries? perfect. PERFECT. i'm so happy for you. the end.
from cheshriecat :
i just wanted to let you know...i still love your diary. your cock-face incident left me in tears. while that has never happened to me, i can strangely relate. you are one funny chick.
from heartshaped :
feel better. <3
from xanaxbabyx :
Hi, I just found your diary and I love it! Just wanted you to know... Oh yeah and your layout is like, draped with awesomeness. I'm gonna fav you, and yeah... If you wanna read mine, drop me a note with your email address in it. Hope to hear from you, love!
from shutupmom :
oh hi. next time.
from heartshaped :
there. xooo.
from thatmarygirl :
from dont-stop :
She sounded interesting, so I asked them who she was. They said, "Her? Pay no attention to her. She used have so much potential before she became a toothless townie hobo." I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Okay."
from mamamea :
Hey buddy, Just wanted to say Hi. I want to talk to you later!!
from heartshaped :
i'm an expert faker too, girl. but last night i didn't even have to use it. me and this boy. we were meant to be really good friends and nothing else. the fact that he's josh hartnett's twin didn't help much, but it's okay now. it really really is. and i feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.
from raven72d :
As a male who once slathered his chest and stomach and pubic hair with Nair, let me just say really shouldn't leave it on for 40 minutes while you talk on the phone... Bad Things occur.
from speculating :
Just to let you know, I swiped your stamp. :)
from roxiehart82 :
Hey I love Marilyn Monroe as well. She IS a goddess. She never got enough credit as an actress. I also love candace busnell. I love sex and the city.
from hibiscus101 :
ha! dont feel too bad i had my car for one day befoer i busted my speakers and just about a week before i managed to crash my side view mirror off an suv leaving me with only one mirror and a nice dent in the hood of my car
from piehole :
Dear Missy. You really must read the Secret Diary of Legolas. MUST READ! READ IT! DO IT NOW! NOW!!
from oliphaunt :
Could you change the comment in your profile about me? Somebody found me because of it... which is bad, because if it was THAT easy, I'm screwed (and a half).
from piehole :
Merry Xmas, Miss Thang! (And you should go into business with those cookies! You'd make a fortune, I tell ya! A FORTUNE!)
from loser8720 :
O.o and where might i find this so called, girl that exists(question mark) o.O
from invisibledon :
i'm doing absolutely fabulous thanks for asking - so whacha doin?
from invisibledon :
how you doin'?
from marle :
Hope everything goes well with your recovery! ^_^ Take care hon!
from blondefox :
[email protected] is my email!
from lady-jax :
so is there any reason for the lockage? i really enjoyed reading your diary, so if it is at all possible to share i would oh so much enjoy if you would be as so kind to share with me:)
from coffeefaery :
*sniff* no more blondefox reading. Miss ya hon.
from pig-snicket :
I have the best costume idea ever! Take some makeup and give yourself a fake black eye, then tape a big "P" on your shirt and there you go. A black eyed pea. Hahahaha!
from girl101 :
hi girlface. all locked up? sadness. your words are so wonderful. if i.m allowed, i.d love to read. [[email protected] is my email]. xox
from heartshaped :
i would really really love for you to give me a password. oh and that boy i tried to tell you about. from that movie. his name is karl geary. check him out YO. <3
from lady-jax :
hi, i was just one day randomly reading other people's diaries and i came across yours and found it really interesting, and i just wanted you to know that i really enjoyed reading your diary. i am glad that you got to meet orlando:) that is so awesome:) hope you keep your diary posted, i enjoy reading it very much:)

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