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This is my profile. Up there -- that link up there -- that's my diary. It's more interesting than my profile. Seriously.

My favorite diaries:

perceptionss profile - diary
comments: because it's Booby... and we all love Booby...
rfb profile - diary
comments: one of my first favorite diaries... and it still holds true today!
mytrueface profile - diary
comments: this is a great diary. go on, read it... you know you want to...
g0d profile - diary
comments: d0rk. Heh.
exitonly profile - diary
comments: this guy writes from the heart... his journal can now be found at http://livejournal.com/users/kidsinthefront
ic0noclast profile - diary
comments: g0d's other diary... I like to call him names like nerd and dork. It's fun. :)
andrew profile - diary
comments: the original dot-diaryland-dot-com
blondefox profile - diary
comments: diaryland's resident blonde bombshell
sheblogs profile - diary
comments: Lissa's diary!
phoenixchild profile - diary
comments: Phoebe-Wan Kenobi says:"WE ARE NOT NAMING OURSELVES AFTER BACTERIA."
fireflea profile - diary
comments: thinks like me... I <3 this diary!
slaseniye profile - diary
comments: If I met her today, I'd feel like I've known her forever. I <3 Lindsey-poo!!
itsumo profile - diary
comments: "I heard some keywords. '.s.df...massive..sdfs..uncut honker'. HEY! YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT EWAN AREN'T YOU!"
olei profile - diary
comments: cool girl with a great diary!
cornflake1 profile - diary
comments: love it!
savecraig profile - diary
comments: funny stuff
kangaroopoo profile - diary
comments: a fellow fiver with a great diary and an awesome templates page!
pizzaparty profile - diary
comments: another fiver (I'm trying to form a posse of d-land fivers)... great diary, too!
yester-day profile - diary
comments: a diary from a talented writer
heckafresh profile - diary
comments: this diary has it all -- seriousness, humor, current events, the "f" word... read it!
austinliz profile - diary
comments: This is Liz in Austin, starting a new life!
nudeplatypus profile - diary
comments: great writing!
anniewaits profile - diary
comments: Her name is Annie. She lives in Chicago. We are going to be great chums, even though we don't know each other or anything. *ahem* (Part of the "ask-obiwan" team)
sixweasels profile - diary
comments: ferrets!!!!
techno-geek profile - diary
comments: because geeks are cool (and funny, it turns out)!
penglings profile - diary
comments: Lissa and Bobby!
biensoul profile - diary
comments: Proud future owner of a Bear of power! She has no idea what she's gotten herself into.
lionlikenick profile - diary
comments: I could never imagine anyone else explaining the "Draco blowing the bird" scene to me. Hilarious and lovely and I wish I'd met her when I was in Perth.
squawk profile - diary
comments: a dog named Granny? Genius!
bluedevlair profile - diary
comments: fellow Moulin Rouge obsessee
tirellius profile - diary
comments: i <3 Casey. He's one of my all-time favorite people.
pig-snicket profile - diary
comments: ingenium!! splendidus!!! minitabundus!!! hee hee *cough*
ask-obiwan profile - diary
comments: (stupid Fett family, they hate me, and it all has to do with an incident involving an Icee at a 7-11),
piehole profile - diary
comments: because she's got a new wee fish and she's going to name him "Sushi"! SUSHI, DAMMIT! SHE MUST NAME HIM SUSHI!!!!
heblogs profile - diary
comments: Lissa's Bobby.... one of those non-stupid boys. :) They are very rare, you know.
smitelist profile - diary
comments: you can go here and smite people! Muahahahaha!!!
writespeak profile - diary
comments: great stories, great writer!
anointed-one profile - diary
comments: Sean makes me laugh!
thespark profile - diary
comments: The Spark is back!
alookcloser profile - diary
comments: "I was thinking yesterday, what crosses a squirrel's mind when it darts across the road in front of my car??? I mean really, I think they get terrified when they see the car and thats why they run around in that squirrelly circle!!!!
theotherchad profile - diary
comments: He's the Eminem of the children's story author world!
day-dreamer8 profile - diary
comments: Meg, fellow lover of Jump, Little Children and newest obi-wan staffer!
dvilleboi02 profile - diary
comments: Beau, one of the Bear-bearers. He's even teaching his bear to drive!! :)
struggles profile - diary
comments: She and Nikkers are going to visit me! And we're gonna be RICH!! Muahahaha!!!
alaylam profile - diary
comments: We <3 Classic TV!!
yorkiegurl profile - diary
comments: Sarah, who's handwriting is not at ALL similar to my own, and who should have been added a long time ago, but hasn't because i'm a procrastinating idiot who is lazy when it comes to updating her favorite diaries. :)
wrongwayout profile - diary
comments: among the elite when it comes to tastes in music!
tesseraic profile - diary
comments: Lover of the Yeti and Draco Malfoy. The reason I didn't stay in Perth probably had something to do with me not knowing she was there, too. If I'd have known, I'd have probably stayed.
lasvegasliz profile - diary
comments: because this is where Liz moved. Diary-wise, not the actual city. But she's been there, and she knows all about Las Vegas rules.
princessreva profile - diary
comments: Reva -- boldly facing life in a new country with a new baby! This is hero material.

My favorite music:

Ben Folds Five
comments: Greatest band EVER!
Ben Folds
comments: All I need to do is meet this man and I can die happy.
Jump, Little Children
comments: Wow. Such an amazing band.
Mostly Harmless
comments: Phoebe and Nikkers' band. It was almost called "Amoebe" (or "Giardia", they were both toss ups). ;)
comments: also Rosebud, Guster, Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, Snuzz, John Mayer, New Radicals, Weezer, Saves the Day, Travis, Radiohead, Jude, Ben Lee, Semisonic, Athenaeum, Death Cab For Cutie

My favorite movies:

Moulin Rouge
comments: "Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love!" (My favorite movie EVER!)
Fight Club
comments: "Feathers up your butt do not make you a chicken."
Indiana Jones
comments: "No ticket."
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
comments: "Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!"
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
comments: I admit it. I am obsessed. There, I said it. Are you happy now? ARE YOU HAPPY?!? I LOVE HARRY POTTER, OKAY?? SHUT UP!

My favorite authors:

Vladimir Nabokov
comments: writes books that you just can't put down
Douglas Adams
comments: The man is a genius.
J.K. Rowling
comments: I am a sheep.
David Sedaris
comments: This guy is hilarious!
Helen Fielding
comments: Love Bridget Jones' Diary and "Bridet Jones: The Edge of Reason".

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