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A place where I ramble incoherantly.

My favorite diaries:

sherpahigh profile - diary
comments: "Those hands can make anything dance..."
stumblebee profile - diary
comments: "There's also the Fourth of July that a sparkler caught my hair on fire, and I couldn't figure out why my dad was slapping at my head."
boogabooga profile - diary
comments: "Hahaha! Like I get bellybutton lint! PLEASE! Ladies do not get 'bellybutton lint'. We get, err.. 'umbilical cord velvet'. "
thesenotes profile - diary
comments: I think she's the smartest and most eloquent person in the entire land. I learn something new and she inspires me to think and question things just a little more with every journal entry she writes.
paper-girl profile - diary
comments: What can I say? This girl kicks ass. Literally and figuratively.
squee-chan profile - diary
comments: Comics, stories, slutbunnies...all the essentials. Still following her adventures elsewhere.
bejaluna profile - diary
comments: She's fabulous! Has moved on from Diaryland, though.
finding-home profile - diary
comments: "Ranting and romance and all the rest, from a writer and resigned lunatic."
patrickg profile - diary
comments: "In my family, a sick person was treated much like a menstruating woman in ancient times. They were banished to the woods until the ordeal was over so they wouldn�t anger the gods and contaminate the town�s water supply."
sundry profile - diary
comments: "It's not every day you see a mound of shit with coins stuck in it. An elderly man was deeply moved by the sight, and felt compelled to call out to a passing car: 'God damn! I said god damn, it's got pennies in it! Lookathat shit!
piehole profile - diary
comments: "I'm getting sick of all you small-boobs putting your pretty bras in the big-boob section. You think you're smart...Hiding your pretty purpley lacy bras in the big hooter section so the other small-boobs won't find them."
pinkpajamas profile - diary
comments: "My heart rejoices in the knowledge that an Internet that has a spot reserved for Edward Penishands surely has a spot for you and I. There is a spot for all of us on the Internet, regardless of our hands."
tasukitoad profile - diary
comments: "I bet you get a little more slack from passersby if, while standing on a street corner and carrying on a loud, curse-filled discussion with beings from an alternate universe, you use a cell phone."
bluperspex profile - diary
comments: "Really. I'm not too fussy an eater. But i draw the line when the object on my plate looks as if it must grow fuzzy legs and have one hell of an adventure across the table."
pumpkin144 profile - diary
comments: Fellow Northerner extraordinairre.
toejam profile - diary
comments: "One of the more frustrating aspects of my personality is my propensity to throw important things, like keys, in the garbage."
dianabee profile - diary
comments: "Opinions are like ass-cracks--you can show me yours, but chances are I don't want to see it. And for the time being, I'm not very good at looking away. So keep your damn opinions in your pants where they belong."
keryanna profile - diary
comments: "Lord knows, you don't want 18-24 year old women left to their own accord. They'd probally start birthin' babies everywhere."
Ask-Obiwan profile - diary
comments: Because it's the cool thing to do.
blondefox profile - diary
comments: "I can just see myself sliding the paintbrush down my cleavage, while sultrily explaining the erotic appeal of forest green."
heidiann profile - diary
comments: "If there truly is one perfect person for each of us, I wonder if mine has a third nipple."
adumbration profile - diary
comments: "Dear Brain, just because there is an empty stage at the bar does not mean you should persuade Body to jump up on it and sing Whitney Houston songs while pretending that a celery stick is a microphone."
loriebug profile - diary
comments: "There are many rules at our house, and some of them are the usual - no killing, no maiming, no pooping in the kitchen, no setting fires, clean up after yourself, etc."
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: "I'm white as a bedsheet, scrawny, and The Tits and Ass Fairy never has gotten around to payin' me a visit."
drunkysmurf profile - diary
comments: "Some of the things I have learned have been gross, like when my husband tells me it's okay to clean his ears out with a small screwdriver."
itsmylife profile - diary
comments: "I have a HUGE personal bubble space and you're in it. Get out!"
runmarlarun profile - diary
nookncranny profile - diary
smartepants profile - diary
ieatsoap profile - diary
phyntosia profile - diary
quoted profile - diary
blazingstar profile - diary
ghostsister profile - diary
shewasonce profile - diary

My favorite music:

Something Corporate
comments: "These nights I get high just from breathing. When I lie here with you, I'm sure that I'm real."
Jack Johnson
comments: "Better staple it together and call it bad weather."
Matchbook Romance
comments: "And I'm not sure what I'm looking for. But it's clear to see the purpose of my existance is laying here in front of me."
Great Big Sea
comments: "In this beautiful life, there's always some sorrow. And it's a double-edged knife but there's always tomorrow."
And anything 80's...
comments: Oh, those hokey 80's tunes...

My favorite movies:

Neverending Story
comments: Everyone needs a luck dragon.
comments: The movie that teaches you that when people go bad, they get naked.
comments: Funny how when you watch this when you're older you notice how frightfully tight David Bowie's pants are.
Flight of the Navigator
comments: Just because it's so great.
comments: Shawshank Redemption, Life is Beautiful, Sliding Doors, Gattaca, The Abyss, Hero and others.

My favorite authors:

Bill Watterson
comments: Calvin and Hobbes...Who doesn't love them?
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
comments: I am such a nerd, I love it.
Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman
comments: Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. The most hilarious account of real life sexual escapades you could ever imagine. And oh, the things you learn...
Douglas Adams
comments: 42
Linda Lay Shuler
comments: Jean Auel, Sue Harrison

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