I'm cute! Gimme something!

Dragonboats, handbells, psychotic squirrel attacks and duct tape. That's what I'm about.

My favorite diaries:

greenavenger profile - diary
eri-berry profile - diary
comments: My sistah out west. Someday I will make cycling cross-country routine.
salience profile - diary
comments: We bitch out Meshi together. It's a beautiful thing, eh, slut? ^_~
prariechild profile - diary
comments: The Queen of Shaker Eggs and more. My best shirts were designed by Lisa.
racer96 profile - diary
comments: Mikawaii's always fun to read.
tyco profile - diary
comments: Mah sistah's boi. So my sorta unnofficial adopted bro-in... umm... not law, but something like that. >_9
fiimma profile - diary
comments: Ellen, who no longer looks like Gigi. Thus making things a bit easier.
krakkernuts profile - diary
comments: We've known each other for EVER.
mmmellyq profile - diary
comments: I never did send you those cookies, did I? Whoops.
Frulie profile - diary
comments: Blues diva supreme, Supa fun friend and more. Where would the world be without Fr�lie J?
Aradia13 profile - diary
comments: Leanne, who takes beautiful photos and imparts beautiful pieces of spirituality between music store anecdotes.
Jaefru profile - diary
comments: Another old real-world friend. Yay for those things!
shimmer-poet profile - diary
comments: This is the Foreigner.
bluemouse profile - diary
comments: Good ol' izzy. Always the Big Sister. Though I'm older. Huh.
Sooner profile - diary
comments: He has a picture of a Weirmaner stuck in a tree at the top of his diary. Can't go wrong with a Weirmaner stuck in a tree!
Wyrd profile - diary
comments: Another wonderful friend who I've known forever. Why is she walking like this?
scaryemilie profile - diary
comments: A sweet little English fr�girl, who actually frequents the message boards!
pinkmoonbeam profile - diary
comments: Wow. I really don't know this girl, but she seems a heckofalot like me.
fireflea profile - diary
jessmann74 profile - diary
comments: Jessica's one of those Coolest-Person-In-the-Worlds. I like those.
taydo profile - diary
Fairylane profile - diary
chipzdarsky profile - diary
ashgaultieri profile - diary

My favorite music:

Moxy Fr�vous
comments: Perfect harmonies, great instrumentations, wonderful lyrics. These guys have everything. If ever you get an opportunity to see them live, then TAKE IT. They give THE most amazing performance.
BareNaked Ladies
comments: I like their first album best, but their new stuff's great, too. Just keep in mind that they are so much more than "One Week."
Spirit of the West
comments: Folk/pop/rock, tending to lean towards rock. Not as much "fun" as the other two guy bands here, but wonderful nonetheless. Their flutist, Geoffrey Kelly, is freakin' AMAZING.
Dar Williams
comments: She writes the most beautiful and image-laden songs imagineable. She's excellent.
Sarah Harmer
comments: I don't understand how Nelly Furtado managed to beat her out for that Juno. Sarah was far more deserving of it. She is also amazing. Why do I only get five spaces, here?

My favorite movies:

The Emperor's New Groove
comments: Hilarious. Simply hilarious. Impeccable comedic timing and brilliant visual gags.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
comments: I'm in love with Rosencrantz. He's so cute! (Bonus points for you if you know which one's which)

My favorite authors:

Dave Barry
Charles DeLint

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