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and it's 4, 5, 6, 7 - grab your umbrella. grab a hold of me, cause I'm your favorite fella.

My favorite diaries:

andrew profile - diary
ash-chu profile - diary
comments: "Burt." for the record.
blondefox profile - diary
comments: grand re-opening
boogabooga profile - diary
crayon profile - diary
dizboy profile - diary
down profile - diary
elisabeta profile - diary
comments: infectiously enthusiastic. rawk.
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: well, we do
syncope profile - diary
comments: she's over there now
hodgson profile - diary
comments: damn good music, damn good diary
januaryfiend profile - diary
jonah profile - diary
nudetwister profile - diary
perceptions profile - diary
comments: living vicariously
refluence profile - diary
rudereviews profile - diary
comments: eventually we'll do some more reviews. maybe.
sageadvice profile - diary
smartypants profile - diary
comments: the ghetto Nora Charles. drunken, gothic science.
starsurfer profile - diary
comments: "Moo." my hellbound co-hort. like, totally. RASTA! send her money for travel.
sundry profile - diary
tvzero profile - diary
comments: freaking brilliant. I had a crush on his diary for a while. shh, don't tell.
unclebob profile - diary
vicunja profile - diary
comments: almost like my alter ego, I can relate to so much. we take turns stalking one another.
wordwhore profile - diary
comments: "Wordy." she's been there since the beginning. big influence, bestest sister.
wienerdawg profile - diary
quoted profile - diary
comments: it's kind of back
devilish- profile - diary
conclusions profile - diary
candor profile - diary
exhaust profile - diary
drhead profile - diary
ouvrelesyeux profile - diary
prolific profile - diary
comments: same favorite, new name
rumblelizard profile - diary
glitterkick profile - diary
comments: You can verbify anything if you just suffix it.
veralynn profile - diary
paradigms profile - diary
redniko profile - diary
cyanophyta profile - diary
gargy profile - diary
difficult profile - diary
taydo profile - diary
culotte profile - diary
idiot-milk profile - diary
rue-madame profile - diary
heidiann profile - diary
intheory27 profile - diary
novembre profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: radiohead, the kinks, weezer, coldplay, flaming lips, barenaked ladies, me first and the gimme gimmes
the white stripes
comments: billy joel, belle and sebastian, johnny cash, tori amos, cyndi lauper, jeff buckley
comments: nine inch nails, concrete blonde, neil diamond, elvis, bach, garbage, melissa etheridge
green day
comments: the refreshments, sheryl crow, the strokes, travis, hole, marcy playground
comments: There are too many to list properly. I am a music junkie.

My favorite movies:

SLC Punk
comments: The Thin Man
comments: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Donnie Darko
comments: Mulan
Fight Club
comments: The 10th Kingdom
Lilo & Stitch
comments: Die Hard

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: "I think the idea of art kills creativity."
Terry Pratchett
comments: "A true beanie should have a propeller on top."
M.M. Kaye
comments: The Ordinary Princess
Edgar Allen Poe
comments: Annabelle Lee
comments: I tend to read by book, not author.

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