a slave to the page, once again

I am working through who I am, rediscovering it, redefining it. Working through the Big D (and I don't mean Dallas) and post-separation polyamory.

my diary is locked and will probably stay that way for some time.

My favorite diaries:

whystinger profile - diary
comments: been friends a long time now. very similar marital experiences, sadly for us both.
howlingwind profile - diary
comments: My first Dland friend, I think. A lovely person, who struggles on the daily.
linguafranca profile - diary
comments: This woman, though. Smart, fierce, talented. When I need to be snarky, I know who to message.
bethb profile - diary
comments: Every time I think she's stopped, she starts going again.
cocoabean profile - diary
comments: This lady loves chocolate, but not posting so much anymore. Killing it at post-divorce life.
astralfrog profile - diary
musicman6724 profile - diary
starsurfer profile - diary
mattesque profile - diary
kungfukitten profile - diary
mortishajane profile - diary
xactlywhoiam profile - diary
glass-arcade profile - diary
imperfect-1 profile - diary
opiuminjars profile - diary
mechaieh profile - diary
quoted profile - diary
rfb profile - diary
caliquack profile - diary
heartofice profile - diary
whitebear profile - diary
gwensarah profile - diary
uglydragons profile - diary
sheens profile - diary
polar-poems profile - diary
just-talk profile - diary
tvzero profile - diary
smartypants profile - diary
katbox profile - diary
sweet-dark profile - diary
lostelephant profile - diary
talktogod profile - diary
vicunja profile - diary
dulligirl profile - diary

My favorite music:

social distortion
comments: amazing lyrics and music that jams
concrete blonde
comments: her voice, her views, her vivre
jeff buckley
comments: "kiss me out of desire, baby, not consolation" grace remains one of my most-played albums
comments: "empty pages and a frozen pen..."
flight of the conchords
comments: i am such a dork for them

My favorite movies:

the princess bride
comments: as you wish
one flew over the cuckoo's nest
comments: based on the book by ken kesey, starring jack nicholson...lovely
the green mile
comments: "monstrous big"
some kind of wonderful
comments: you look good wearing my future
the breakfast club
comments: i figure all i need's a labotomy and some tights [also, just friends, 40 yr old virgin, i could never be your woman, stardust, love actually, harry potter and the various thingies, HOT FUZZ, many others)

My favorite authors:

stephen king
comments: "you don't do it for the money or you're a monkey. you do it because not to do it is suicide"
ken kesey
comments: may he rest in peace...the further inquiry blows me away. to mark the anniversary of a friend's death, he wrote a book about the friend's soul being on trial to decide whether he was going up or down.
gordon r. dickson
comments: may he also rest in peace. i, too, wish i could travel backward in time and become a dragon at will
madeleine l'engle
comments: i don't care how old i am, i still love her books (and since there is no more room- terry pratchett, douglas adams, neil gaiman, jk rowling, stephen fry, clive barker, patricia cornwell, and SO many others]
dean koontz
comments: should actually be closer to the top...maybe THE top. i love him. LOVE. if he doesn't write another christopher snow book soon, though...

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