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there are things we want, there are things we get, they are not the same..

My favorite diaries:

freyja profile - diary
comments: Secretly we read each other and harbour an odd worry we shall run into each other in produce aisles. We move in different worlds dear Freyja, so there's little chance of that happening.
grim profile - diary
comments: He closed it at the start of a new chapter in his life, but the tale still rings true to anyone who reads it.
discodave profile - diary
comments: Who can resist a Scottish Sex God?
mix-tapes profile - diary
comments: Show off your best compilations.
almostgoldsf profile - diary
comments: Cooler than most mere mortals.
wordwhore profile - diary
comments: She can have the entire bag of roasted marshmellows.
oiweirdkid profile - diary
comments: For this one I want "Christmas, train trips and things". Someday I hope for us to walk though London streets comparing who's more nauseatingly happy as we rhapsody each other with tales of the two who claim our hearts.
solieri profile - diary
comments: A cynical idealist and amazingly complex soul.
aimster25 profile - diary
comments: She's off to live her life outside of the Dland fishbowl, I wish her luck.
belladonna- profile - diary
comments: She shines. She sees with her heart and gives with her soul even if sometimes she's too lost to see it. This one's a brave one and will know her own power sooner than people give her credit for. Plus she can talk shit with the best of them heh.
grouse profile - diary
comments: He makes me smile, cry, laugh and inspires me with his words and quiet wisdom.
jelias profile - diary
comments: I read his entries like letters from a friend, sometimes I smile with him and sometimes I hope for him but I never come away indifferent.
sweet-avenue profile - diary
comments: stalkers suck
liberteen profile - diary
comments: If I was a hot, Placebo loving, smart ass gay boy (instead of a hot, Placebo loving smart ass girl) I would want him so bad my teeth would hurt. He is bloody hilarious.
sigur-ros profile - diary
comments: *sniff sniff* but Hannah, that was *my* user name..for the secret story journal..
whale-girl profile - diary
comments: A girl with much courage and sensitivity.
sourgirl999 profile - diary
comments: Late night conversations and mocking sessions.
partygirl profile - diary
comments: Good people. She's moved on to the adventure of being a grownup but with her own brand of special.
newyorkcity profile - diary
comments: An open collaboration..life stories in NYC, some are hilarious, others poignant but all are unforgettable.
kymee profile - diary
comments: Founder of the Scottish Sex Gods/Godesses, plus who could resist anyone who likes Roller Boogie and who uses the word "Bollocks"!
hadooga profile - diary
comments: Drink, feck, arse..anyone who loves Father Ted is a friend of mine.
ihateapples profile - diary
comments: The final chapter has been written and I'm sorry to see her go.
lonesome1 profile - diary
comments: I miss him and hope he finds beauty and happiness.
bistromath profile - diary
comments: Months ago I read an entry which stayed with me all day, yesterday I accidently stumbled on the diary again..maybe now I won't forget the author.
tremblingblu profile - diary
comments: Someone else who understands that "love should come with madness" and that there is nothing greater than coach station reunions.
astronautm profile - diary
comments: Out in the distance there is a soul which burns brighter than a thousand suns
dearanybody profile - diary
comments: After tears and before the first kiss....
panicbird profile - diary
comments: On yet another sunny day, she kissed a blueboy who would shower her with orchids and to her, it was heavenly.
trinity63 profile - diary
comments: The honour of a highlander, the humour of Graham Norton and if I was going into battle I'd want her to be the one guarding my weak side.
trancejen profile - diary
comments: Keeping everyone in touch with their inner ghetto.
girlypop profile - diary
comments: Sunny Sarah days, Fluffy, Frodo references, heartbreak, friendship, a future trip to St. Paul's Cathedral, and the hope that someday she will drop by my flat in London and we shall laugh at even the bits that seem the saddest now.
bebelua profile - diary
comments: My favourite journal ever..it's true. Here's to eerily thinking alike, pancakes, documentaries and the wonder of boys who sweetly enforce bedtime.
daylightkaty profile - diary
comments: "I'm out here waiting to fly, are you coming along? Waiting to take to the sky, waiting for the storm. It's like the sky should be filled with music, the way they dance across it""
discothekid profile - diary
comments: "exchange conversation if you dare to share an empty thought or a laugh"
joeparadox profile - diary
comments: we're going to battle it out over the delicious severus snape. I'm sure to win of course. Join her rings, read her diary and give her something to snoop her stats for.
jmixtape profile - diary
comments: Being his friend is like getting 20 mixed tapes in the mail..equal parts thankful and giddy.
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: 12:45am, can't sleep..wound up laughing my ass off instead. I don't do spell check either.
hindmost profile - diary
comments: It's interesting getting an inside look at an OC man plus how can I not like him, he's a kilt wearing laddie.
ajreviews profile - diary
comments: I don't usually favouritise review sites but I've a soft spot for this one. It's a fledgling site that has oodles of potential so go submit okay?
cat-heaven profile - diary
comments: Back off there girlie, Neil is allllllllllllllllll mine.
graceland profile - diary
comments: keeping the fun in grown up
elixxir profile - diary
comments: she'll be the bridesmaid holding the discoball at my marriage of convenience to El Presidente Sugar Daddy
achren profile - diary
comments: Archmages, Ged, hobbit pints, books and of course indie music..plus she can most likely kick my ass at pinball
bluedevlair profile - diary
comments: If all teenage girls were like this one, I wouldn't loathe them. she's hilariously witty. Probably the only girl who is as addicted to soda and Harry Potter as me..not to mention I hate mariachi birthday parties too.
ladyvivien profile - diary
comments: She makes me think of Charlotte and Emily
cpttylor profile - diary
comments: The nicest kitten eating boy you'd ever hope to know.
allmadhere profile - diary
comments: "I realise a miracle is due...I dedicate this melody to you, but is this the stuff dreams are made of?"
skulking profile - diary
comments: ...and lurking. Yes, we are Anti- Sippy...the boy, not the cup.
lsmonkey profile - diary

My favorite music:

Trembling Blue Stars
comments: "When we see a chance to be loved who knows what we're capable of.." ** "I loved you there and then and I have been on fire since.."
Field Mice/Sarah Records
comments: Heavenly, Brighter, Orchids, Another Sunny Day..I miss those days of summer filled with mayhem and music. Heh and the sordid relationships of that bunch.
Nick Drake
comments: "I just need your star for a day"
Dead Can Dance,Lush, Placebo, Magnetic Fields, Joy Division, Fosca, Mojave3, Harper Lee, This Mortal Coil
comments: Slowdive,Malory, Stereolab, Chameleons UK, The Smiths,Go-Betweens,DJ Irene, DJ Tiesto, Mark Ferina, Northern Picture Library, ATB, Harvey Williams, Rose Melberg, Monograph, Cody,. St. Chirstopher, Vitesse, Divine Comedy, Infinite Spark, Moby
Sigur Ros
comments: Yo La Tengo, Peter Gabriel, Brendan Perry, Hans Zimmer, Current93, Sarah Brightman, Radiohead, Type O Negative, Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, Rush, Coldplay, Aberdeen, Aislers Set, Go Sailor, Softies, Travis, Legendary Pink Dots, Peter Murphy

My favorite movies:

Harry Potter
comments: I've finally jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon and I dig Severus Snape, wanna make something of it?
American Beauty
comments: "I am filled with gratitude for all those moments of my stupid little life"
Mallrats/Clerks/Chasing Amy
comments: I adore Kevin Smith, from the moment Clerks was released I was smitten.
Say Anything
comments: Because what girl doesn't want to be serenaded at 3am?
Labyrinth/Princess Bride/Fellowship of the Ring
comments: Quisalan elevas.

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: "'Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so'...Very deep,' said Arthur, `you should send that in to the "Reader's Digest". They've got a page for people like you'"
C.S. Lewis
comments: "Many fall down, and few return to the sunlit lands," said the voice.
Margaret Weis
comments: 'I know now, after I've had time to think,' Gilthanas continued softly, 'that what Laurana did was right. She had to go, or her love would have been meaningless"
Ursula K. Le Guin
comments: "There is no safety. There is no end. The word must be heard in silence. There must be darkness to see the stars. The dance is always danced above the hollow place, above the terrible abyss"
Diana Gabaldon
comments: Do you know what it is to love someone and never be able to give them peace, joy or happiness.. to know that you cannot give them happiness, not through any fault of yours or theirs, but only because you were not born the right person for them?

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