Cat Heaven

"In the dream that awakened me, you had come and taken me to a sea of stars. The cat stood in the flowers, two ears above."-- from Cat Heaven by Jets to Brazil.

Welcome to the property inside my head!

My favorite diaries:

ihatepizza profile - diary
comments: gone onto greener LJ pastures
glass-arcade profile - diary
comments: we'd really be best friends if we lived in the same state. an amazing, smart, funny girl.
to-the-dogs profile - diary
comments: gone onto greener LJ pastures, too.
domdisko profile - diary
watty profile - diary
fireflystar profile - diary
comments: also obsessed with JTB and all things Blake.
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back-drifts profile - diary
life-like profile - diary
comments: funny as hell, often makes me spit water on my monitor from the aforementioned laughter. likes to swear frequently. spybride. (heh, i called you a bride!)
psst-tsismis profile - diary
comments: My "in real life" writer friend/comrade/classmate. I've overcome my extreme paranoia so I could add her to my favorites list. She's an awesome writer and a great friend. Get reading now!
bedazzledman profile - diary
queen-hearts profile - diary
comments: totally fucking funny, smart, cool. i'm often listening to/reading about/thinking the same things she writes about.
futilehorn profile - diary
bluknitscarf profile - diary

My favorite music:

Jets to Brazil
comments: "And the robots in their riot gear glimmer in my rear view mirror/Love came like an axe and had her way with this coarse earth/And a small deserving book she was recovered and understood and I awoke"--from 'Morning New Disease'
comments: "Read and I felt so small. Some words keep speaking when you close the book...People kill me these days. There's keys in their eyes but they lock from the inside."--from 'Condition Oakland'
Mojave 3
comments: and of course Slowdive, too. "And is there no anger, just pills for the pain, my friend you've been broken and you will be again"
comments: "Sounds of the Satellites" is one of my favorite records ever. Also, Pram (the band) is some creepy good times.
Field Mice
comments: & Trebmling Blue Stars & Northern Picture Library & Nick Drake & Pixies/Amps/Breeders & Social Distortion & Luna & The Magnetic Fields & Pulp & The Replacements/Paul Westerberg & Unrest/Air Miami & Beastie Boys & Le Tigre & The Gossip etc.

My favorite movies:

Donnie Darko
comments: If you don't like this movie you suck. "I'm beginning to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!"
High Art
comments: Beautiful. Hazy. Drugs.
Henry and June
comments: I'm taking applications for My fucked up genius-writer a la Henry Miller.
comments: Why am I convinced you have to be miserable/completely fucked to be a writer/artist/genius?
Ghost World
comments: That guy rules!

My favorite authors:

Jack Kerouac
comments: "When you feel depressed and you wanta go here, wanta go there, remember Mind Essence... Operate on Intuition, Rest and Be Happy. IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD WHAT HAPPENS SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL THINK HAPPINESS"--from 'Some of the Dharma'
Elise Cowen
comments: "lived the life"
Henry Miller
comments: Under the Rooftops of Paris. Hot.
e.e. cummings
comments: -before, leaving my room i turn, and (stooping through the morning) kiss this pillow, dear where our heads lived and were.
Daniel Clowes
comments: from inside my head.

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