Journey of a transplanted seed

Welcome to my diary! You'll read about a Canadian who decided to discover a new country and meet new people by moving to the United States. I then got laid off from my employer and had to come back to Canada (yay!), but moved to a new Canadian city about 1900 km away from my hometown. In July 2004, I moved back to my hometown, looking at the city from several different angles. I'm constantly learning more about myself, people, and the world around me.

My favorite diaries:

michellechau profile - diary
comments: A fellow Glendonite and friend... yea! A future author, indeed!
cat-heaven profile - diary
comments: Writes exceptionally well... great sense of humour, too.
stealinghope profile - diary
comments: Fellow Jann Arden fan and fellow Canadian... more to come!
dlandbdays profile - diary
comments: Great idea! Add your birthday or join the mailing list to wish other Diaryland members a happy birthday.
livlee profile - diary
comments: She writes eloquently... can definitely relate to her thoughts and sentiments.
keryanna profile - diary
comments: An exceptionally wise person who loves Canadians!
banefulvenus profile - diary
comments: A very cool person... I can relate easily to her thoughts, and we both haven't been to Mexico... yet!
dombilly profile - diary
comments: Such a fun person... always enjoy reading what she has to say.
travelogue profile - diary
comments: It's refreshing to read about his trip, updating his diary at an Internet cafe... I wanna travel like that, too!
thecrankyone profile - diary
comments: A friendly Fargonian with a great diary.
dani-elle11 profile - diary
comments: A nice fellow Winnipegger who adores penguins as much as I do.
allykitty5 profile - diary
comments: Refuses to mature... a quality I admire in a person... oh, and she loves Spongebob.
poranape profile - diary
comments: Locked diary... always okay to sort out feelings, no matter how bad or good the experience is.
cursedbear profile - diary
comments: I like her writing style thus far... introspective entries ... diary reading at its best.
scorpio123 profile - diary
comments: She's sweet... still reading along. More later =)
weathergeek profile - diary
comments: A Winnipegger who also shares the same grammatical annoyances. Yay!
babykanu profile - diary
comments: Advice for the weekend: "Drink coffee and be lazy". As long as the coffee's flavoured, I raise my paper cup to that!
unknownbeing profile - diary
comments: Very articulate person... makes me jealous that I didn't write that well at that age. =)
argolam profile - diary
comments: A wonderful writer with a great sense of humour... worth the read!
g-e-gibb profile - diary
comments: We share the same love for music, hockey, and Chinese food... she's great!
obscurelady profile - diary
comments: Have finally got around to adding her to my list after reading her diary for days now. She's a great writer, and made me smile when I read her grumpygrumpygrumpy entry.
joy-full profile - diary
comments: Like me, she's figuring out where to be and what to do... nothing wrong with that at all.
chuffnutt profile - diary
comments: Fellow Winnipegger... more a bit later. =)
steal--away profile - diary
sixelacooper profile - diary
notnecessary profile - diary
emeraldblaze profile - diary
sixelasauce profile - diary
imissfriends profile - diary
mavenhaven profile - diary
comments: She's from Minnesota, where I once called home. Her diary's a treat to read.
beautigirl profile - diary
comments: Hockey fan, concert-goer, and Brantford resident... she's cool.
miedema2002 profile - diary
comments: Shares unedited personal experiences and sorts things through. Extremely supportive.
geoffchaucer profile - diary
pennygirl profile - diary
comments: I hope she's back!
fuschiashock profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: I've been listening to "Hanging by a moment" every day for over a year. I now have Stanley Climbfall playing in the car, at home, and at work! Jason's an awesome lyricist. I'd recommend buying both CD!
Melanie Doane
comments: A cool, talented Canadian musician/singer. I love her music! New album coming out in early 2003. Woo hoo!
Jann Arden
comments: Another Canadian artist. She's a great performer in concert and has a great sense of humour.
Chantal Kreviazuk
comments: Canadian (see a trend?) Very moving lyrics.
comments: Loved her since I first saw her "Lucky Star" video back in 1983. She represents a side of me that people won't see...

My favorite movies:

Dead Poets Society
comments: Yawp!
Shakespeare in Love
comments: Saw it three times in the theatre. I now own a copy on videocassette, and can see it every day if I had the time!
Bridget Jones' Diary
comments: I can relate to it. I though it was very sweet and hilarious!
comments: Amelie's kind of like me... loved the movie. Have the DVD and soundtrack!

My favorite authors:

Robert Frost
comments: My favourite poet.
William Shakespeare
comments: He is simply the best.
Alice Munro
comments: Got to love two different plots in a story. Just love her!
e.e. cummings
comments: "listen:there's a hell of a good universe next door;let's go"

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