Is Dland dead?

eh, screw this place, I guess I'll go back to LJ.

My favorite diaries:

unclebob profile - diary
comments: Just about the only thing to read around here anymore.
crayon profile - diary
comments: I have fallen in love. I can taste it, when he writes about a certain emotion, a feeling, a want. I want someone to write about me like that. I love when he's in love.
SHUTUPMOM profile - diary
comments: Kristi is one giant ass home. You can't make me stop loving her.
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: Never have I seen a fresh taste of my own medicine. Ouch.
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: Because he's an ass. And I need more asses around here.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: All right, he got me. He writes in blatantly honest tones that soothe me, from day to day I have to hear all this bs and this is one slice of life I don't mind digging up.
glass-arcade profile - diary
comments: You'll see.
elevation profile - diary
comments: Oh Val, you make me happy when skies are gray.
SCHMEZ profile - diary
comments: something about throwing a pager into some chicken soup... I can dig it

My favorite music:

comments: There's not a thing I can say to describe my utter lust for this band, especially Maynard. Every thing that comes from them is so pure.
comments: A little femme, but introspective nonetheless.
Pink Floyd
comments: "Home, home again. I like to be here, when I can."
comments: I honestly don't know how this fits into my culture. But I love grooving to some good old Sublime.
The Rest-
comments: Incubus, 311, Radiohead, Smashin Pumpkins, Mazzy Star, NIN, No Doubt, CRACKER

My favorite movies:

The Crow
comments: A classic IMO. I watch it once a year the night before Halloween.
comments: Can you say, "Johnny may I jump you?"
Fear & Loathing
comments: Crazy. Crazy with a capital 'D' for Drugs.
Empire Records
comments: "If you like Gwar so much why don't you just join the band!" "What's with today, today?"
Mall Rats
comments: Triple Nipple. Heh heh heh (I also couldn't deal without American History X, in which Ed Norton looks about as luscious as a cherry popsicle in the heat of August. Delish!)

My favorite authors:

James Iorio
comments: There's nothing better than this little known poet. My favorite book, "Ring of Fire" and my favorite poem is of the same name. Perhaps i will post the words to it in my Diary.
Edward Abbey
comments: I am not saying I am a fan of Abbey. Actually I think most of it is pure crap. But I think his stuff is well worth the read. Anything that makes you think. Even if you are thinking, "Who the F is this guy?"
Edgar Allen Poe
comments: Ulalume- The skies were ashen and sober.

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