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My favorite diaries:

Ammiee622 profile - diary
comments: she listed mine....and hers' is pretty kewl too.................
Zancani profile - diary
comments: cause she shares my name.....and we have more in commen than we really think............
BadSnake profile - diary
comments: I'm soooooooooooooooo jealous.......
Pischina profile - diary
comments: cause when I read her diary...sometimes I think "Why is this woman writing about me??"
UncleBob profile - diary
comments: if you ever need a laugh....go see UncleBob.....he's awsome
Gawain profile - diary
comments: I wonder if that pic is really him??
Clean2202 profile - diary
comments: open, honest and sincere about sobriety and all that it entails
Skweerell profile - diary
comments: another mommy....
LadeeLeroy profile - diary
comments: she makes me laugh out loud....a wondeful writer with a hilarious sense of humour.....alot of honesty and if that doesn't say enough...She lives in Texas, my homestate
LimeGreenMan profile - diary
comments: a nice guy...with hopes and dreams for the future
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: she is sooooooooo funny and totally honest about her obsession with Hostess products...yummmmy
wifemotherme profile - diary
comments: a new addition to my daily diary reads
mommaoftwo profile - diary
comments: just read a couple of entries and I'm hooked...love that Garfield!
SquirrelX profile - diary
comments: a must read
Griffinboy profile - diary
comments: we just have a connection somehow
macfarlane profile - diary
comments: "we just have a connection somehow"

My favorite music:

comments: She is just awsome...not much more can be said!
MatchBox Twenty
comments: The song "Rest Stop" Listen to it...and you can relate to me
comments: hotter than both Brittany and Christina......she isn't fake and she sings with her heart
Jonny Lang
comments: introduced to me by my ex-girlfriend...mans voice in a kids body....love him

My favorite movies:

The Lost Boys
comments: one of many Vampire movies.....I love Vampire movies and the whole concept.
Toy Story and Toy Story 2
comments: Kids movies are awsome

My favorite authors:

John Grisham
comments: lives in this area....great writer

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