Her Private parts On-line (- in no particular order.)

- And I question... and learn... and listen... and talk... and smile... and I argue... I resist... and I comfort... and support... and I write... and sometimes I cry... I ride my bicycle... and swim... and I call my mum... and I love my daughter, my son, & my husband... and laugh out loud... I joke... and I please... and promise... and dance... and fantasise... and dream... and finally I stop

My favorite diaries:

awnery profile - diary
comments: Real women do.
phonetics profile - diary
comments: Style AND content. Stunningly well-written. The poetry kicks ass - the boy's a wordsmith.
plume profile - diary
comments: "It wouldn't be life if it didn't beat me with a stick repeatedly." Too bad Mr. Plume is a social phobic. He'd make an awesome friend.
rhetoric profile - diary
comments: The first and still an absolute favourite - some wicked things going on layout-wise too.
rfb profile - diary
comments: [aka funky ||ama] Freaky co-incidence? I think not!
wordwhore profile - diary
comments: "i wonder if the things i say make sense to crazy people?"
mettem profile - diary
comments: My best friend and kindred spirit.
throcky profile - diary
comments: How could I forget?!
allisonhazen profile - diary
comments: The stargazer returns.
coldandgray profile - diary
comments: Not so cold or gray, really.
take-two profile - diary
comments: I want to know more about this woman, so I'll be reading...
annanotbob profile - diary
comments: Anna has so much to teach me, you, Mona... everyone!
fling-poo profile - diary
comments: There is a llama, some monkeys, a couple of babies and a proud mum. How can I not feel right at home here?
stepfordtart profile - diary
comments: Been reading for some time, so time to add to my fav. list. Will come up with witty one-liner for description later.
sidewaysrain profile - diary
comments: A long standing and much respected member of D'Land - time I checked her out, methinks!
wafflehead profile - diary
comments: Not really sure why I didn't happen upon her a long, long time ago. We've been aorund for ages! And she's fun!
jim515 profile - diary
annanotbob2 profile - diary
comments: Where she now resides. x

My favorite music:

Ani DiFranco
comments: Her voice embraces me... wicked, wicked lyrics... a true poet and amazing live-performer.
Tori Amos
comments: Thanks for putting poetry back in music...
Bob Marley
comments: Well, you know *blush* I grew up listening to Reggae coz my dad's that way inclined.
comments: Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, Sort Sol, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchel, Emiliana Torrini etc. (I really doubt this is a list that will ever be complete - this includes the two lists below...)
comments: Etc. etc. etc.

My favorite movies:

Betty Blue
comments: The best one. My favourite. Ever. Always.
Run Lola Run
comments: Around and around and around...
comments: Nightmare Before Christmas, Fraggle Rock, Wallace & Grommit (and lots and lots of other wonderful animated film...)
M. Butterfly
comments: Nice...
And so on...
comments: ... and so forth.

My favorite authors:

Toni Morrison
comments: What's there not to like?
Margaret Lawrence
comments: Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Jean Rhys, Don Delillo, Sam Selvon... - Just really, really like the way they put words together.
comments: Yeah, I know... but I still do... especially in performance. Yay for Vanessa Redgrave as Prospero.
Christina Rossetti
comments: Goblin Market - some racy shit for a Victorian Spinster, I'm tellin' ya! I like a lot of her other poetry too...
Hans Christian Andersen
comments: Not just fairytales and certainly not Disney versions *spits* H.C. Andersen is without a doubt my favourite storyteller.

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