Elderly Female Professor of Confustion (no that is not a typo) and Ambiguity

I don't know anything anymore. Except that literature and music endures while today does not. I am a dinosaur roaming through the heart of the heart of nowhere: the city with the most fast food franchises in the USA and I drive down Woody Hayes Blvd. to get to work.

KEY WORDS: poetry, Celexa, tiramisu, Buffy, Sopranos, Keats, Wordsworth, Browning, Barbara Pym, Iris Murdoch, Austen, Trollope, aphasia, disgruntled, diabetic, Spike, Yeats, Wallace Stevens, Survivor, despite, cats, stroke, nail-biting, carbohydrates, Ben & Jerry, Pushkin, Puccini, Verdi, opera, Anglophile, Francophile, Russophile, Italianophile, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Thomas Hardy, Conrad, bankrupt, plump, Harold Bloom, Leopold Bloom, Molly Bloom, Shakespeare, Hamlet, readiness is all, Ethel, Natalie, Watergate, Alec Guiness, Kenneth Branagh, John Guilgud, Vanessa Redgrave, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Rubik's cubes, addictions, camp, kitsch, insomnia

My favorite diaries:

thisuser profile - diary
comments: "Shall I compare thee to a mocha made fresh?" Read him!
troilus profile - diary
comments: For the music, the authors, the writing. Troilus has got some real erudition. Hard to find nowadays. I'm waiting to find out if Troilus is inspired by Chaucer or Shakespeare or if he was forged in the smithy of his own imagination.
Minderella profile - diary
comments: Cool, savvy, amusing, opinionated, cocasse, hors pair, fou rire guarantee, percutant
weetabix profile - diary
comments: Sardonic, hilarious. Brilliant wit, yet rarely superficial. Is she possibly Molly Ivins incognito?
puritybrown profile - diary
comments: Better than Bridget Jones by far, in my v. humble opinion. v. v. good writer
mechaieh profile - diary
comments: Swinburne, Sydney Smith, Sisson, Shakespeare, smart, sexy, sassy, sarcastic, salient and I bet that my alliteration pains one of the best poets I have seen on line.
riatsala profile - diary
comments: Another wonderful person who can conceive and believe that something happened in the 19th century.
cariboutwo profile - diary
comments: I love Caribou's style. Her writing is elegantly paced and she can turn from the mundane to the serious with seamless effort and eloquence. Another diary to which I have become addicted.
gofigure profile - diary
comments: Mature, stunning, thoughtful writing. Makes me stop and think, instead of rowing onward in the great Oceanic realm of Diaryland.
Marn profile - diary
comments: How can anyone resist a woman who thinks that Emily Dickinson is a party animal compared to herself? Nifty all the way. And she likes Anne Tyler too.
Inarticulate profile - diary
comments: Pithy, Oscar Wildean epigrams juxtaposed with some of the sordid details of every day life. Too cool.
reldragon profile - diary
comments: A superb writer with fascinating insights about life. And a fan of Anthony Trollope and Stephene Grappelli to boot--you can't beat that!
clcassius profile - diary
comments: She thinks, she thinks profoundly; she writes beautifully and she is leading the examined life. An act of courage, methinks.
kitchenlogic profile - diary
comments: Diaryland's very own K Lo! Ultra-funny, ultra-real, ultra-hilarious and ultra-ultra, which is to say that whatever she does is done with so much ease, that she always has the power to please. C'est un must!
tulsa profile - diary
comments: Political, cool---very cool; I admire his work enormously and hope we get more of it. Essential for Lou Reed fans or for people who think that "Washington brilliance" is an oxymoron. He will prove you wrong. More, more, more, por favor!~~~
oneblackbird profile - diary
comments: ....who should be Mistress of Pemberley. Anyone who lists Jane Austen and Wallace Stevens has a perfect spectrum of imagination! She can take metaphor or leave it. An important art.
Starbreeze profile - diary
comments: She's reading too much Shakespeare, she likes Ice Cream, and she wants to be a Jedi Knight. This is a great new diary for me which I've enjoyed enormously. I wish I had her joie de vivre!
Odalisk profile - diary
comments: Really elegant, passionate writing about many topics. I admire the way Odalisk thinks: she is a true artist. She has mastered so many arts that I admire and that I thought were lost ... about 90 years ago. This is a refreshingly bracing journal and th
subversive profile - diary
comments: To begin with she quotes Fanny Brice in her profile. I don't think that more need be said, but if you don't know Subversive (or Fanny Brice) you really should. I admire her more than I can say for the things she has done and the things she has
bastion profile - diary
comments: The wondering Jew. A wonderful and wondering diary, written by an older man with a carefully honed sensibility and a great sense of romance and history. Doug is perhaps the nicest person I have met here. You will love him too.
photojourney profile - diary
comments: Simply beautiful, stunning work.
vancookie profile - diary
comments: "For dinner I had pretzels, then popcorn, then and a huge chocolate ice cream cone." This quotation grabbed me, although his journal is actually full of much more erudition than a bag of Twizzlers.
gloamling profile - diary
linguafranca profile - diary
missmalady profile - diary
comments: She likes "The Duchess of Malfi!" And more, much more.
sophiemax profile - diary
nictate profile - diary
fullmoon profile - diary
vicunja profile - diary
epiphany profile - diary
the-bookgirl profile - diary
lequincampe profile - diary
debsiobhan profile - diary
futurebird profile - diary
torquil profile - diary
piginawig profile - diary
la-the-sage profile - diary
comfortfood profile - diary
biensoul profile - diary
comments: A teacher who likes to teach, who loves Shakespeare, and who has a sassy sense of humour!
goodsandwich profile - diary
comments: Good sandwiches, poetry, Buddhism. Good diary!
groinvault profile - diary
comments: Groinvault is back! Oh Frabjous Day! And I expect her to become a Great Admirable Admiral!
planitclare profile - diary
racer96 profile - diary
comments: A person of enormous integrity, honesty, and startlingly good writing. He is that rare thing: an ethical person.
genibee profile - diary
comments: An intelligent person who reads!
kats profile - diary
comments: A wonderful journal; great graphics, but more importantly, I love her writing style. She makes it seem effortless, yet it really is a sort of T. Coregghesian Boyle style, which I adore.
horvendile profile - diary
cordeliameg profile - diary
comments: read in IE. I am so impressed by her strength, her integrity, and her good sense of humor in a world where there seems little reason to be witty. She's also the inventor of Diaryland Survivor, a cool, funny, and fascinating concept.
gubbinal profile - diary
comments: a public diary regarding all things Wallace Stevens.
edithpilaf profile - diary
comments: She'll make you laugh, Edith will. I promise.
sa-land profile - diary
comments: . She's an artist both visually and verbally. If she met me she would totally eviscerate me in her diary, which would make good fun reading! I love that kind of writing.
loudwoman profile - diary
oneko profile - diary
allisonhazen profile - diary
comments: Literate, beautifully written articles: not just about politics, but her political views are just like mine: somehow rooting for a Jack Bauer in a world dominated by those we would not especially want Bauer to protect. Read her on Amazons. This is the
paisleypiper profile - diary
wealhtheow profile - diary
comments: Too good to be true! A cat lover, an opera lover, a Jane Austen lover!
goodprovider profile - diary
comments: A good provider of wit and intelligence; one of my favourite people in the world (and still YOUNG!)
doesnotapply profile - diary
comments: Great poetry and banter. SHE knows what panopticon means! She's a perfect trifecta!
dichroic profile - diary
proofrok profile - diary
heavenlyging profile - diary
melwadel profile - diary
comments: Fantastic layout worth the read itself, but the read makes the layout disappear. Brilliantly cool. So cool I cannot begrudge it!
madamepierce profile - diary
comments: Madame Pierce has done (and continues to do) amazing things that I respect. She's spiffy and much much better than a Sausage MacMuffin!
bindyree profile - diary
comments: Introduced me to Miserable Melodies! Greater love have no bindyree!
onewetleg profile - diary
hungryghost profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: I know this is the music section but let's say the theme songs to Buffy, Sopranos, Angel, Practice, West Wing, Once and Again, and Survivor!
Maria Callas
comments: I know that she can make some people cringe, but I adore her always and forever.
Ruth Anne Swenson
comments: Golden Girl! I saw her in Turandot and lost my heart to her! Leontyne Price! Marilyn Horne!
Dawn Upshaw
comments: I even like her crossover albums. Her Symphony #3 by Gorecki is fantastic.
comments: Bjork, Mandy Patinkin, Soundtrack from BUFFY: THE MUSICAL

My favorite movies:

Sunset Boulevard
comments: Noir, creepy, compelling, sinister? Or a look at geriatrics? Or both! THE GODFATHER MOVIES! GHOST WORLD!
All About Eve
comments: fasten your seat-belt for this one. Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, George Sanders...can it get any better?
Dancer in the Dark
comments: I am Selma. No, I'm not. But I love Selma. Also: Ghost World--Seymour.
comments: A plug to IRIS. And now, oddly, HITCHCOCK: Notorious! Psycho! The Birds! North by Northwest! Vertigo! Rope! Rebecca! Sabotage! The Lady Vanishes! Suspicion! Strangers on a Train! Stagefright! Rear Window! Shadow of a Doubt! Jamaica Inn! An
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
comments: Swampy! Historical inevitability! You can't afford to waste good liquor. Not on your salary. Not on the salary of an associate professor. I dance like the wind. Never mix, never worry.

My favorite authors:

John Keats
comments: Junkets...not simply a versifying pet lamb, but a mind that ranged so far. No other writer would be famous who had died at age 25 based simply on those early works. Also the rest of the Romantics: Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley
Wallace Stevens
comments: Famciful flings of the imagination. A dish of peaches in Russia. The funny money man. "He mutter spiffy."
Gerard Manley Hopkins
comments: Poetic Innovator, true feeler; Jane Austen: The most triumphant bitch ever, who did it all with the slightest trace of a smirk. Also other novelists of manners: Barbara Pym, Elizabeth Taylor, Ivy Compton-Burnett, ana HUGE NOD to Anthony Trollope, Iris
Iris Murdoch
comments: How to be goodl ROBERT BROWNING: Vigour, action, rough-hewn at times, but far ranging. To see life was his meat and drink and that is what art gives us: a way to see things that we never would have noticed before.
Thomas Hardy
comments: A Tessimist; a pessimist; a realist; nostalgic yet unflinching in the face of Purblind Doomsters.

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