"I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each..." and them bitches can't seem to shut the hell up...

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked"...well, mostly just naked.

My favorite diaries:

gwenllian profile - diary
comments: "...I had thought that when he came home, if he came home, I'd be so angry that I'd rip him a new asshole. Instead, I was so relieved he was alive that I just cried..." my wife, my everything. I love her more than life itself.
strawburygrl profile - diary
comments: "I secretly want to fuck myself. How odd. "
pillow-wept profile - diary
comments: "black boys with glasses rocking their sons to sleep, white girls bouncing their daughters on their knees, mexican girls swaying back and forth trying to make their child fall peaceful."
mspsyched1 profile - diary
comments: "a daughter. A woman. A lover. A friend. A student. A writer. An artist. A procrastinator. A MS survivor. A Californian. An East Coaster at heart. A shopaholic. A neurotic, hypochondriac. A person."
motherofian profile - diary
comments: touching, raw, real. In the end we are just the mothers and fathers of greater miracles.
oubliet profile - diary
comments: Something very affecting about her worldview.
trinity63 profile - diary
comments: " Last but not least � remember that when I turn this monitor off, I probably don�t think about you off line. I have a life, no offense. It�s nothing personal." I love that quote. LOVE IT.
perceptionss profile - diary
comments: booby.eric.fun.thought.com (not a real addy, just the way i think of the guy)
seraphim77 profile - diary
comments: all I had to see was the quote on the profile page about sodomizing dragonflies, etc. Hooked.
tornlace profile - diary
comments: "..anything that breaks through the darkness should be called a star, no matter how small it starts, how pale it shines now, it is a star..." also read morbid question #1.
trulypoetic profile - diary
comments: Truly. Poetic.
toasterlingo profile - diary
comments: I can't believe I have waited so long to put toasty in my favorites-I've been in hers for a while. Her taste in writers is literally perfect. Her writing and layout are pretty cool, too.
onea profile - diary
comments: a fellow devotee of the works of American-turned Brit Thomas Stearns Eliot. Eloquent, spare writing, and works in a library, like me. Sorta. I'm just not a book librarian.
k-rambles profile - diary
comments: well, holy crap, she's opening a voice studio! Seeing as how I've got 17 years of classical voice training under my belt I have to read this person's diary, period.
nixtress profile - diary
comments: she left a slightly mysterious message in my guestbook, I clicked her link and liked it.
bishops-ring profile - diary
comments: i truly don't add everyone who adds me, but her writing is compelling and she thinks many of the same things i do.
unresolved profile - diary
comments: "...i had a yellow room with a small walk-in closet, and one day my mom came home and found a man standing in it with a knife in his hand...."Brilliance sometimes lays in knowing when to pause, cease the words, and let silence flow in.
supercilious profile - diary
comments: "I can�t help but wonder what passing cars thought of the lone gentleman walking down the street, head hung low, wearing a silk suit in the rain..."
jbtsugar89 profile - diary
comments: adorable.
fadedlight profile - diary
comments: colorful, complex words-an eclectic electric mind.
roxyelliot profile - diary
comments: a very interesting read-also a fellow singer, and i basically am honor bound to put any other singers i find in my favorites.
jehsika profile - diary
comments: "I should really, really, really like to have sex right now but I'm doing the laundry instead..."
melwadel profile - diary
comments: Singer again! I feel like it's necessary to give props to mah peeps. Other singers that is.
doombilly profile - diary
comments: This is one funny motherfucker. I read the guy and just liked him, and the screenname doombilly just cracks me up!
elliorange profile - diary
comments: A music ed major! Cool. As usual I'm down wid dat, but her diary is quite cute-looking too. One of those things that makes you smile spontaneously when you click there.
comment-anon profile - diary
comments: "...I have no problems speaking now. Do you have a problem hearing me?..." she's anonymous, and she's awesome.
pitty-sing profile - diary
comments: She's now on the little list. Nanki-Poo, Yum Yum and the Mikado approved.
omri profile - diary
comments: "As the nervous woman cried, the human (who wore a yellow flannel shirt) tried to calm her by saying "Don't worry! I'm right here! I won't leave until you're comfortable! I EXIST!"... THAT'S some good shit.
seralynn profile - diary
comments: "From now on, im going to exploit men. I guess women had it right all along, get what you can out of men, and ditch them. Thats it. bend over, im about to fuck you all."...Why I like this quote I don't know. But she's intense.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Should join some of the paranormal diaryrings. Also a fun, wry read.
lysistrata39 profile - diary
comments: A fellow Georgian (apparently) also apparently in the Broadcast biz. And she writes well, too.
tou-mou profile - diary
comments: because she wrote a note to her uterus.
alchemie profile - diary
comments: Sexy enough to make your mouth water....apparently another d-land horny couple like the Lady and Me. Said one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about my writing in a comment on my site.
melomane profile - diary
comments: Daisy's diary is worth reading for the titles alone...." a burrito and a dead swamp rat vie for my panties"...priceless.
erato profile - diary
comments: "Every sentence(...)is ridden with hooks(...)I set them afloat in the darkness of the web. And then I wait for the game to begin."mmm....
mpeacock profile - diary
comments: A sweet person, future drama teacher...I coulda gone there, too, but I chose the Opera. *Sigh.*
z0tl profile - diary
comments: When I bite into a peppermint patty, it feels like reading one of z0tl's entries.
drewbearsf profile - diary
comments: A big, bald, bearded bear.
zengasmic profile - diary
comments: ....drool.....they also have placed me and the Lady/Bare Lace in their favorites. I liked the almost sex-talk-show like entry on having good anal sex.
thisdarkgirl profile - diary
comments: ...why it is that I respond to the writings of dark women I don't know, but this girl's dark alright.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: well. she's funny. I hate to jump on one of those big d-land bandwagons, but there ya go. She's really pretty fucking hilarious.
msmongi profile - diary
comments: "I spent a good part of my day contemplating the lesbian subtext in Clean & Clear commercials." random but lucky bannerclick. Cool layout, too.
dollyllama profile - diary
comments: I think she gets it.
sythy profile - diary
comments: "...portland/in the morning/walking/cold/i am the thing that goes on"
smilin13 profile - diary
comments: enthusiastic diarist, and she knew pretty damned well how to get in MY favorites! (plugs don't hurt, y'all. seriously, thanks for the nice comments in your diary, girl.)
allisonhazen profile - diary
comments: really good layout, colorful, interesting writing.
monkeydance profile - diary
comments: paraphrase: "a few years ago i was hit by an SUV and my little car was totalled. i now drive an SUV..."
dark-damsel profile - diary
comments: "We all come with a 'use by' date." She's lost her hearing. A must-read.
wounded99 profile - diary
comments: the party is all up in the ATL, y'all. (She's funny, verbose, and has a great theme and diary design.)
guavagrrrl profile - diary
comments: ...because i appreciate tattoos.
bellamante profile - diary
comments: charming diary, fellow opera lover. Boheme is in her favorite music-'nuff said.
asinglegirl profile - diary
comments: a charming ray of sunshine in the frequently pessimistic d-land firmament.
throcky profile - diary
comments: one of the most elegant diaries I've seen, and what wonderful tastes in the arts!
bare-lace profile - diary
comments: when gwenllian's bad, she's better.
discothekid profile - diary
comments: he's so popular i've resisted putting him in here...then i read this entry; (cut and paste it into your browser location field.) http://discothekid.diaryland.com/sars1.html -sheer comic genius.
ladyvivien profile - diary
comments: in keeping with the selection of nothing but cool british people for favorites lately. she plays for the home team, keeps it sexy real.
groovebunny profile - diary
comments: seriously. one groovy bunny type lady.
ladyriddle profile - diary
comments: Excess, indeed. Really got blessed by the darker gods of poetry. Good read in green.
jonathan profile - diary
comments: "6.27 a.m(...)where in England can you sunbathe at this time in the morning?" I think I'd like this guy. And he's British! Strange.
ghanima profile - diary
comments: " There is an hour, just before day has entirely acheived its yellow corpulence, when the light is eternally grey, the shade of a burned out lightbulb."
indrid-cold profile - diary
comments: Number 37, Wake up, number 37...(double the pleasure, double the proofrok)
aheadofred profile - diary
comments: "Redhaired, non-American 20-something girl living in the U.S., thriving on a coffee addiction and a passion for dogs..." I think we've got something here....
luvabeans profile - diary
comments: "My office is hotter than Louie Anderson's crotch."
stupidlogs profile - diary
comments: This is brilliant. A girl simply posts all the IM convos she has with the complete idiot perverts out there wanting to 'cyber' on the net. Hope she keeps it going.
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: LEON! I don't know who's doing this-perhaps an actual dude named Leon-but...oh, just read it. It's a stitch.
kitchenlogic profile - diary
comments: Awwww...Kathy's just cool. Shoulda added her long ago.
smackey profile - diary
comments: Man. Somehow I never thought I'd be adding an in-law in here. Go figure.
ashtraygurl profile - diary
comments: "Hiding in the attic with lost love and old friends..."

My favorite music:

comments: Kid of the 70s
comments: Amy Lee has one of the best female rock n roll voices I've heard in years. Dark, moody music.
comments: At least one song. And the lead singer has similar grooming habits to me.
Linkin Park
comments: Every time I hear 'crawling' I just can't help but want to ruin my cords joining in. Good lyrics actually.

My favorite movies:

Star Wars
comments: Stood in line in June of 76 to see the very first day. I was 9. BLOWN AWAY.
Silence of the Lambs
comments: See a morbid pattern developing?
Les Liasions Dangereuse
comments: My lady Gwen saved me from BECOMING Valmont.
Its a Wonderful Life
comments: I like Twinkies too.

My favorite authors:

Jack Kerouac
comments: My god of truly great unhinged semautobiographical picaresque fiction.
Allen Ginsberg
comments: My favorite dead Jewish homosexual hippie. Seriously.
T.S. Eliot
comments: Come on. My screen name is Proofrok.
Lady Gwenllian
comments: She's really THAT good. Just wish she knew it as well as I do.
Stephen King
comments: I like twinkies too.

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