This diary is now locked because of a certain psycho named Joe. If anyone from bitchfest or from my fave list wants the pasword, let me know! XOXO :) Love you all!

My favorite diaries:

idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: This woman makes me laugh. A lot.
usinclair profile - diary
comments: Hillarious shit.
teen-mother profile - diary
comments: Sad but inspiring.
babicharmz profile - diary
comments: Tara, one of my best friends online. She has a beautiful son and a great family. They are very dear to my heart.
faithtastic profile - diary
comments: A sweetie :)
brokenbits profile - diary
comments: Definitely my best friend online. Her son is an angel. Maybe he was friends with my son in heaven before they were born? :)
jjslair profile - diary
comments: JJ is the God of Fuck, but she's so nice :) A great combination! I LOVE HER!
proofrok profile - diary
comments: *sigh* WOW, brilliant, devoted husband and father, with writing skills like I have never seen before.
smartepants profile - diary
comments: Yet another diary that makes me giggle and almost pee my pants.
nofat-chicks profile - diary
comments: He's a funny, funny man!
gwenllian profile - diary
comments: Wife of Proofrok, a great mother, a great person, and writes the best erotic stories! The more I read, the more I wish she was MY mother. She's so sweet!
boogiebeep profile - diary
comments: Another of my best friends online. Amberlee is so sweet to me. She uplifts me and I am lucky to have her in my life, even if it is online.
meg-cntrygrl profile - diary
comments: She is so sweet to me and is all about making men go down south more often. I totally agree.
ana-n-baby profile - diary
comments: Very thinspiring to me. And a very nice person! :)
hrec profile - diary
comments: Ian's bestest baby friend, Harrison's diary. Well, actually brokenbits' diary for her son. But it was cuter said that way, dammnit!
vickiediablo profile - diary
comments: Going through some really rough times. She seems strong though, so I'm sure she'll make it.
perfect110 profile - diary
comments: boogiebeep's weight loss diary.
ericg profile - diary
comments: This man is AMAZING. I am absolutely an Eric fanatic now. I am ecstatic because I love this diary so much. Please go read it, you will love it too!
deigratia profile - diary
comments: Was kind enough to add me to her list after I only tagged her board. She's a wonderful mommy too! :)
me-undaunted profile - diary
comments: A sweetheart that is also rather funny. :)
hope-soul profile - diary
comments: Anxiety attacks plague her life as well as mine. I think this is the first person on my list with that problem like me. YAY! :) She's very nice too.
candace8 profile - diary
comments: She reminds me of youth. I miss being so young :) She's very kind hearted also.
beatenkitten profile - diary
comments: Becca, lost in ana like me. She's got a million diaries though, and I can't keep up with her :)
kristintracy profile - diary
comments: Effin' hillarious and I seriously think I wet myself from reading. I'm off to change my undies now...
ninaswords profile - diary
comments: ana-n-baby's new diary.
just-fine profile - diary
comments: inspiring... thought provoking. Damn good! I'm addicted to this! :)
sodaberry profile - diary
comments: My lovely :)
irene-marie profile - diary
comments: A very sweet girl. I can't complain about her at all! :)

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments: She's beautiful. She has mothered me through her music and she is so modest on how she has helped so many people. She is lovely. Her lyrics are amazing and I fall more in love with her music with each song.
comments: Beautiful how they have the music all love songish and the lyrics are extremely opposite, but beautiful.
Pink Floyd
comments: Back in the days before I had a child, I used to listen to them all messed up, it was amazingly fun. No drugs anymore though, Ian comes first now.
Fiona Apple
comments: Her voice is hot, she's an awesome writer.
comments: Gotta love them! They get wussier every album, but I guess that's what happens when boys fall in love. I'm still a fan though.

My favorite movies:

Schindler's List
comments: I'm a WWII freak, one of the many things my boyfriend and I got together for. I am obsessed with the Jewish cause in WWII (Although I'm not happy with how they're handling the Palestinians in Israel right now).
Dream for an Insomniac
comments: My sister rented this movie and I absolutely loved it. Some bad acting in it, but a great love story.
comments: I would love to have sex in a convenient store bathroom, just not with an old man that happens to be dead.
Chasing Amy
comments: I just love Kevin Smith movies! And Ben Affleck as a lead character helps too :)
comments: Kevin Smith all the freakin way, oh and I like stink palms too.

My favorite authors:

Pat Conroy
comments: Most of his books are wussy chick novels, but my favorite book, Beach Music, is a definite treasure.
Aldous Huxley
comments: A Brave New World- GENIOUS. I swear, this totally predicts the future. You've GOT to read this.
Elie Wiesel
comments: Amazing tribute to all Holocaust victims and survivors, just by writing his own story.
Madeleine L'Engle
comments: A Wrinkle in Time is one of the greats. Although some might not agree with me :)
B. Kliban
comments: I found these books of his pictures (he's not an author, but his pictures ARE in books, so it sort of counts) in my deceased uncles belongings. Hillarious!

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