The Bitch is Back, Fuckers. Now quit your bitch-ass whining, and DEAL WITH IT!!

My favorite diaries:

theshakedown profile - diary
comments: I just went over and read this diary, if you don't know her from before, her diary was formerly known as honestyonly. she cracks my shit up! You will laugh right out loud at the screen, so if you don't read this one, you are fucked in your hea
motherofian profile - diary
comments: the more i've gotten to know this lady, the more i'm glad i did. she's a good writer, she puts a hilarious spin on that writing, and also seems to be a great mother. i dig that!
strippedraw profile - diary
comments: a new diary by the former owner of sensualistic, that has a fresh new look and some awesome truth telling. when i went to see steph's new site, i was completely impressed, so check it out!
loudwoman profile - diary
comments: despite kim's wicked sense of humor and at times brutal truth telling, if you get to know her well like i have, you will come to know what a great person she is. and dammit, i do NOT curl up in a ball and cry when attacked, dammit! heh!
sxb profile - diary
comments: a smartass after my own heart, and a fellow bitcher....but he's truly a good guy. (shhh! i did not tell you that!)
nicronsart profile - diary
comments: nicole is a really nice person, and that trait is definitely reflected in her writing. her design is also very unique, so check her out if you get a chance!
stop-pro-ana profile - diary
comments: please help to get the word about sites that stand to profit from the illness of young children. these sites are promoting a death sentence for young teens, and it's time we all took a stand.
lizbathory profile - diary
comments: amber is honest, in your face, and hard core just like me. she pulls no punches, takes no shit, and although she'll slam your ass down in a heartbeat, she is one of the nicest people i've met online. she's a woman after my own fucking heart
elixxir profile - diary
comments: one of the things that was great about this diary was how different this woman's style is...this diary kicks some major ass and takes names...elixxir is formerly known as dreemfreek.
foosgold profile - diary
comments: i've always loved reading kay's diary. it's witty and insightful, and also has great stories about her family. i love that. kay is also one of the only people who kept in contact with me after bitchfest, and i'll always remember that.
beautifulmeh profile - diary
comments: natalie has been a good pal to me, and also very supportive. she is also one of my very favorite people on the net, so stop by and tell her how great she is sometime, because she deserves it!
pitty-sing profile - diary
comments: oh hell no! i just found this diary today, (courtesy of angela at honestyonly), and it just cracked me the fuck up!
cadmium-red profile - diary
comments: a person who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind or to stand up for what she believes in -
komradphil profile - diary
comments: he kicks all of you asses!! and if you don't believe me, he'll blow your fuckin head off!! he's got a real sweet side though, and i love that, so yes, i've gotta have my kickn-ass-komrad!!
coffee-flesh profile - diary
comments: cortney's diary is the shit, and especially when it comes to ranting about all the bullshit in this world (you know how i love ranting!) she's also a great friend who'd do anything for the people she cares about.
sledgeman profile - diary
comments: sledge has a fucking kick ass sense of humor - it's razor sharp, yet funny as hell. read his "essays that will sear your brain", you'll become addicted! plus, he's coffee-flesh's man! (it's not hard to imagine!)
lapisllong profile - diary
comments: mis is great - her diary is full of touching honesty about the many struggles she goes through in her life daily, the great love that she has for her son and boyfriend, and also material that will make you laugh right out loud while you're reading.
fatalvixxxen profile - diary
comments: I love a woman who speaks her mind - with no bullshit. Check her out.
insanitygirl profile - diary
comments: visit this lady's's raw and honest, with a humorous edge that'll keep you coming back. also, this woman has been a good friend to me...she's a stand-up person, and i respect that in her.
pieceofme profile - diary
comments: even after everything rebecca has been through in her life, she still stands strong and holds her head high. she's also a magnificent writer.
pin-wheel profile - diary
comments: to this day, I will never forget that linds was one of the very first people who ever befriended me on diaryland. she's a great girl, and a great diarist. I love her to pieces.
hibiscus101 profile - diary
comments: i like this girl's style of writing (she's very good with words), and also she has a very nice layout. classy.
missgloworm profile - diary
comments: this diary is written with such style and grace....this girl writes straight from the heart, and i love reading up on her. a must read.
taffy77 profile - diary
thewriteraurie profile - diary
ganapati profile - diary
ethelalcohol profile - diary
jessy56789 profile - diary
colista profile - diary
opiumtrend profile - diary

My favorite music:

Rock/Thrash/Death Metal
comments: Korn, Tool, Perfect Circle, Slayer, Black Label Society, System of a Down, Kittie, Hatebreed, Otep, Flaw, Helmet, Drowning Pool, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Godsmack, Type O Negative, Monster Magnet, Rage, Pantera, Down, Ill Nino, Spineshank
comments: Kinks, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Public Image Limited, Yaz, Kidney Theives
comments: Alice In Chains, Mad Season, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Nirvana
Local Bands
comments: Oratory (Oratory Rules You, BITCH!), Emotion 13, When Harry Met Larry, Rust, Lynn Allen, (my cousin's band), Ill Nino (used to be local!), Officer 27, Chevelle (made it big too)

My favorite movies:

Bowling For Columbine
comments: I thought Michael Moore did an excellent job on this documentary - if you haven't watched it yet, go and rent it. It says so much about gun control and the problems our society faces each'll make you think.
Kill Bill Volume 1
comments: How can I NOT mention this movie?? This movie was the kick-ass movie of the year, and Quentin Tarantino is GOD, BITCH!
comments: Being a John Cusack fan, I had to watch this one....but it was actually pretty damned creepy. I like movies that are actually scary, and not just gory.
Crazy As Hell
comments: Has anyone out there ever seen this movie? It's about this psychiatrist with this big ego who comes to work at a mental hospital, and Satan turns up there and wants to be a patient (Eriq LaSalle plays the devil). It's really fucked up!
The Misfits
comments: As much as I love old movies, I just saw this one about two weeks ago. How could I have allowed myself to miss Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable? I was ashamed of myself!

My favorite authors:

Sherman Alexi
comments: "Lone Ranger and Tonto: Fistfight in Heaven" - I read this for my Contemporary Lit class, and fell in love with Alexi immediately. His portrayal of Native American life grabs your attention and never lets go.
John Steinbeck
comments: "East of Eden" - Yes, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I've never read this book until a couple weeks ago, but I loved it. If you've never read it, go and get it.
Elie Wiesel
comments: "Night" - A truly terrifying account written by one holocaust survivor, but a book that I am definitely glad that I read.

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