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I am a real cool and awesome guy, and everyone should love me.

My favorite diaries:

whitepills profile - diary
comments: This is my boy Justin. He's cool even if he's from the other side of the tracks. He's one of the only reasons why I go to work everyday. (We work together) Plus he's left handed and now more satisfied with his pay situation.
wokendream profile - diary
comments: This is Justin's friend Justin. He's cool to. He plays guitar and all of the women want him. I don't like him anymore.
frisbee01 profile - diary
comments: This is Justin, whitepill's, woman. She is polite, pleasant, and very real. I never mentioned her breast size, that was her man's comment. I am way too polite for that.
chadmuska profile - diary
comments: This is my first long distance pal. Whitepills turned her on to me, so I can't take any of the credit. She is cool though.
cinemaphile profile - diary
comments: This is my man main. He didn't know me and let me go to a concert with him. That's class. Little did he know I would end up on the stage with a very, very long sock on my genatalia.
mugbug226 profile - diary
comments: She looks like my dream girl, Wendy, but alas she is leaving me for a place where the beer flows like wine. A little place called, Montana, Wyoming, or maybe one of the Dakotas.
zeporah profile - diary
comments: This is Justin's, Justin's friend that is, girlfriend. She is nice and loves to say the word bitch. She doesn't share the CD Connection wealt, but that's cool. I don't share the abb wealth either.
rubyxmoon profile - diary
comments: Ruby, man. Seems like only yesterday we were sniffing paint thinner out of sandwich bags over behind the waffle house. Stay the same. And she thinks I am funy.
dfourever profile - diary
comments: This is my favorite. The only one that pointed out that it is actually me that is strategically place in the uppper left hand corner of my diary. D, what can I say. YOU DA MAN !!!!!!!!!! Love ya, can't say it enough.
rudybob77 profile - diary
comments: This is Jeff, Justin's friend. He's cool. One time I went to their house and we talked about wrestling and baseball. He was cool, but he doesn't like me that much. I am too pretty. He also never sent me the Q from their gay band thing. I wa
beckyobucket profile - diary
comments: She thinks I am a funny kid. Kid I said.
bethany9 profile - diary
comments: She lives in Chicago, and thinks she can beat Leon at Trivial Pursuit. We shall see.
heatherash profile - diary
comments: She is a famous actress, sort of like me. She wants Leon real bad to, she just doesn't know it yet.
elliorange profile - diary
comments: She is the coolest. And she's totally hott. Leon likes, he likes very much.
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: �Thou shalt not commence in any activities pertaining to that which shall now be and forever be identified as a rumble without thine intervention divine, Bitches�.
juliana27 profile - diary
comments: My first public recognition. God Bless the internet is all I can say.

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments: The greatest band of all time. Who doesn't love the Beatles ?
Eric Clapton
comments: The Man. I saw him in Columbus a couple of years ago. Best Concert EVER !
David Gray
comments: The best lyricist in the world. I had second row seats to see him in July. He looked at me like 5 times, I think it was the hair.
Bob Dylan
comments: Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Muddy Waters, Billy Joel, Elton John, U2.

My favorite movies:

comments: I am part Irish, how could I not like a movie from my homeland.
Forest Gump
comments: Any Rocky movie, except Rocky 5. The Outsiders, The Goonies, Seven, Fight Club. I love Movies.
Dumb and Dumber
comments: Happy Gilmore, Any Sandler Movie. Something about Mary, Kingpin, Raising Arizon.
Tommy Boy
comments: Chris Farley was the funniest man to ever walk the face of the earth.
The Ladies Man
comments: I chose my name from the main character.

My favorite authors:

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