Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your conversational skills will bore me to death

I'd rather be living on a private island surrounded by pretty boys.

My favorite diaries:

pseudoclaire profile - diary
comments: i was thinking it would be fun to make out with a boy sometime soon. so i just might do that.
scarydoll profile - diary
comments: It's good to know I am not the only one who thinks like that
anticrew profile - diary
comments: I'm sooo down with the anticrew
elateddream profile - diary
comments: I've had the guilty pleasure of being exposed to something good, then having it taken away in a millisecond.
xyla profile - diary
comments: natural blonds have naturaly blond hair, everywhere.
billybob87p profile - diary
comments: I tell them though, I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body, but they don't listen.
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: Yes, that is me in the upper left hand corner.
angelgirl76 profile - diary
comments: My word of the day is definetely
nascar20fan profile - diary

My favorite music:

Green Day
comments: Oh there is nothing better then riding around listening to vintage Green Day!
Dillinger Four
comments: I will always heart them
New Found Glory
comments: he has very bushy eyebrows
comments: They mellow you out better than Pink Floyd
comments: good winter music

My favorite movies:

comments: Kevin Smith movies are best watched in the order of creation.
Pulp Fiction
comments: bacwards storyline, drugs, ODing, and mob bosses getting it from behind...what more could you ask for in a movie?
Star Wars & Lord of the Rings
comments: They both have very pretty boys in them plus I love elves and using the force.
comments: mmmm he's pretty
Moulin Rouge
comments: The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love...and be loved in return.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Chills, thrills, and you can find every book at the library!
Kurt Vonnegut
comments: He has as little hope for society as I do
J.R.R. Tolkin
comments: I'm a sucker for elves
Douglas Adams
comments: I am all for strange things happening to normal people
Many annoynomous young authors
comments: I don't really pay attention to who writes all of the strange books I read

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