Rumoff, Superdog, Strikes Again!

This is a profile of me. Me. My profile. This profiles who I am and it tells a little about me. So here you are. This is a little something about me. Have I mentioned that it's about me?

My favorite diaries:

bluedoor profile - diary
comments: High quality, high octane, real life stuff.
bytwilight profile - diary
comments: mommies are the best!
bfee profile - diary
comments: Ummm...I dunno, I'm hooked. I can't say why.
kitchenlogic profile - diary
comments: I mean to say, "My hair smells like I burned it again with my overly-heated curling iron and every time I move my head I smell like Michael Jackson during the making of a Pepsi Commercial".
akagrl profile - diary
comments: something new to read...
lisamcc profile - diary
comments: witty, sarcastic, angst-ridden, testy, bitchy, great!
aimee218 profile - diary
comments: OK, so I read one entry and was totally hooked. The entry sounded just like me--hating people and loving eclairs. It was great. I laughed out loud. I'm so excited.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: This guy is funny. Laugh out loud funny. Plus he's got all the best links. Keep you busy for hours.
akkelly profile - diary
comments: She got to meet kitchenlogic. Bitch. No seriously, I love this one.
graceland profile - diary
comments: Hooked after one entry!
brile profile - diary
comments: Hooray! She's a mommy!
fuzzmom profile - diary
comments: What do you think fuzzmom means? Maybe you'll have to read some entries to find out...
byfirstlight profile - diary
neuroticgirl profile - diary
splorch profile - diary
weetabix profile - diary
trinity63 profile - diary
lkbrown profile - diary
erlenweg6 profile - diary
comments: My heart goes out to her.
prncsaimee profile - diary
melwadel profile - diary
comments: Another mod housewife.
alternamommy profile - diary
comments: The apex of mommydom.
kidneygurl profile - diary
comments: Thanks for putting me on your favs, though I don't know what I did to deserve it. You are so strong and have come through so much. You astound me, kidneygurl!
robin-smith profile - diary
comments: Snarky, intelligent, pithy. Just right.
i-girl profile - diary
comments: Another great diary, with many insights.
cucalifornia profile - diary
sundry profile - diary
comments: Sultry!
pregornot profile - diary
comments: She's a mom!
spitstrings profile - diary
comments: i-girl's mom.
andrew profile - diary
comments: Well, who else?
theshakedown profile - diary
comments: I wish I could be so honest.
busybean profile - diary
comments: Fun, fun, fun! You know, before I knew who wrote this diary, I felt that it could have been written by me!
Kitchenlite profile - diary
comments: We all need a little WW.
so-charming profile - diary
comments: She moved!
goewin profile - diary
comments: Insightful, interesting, sagacious.
dimstar profile - diary
comments: "I wish someone would wisk me away, breathe into my soul, give me life, and take me away from this nightmare. Wake me up. I have been here for too long. Save me, make me stop."
forty-plus profile - diary
comments: This is one of the sweetest people alive.
hertinyhands profile - diary
comments: I see lots of similarities...a little girl, a love of ice cream and peanut butter addition to journaling online...
cactustree profile - diary
widower profile - diary
dangerspouse profile - diary
g1rly-g1rl profile - diary
nascarwidow profile - diary
lostinmylove profile - diary
blueeyesblue profile - diary
chaosdaily profile - diary
kungfukitten profile - diary
summer-gale profile - diary
dinahsoar profile - diary

My favorite music:

Ani DiFranco
Natalie Merchant
Natalie Imbruglia
The Cranberries
Elton John

My favorite movies:

Wild at Heart
Pulp Fiction

My favorite authors:

Connie Willis
Philip K. Dick
Charles Dickens
Franz Kafka
Ray Bradbury

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