Notes of a Native Reporter

Career news reporter, crime buff, Francophile, Mozart and Marley fan, chain-smoker, nerd, dropout, chronically underweight, sarcastic, black-wearing, stupid-risk-taking, Vermont native, animal loving, convertible-driving twenty-something...

Those are the things that haven't changed since I started on d-land in 2002.

The thing that has: The most amazing baby in the world, M.I.D., born Feb 13, 2007. I had to quit drinking. And when she started baby-swearing at me, I had to quit that, too.

My favorite diaries:

Miralogue profile - diary
comments: A magazine person. But a news person at heart. ; )
doubleW profile - diary
comments: If I worked with him, I'd smack him. Luckily I don't, so I he just makes me laugh till I snort.
sixweasels profile - diary
comments: DO NOT READ with liquid in mouth. My computer is permanently damaged from the number of times I've spat diet coke across the screen reading Sixweasels. Oh, yeah, and I almost want a "weasel" now.
atsari profile - diary
comments: I'd like to slap her ex silly. Besides that -- reporter, livin' on the wild side, and a great person.
nacwolin profile - diary
comments: She likes crab cakes and kids' giggles. She'll make you happy. Pastors wives are NOT what you think they are! N is a purely phenomenal woman.
deadinsanity profile - diary
comments: Please update!
killkessa profile - diary
comments: I was hesitant to add anyone who is fairly unapologetic about having an eating disorder. But Killkessa is more than an eating disorder. She writes. She lives an ED, and she writes. I guess that is all I can say.
mia-baby profile - diary
comments: Another "please update"! Botanist. Essayist. Grew up the member of the only white family in a Labrador town without driveable roads. 18, thoughtful, introspective... and oh yeah, she has an ED too.
glitterkick profile - diary
comments: A chick I can relate to. Have you ever been arrested because you were taking off your bra in the car in a traffic jam?
themoi profile - diary
comments: French, living in Ireland.Rocks my boat. Plus she's named Maud. ("Brave fIighter") In one of my favorite childhood books, Caroline didn't get a gun so she named her kettle "Maud." And used "Maud" to clock indians.
clean2202 profile - diary
comments: Sober. Damn, I wish I had the guts.
captainron profile - diary
comments: A Connecticut neighbor I've never met. And one of those very rare genuinely nice guys.
drowningblue profile - diary
comments: About to be a teacher. Please update!!
thintowin profile - diary
comments: Very careful about revealing any personal details, but she seems to have a cool job and a great sense of humor.
rachelliz profile - diary
comments: Smart, attractive freelance writer in Boston who's looking for a man!
lizabee profile - diary
comments: No one puts Lizabee in a corner.
nightlynews profile - diary
comments: One of those glamorous TV folks. They're a lot tougher than they look, apparently.
knightwriter profile - diary
comments: Another one of us newspaper people
heatherette9 profile - diary
comments: And yet another newsie
selfnonself profile - diary
lostinmylove profile - diary
beatlesgyrl profile - diary
comments: Loves the Beatles, works in news. How much cooler can you get?
vla profile - diary
agonie profile - diary
hungry-hippo profile - diary
dissolving profile - diary
dollyllama profile - diary
polly-esther profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments: I've been in love with each of them.
Leonard Cohen
comments: "Suzanne" is my favorite song
Johnny Cash
comments: From angst to beautiful duets -- and then if you're in a bad mood in the morning, there's always "Egg Suckin' Dog"
comments: enough said
Bob Marley
comments: He makes me happy

My favorite movies:

The Red Balloon
comments: Since childhood.
comments: An anorexic woman eats her neighbor. Or is it the other way around? Excellent cinematography anyway.
A Chef in Love
comments: In French and Russian, plus it revolves around food. That's me, through and through
To Live
comments: Chinese. Excellent.

My favorite authors:

Jean George
comments: Author of my absolute favorite kids' book, "My Side of the Mountain" book, about living in a tree. My dream.
John Stuart Mill
comments: Got me kicked out of college.
Hilton Als
comments: A brave, wonderful genius
Adam Gopnik
comments: Too bad he came back from Paris after I did. I would have applied for his job.
Shel Silverstein
comments: I used to hide "The Giving Tree" so my mom wouldn't read it to me, because it made me so sad I wanted to die. It still makes me cry.

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