Getting Over the Notion That I'm Better Off Broken

I'm a 30-something freelance writer and education doc student in Boston. I'm now locked again. If you want the password, lemme know. Thanks.

My favorite diaries:

bathtubmary profile - diary
comments: "Dear snow: how about you motherfucking quit it already?"
batten profile - diary
comments: "Because as God is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again… unless the cats need food."
captvfirefly profile - diary
chillier profile - diary
comments: "I questioned the value of keeping a blog of negative incidents and realized that the writing part was good but the holding onto it part was bad."
Dolffie profile - diary
comments: "And if she doesn’t force me to sing, I am sure it will be a wonderful time."
dulligirl profile - diary
comments: "The best thing about getting older. The stories you can tell. I just wish I had smuttier stories."
duranfanatic profile - diary
comments: "Tomorrow I'll be sitting here again, talking to myself and wishing I were somewhere else. The fun never stops..."
krugerpak007 profile - diary
comments: " Kathy. Fuck everyone. It can be enough to have one person who loves you with all his heart."
Polly-Esther profile - diary
comments: "There's nothing I hate more than ignorance coupled with arrogance. Oh, and Pat. I hate him the most of all."
red-wine profile - diary
rdhdprincess profile - diary
comments: "I feel like I am growing into the woman I was meant to be, and if people don't like it, it's their loss."
SixWeasels profile - diary
comments: "Boys. Can’t live with’em, but life would be pretty dull without’em."
Somnambulist profile - diary
comments: "Why couldn't I have just been born into an arranged polygamous marriage with Tara Reid and Amy Smart?"
theturtle profile - diary
zencelt profile - diary
comments: "Two toothless swingers tried to pick me up. It was good to be home."

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