Supercilious Sacrifice

My body is a temple.*

*Okay so not so much of a temple as a barely standing table in the corner covered with booze and one burnt out candle. Oh and a pile of coffee beans heaped over the incense. However, there is a nice picture of an elephant on the wall behind the table, I still haven't figured out why. The whole mess is currently awash in chemical flames, burning to the ground.

My favorite diaries:

astralounge profile - diary
comments: On one wrist, the most grrrly bracelet ever made, on the other... hideously masculine steel watch.
unequivocal profile - diary
comments: The disembodied violent voice of Ken. Ken being one of the most polite people I've yet to meet.
panther profile - diary
comments: I invited her to Thailand with me to get our colons cleaned. She turned me down, I like that.
neo-relic profile - diary
comments: OtherKen. The patron saint of the Easter Bunny.
terrified profile - diary
comments: Primordial root consciousness understands no politics and never plays fair.
leggodad profile - diary
comments: Leggodad does the best a leggo can.
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: I think I almost ran him over once.
unwittingly profile - diary
comments: I think she almost ran me over once.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: does not bring appropriate materials to class
thetallguy profile - diary
comments: The butterfly theory illustrated in strange and, sometimes frightening, new ways.
un-bad profile - diary
comments: The subtle smoke sauntering vaguely from a lovely hand grenade.
mytwocents profile - diary
comments: Fuck! I need to know what store has an apple on a key chain now!
fuzzy-grey profile - diary
comments: She's more of a guy then I am =\
ihaterain profile - diary
comments: I love rain. But I live where there isn't any. Ever. So maybe it's that I think I'd love rain but I'm not really sure.
ghanima profile - diary
comments: If she were a scent... she'd smell like chrysanthemum and lilac.
zeroreverb7 profile - diary
comments: Self proclaimed world�s greatest Hungry Hungry Hippo champ. The champ is here!
zerom3ph profile - diary
comments: Pulchrum est paucorum hominum.
obi-char profile - diary
comments: Strong armed shotgun vixen with a scary diary template. No, seriously, the thing frightens me. Oh and if God actually existed, he�d probably hate her almost as much as he hates me. Filthy heretic!

My favorite music:

Nine Inch Nails
comments: How can you not respect an artist that allows himself to be hurt to better fuel his music?
comments: Passionate, powerful, and beautiful. My favorite band since the Doors.
The Doors
comments: All time fav. anyone who knows the Doors will understand.
comments: Haunting, chaotic, peaceful, destructive, and hypnotic.
Massive Attack
comments: How can I explain?

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: Here's a good question, why in the fuck do diarylanders like this movie? For god's sake, it's number 1!
comments: Thanks Paul, good flick.
comments: Who doesn't like automobile injury fetish films?
Death to Smoochy
comments: Hail Smoochy... Anyone else (besides Blaise) think Williams is back on coke?
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
comments: I own scuba flippers.

My favorite authors:

comments: I love and hate this man.
comments: Mad scientist!
Victor Frankl
comments: I hate and love this man. I only wish I could thank him and condemn him in the same breath.
Ayn Rand
comments: She's so deliriously insane, it's charming.
Edgar Allen Poe
comments: Yes, Cliche' but still, he made so many a dark night, all the more dark. Simply brilliant.

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