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My name is Jennifer I'm 22, this diary is a little glimpse of what goes on in my life or not. Sometimes there is trivial info other times random stories, so brace yourself you never know. :)

My favorite diaries:

manofx profile - diary
comments: I love this man! (He doesn't know it though) I can't help but laugh everytime I read his entries...Check it out!..."God help the water mammals."
organdorff profile - diary
comments: Ok this my loser friend who NEVER updates, but I have to give him some sort of credit..."Hold on to your hats kids, i am being spontanous."
sockwrinkle profile - diary
comments: My favorite Texan! Next to George Bush. :) She is also my stalker..."Baby, I love you."
clean2202 profile - diary
comments: Very inspiring..."The existence of porches and summer evenings will always be a threat to my sobriety. But so is almost everything and I�ll deal with it."
dlove profile - diary
comments: Dlove no longer updates and I miss it but he has some awesome entries..."Today, I'm as happy as a pig in shit. Life is good."
goodgirl177 profile - diary
comments: Work, life, work, life...we have the same thing going for us!..."I spend 80% of my awake time at work. When I get home from work I crash. I feel so burnt out."
anat profile - diary
comments: A friend of a friend..."Why do some of us think like this? Think of almost everything within a context of sex."
i-girl profile - diary
comments: She is a funny chicka!..."I hate the girls who pretend to be stupider than they are because they think some boy will think it�s cute or appealing. Fuck you, bitches."
amberfalls profile - diary
comments: I wish I could workout as much as she does?!.."We did around 13 miles on the Kokopelli Trail which took me 4 hours. It was a long damn run. I wasn�t expecting to be out that long."
kaiteeighty profile - diary
comments: WAHOO! My favorite west coast gal..."I have had some crazy shit go down."
sweetslumber profile - diary
comments: New read - still trying to get a feel for it..."I saw something today that i didn't understand. It was an old lady driving with her old husband in the passenger seat of a car with hydrolics. The back was up. I just didn't get it."
superpoofu14 profile - diary
comments: This reminds me of myself back when I was in highschool..."When we were waiting at the light, Stephen & Brandon jump out of the car and run to my car and yell "Chinese fire drill!! Switch cars!""
pepperanne profile - diary
comments: I like this girl!..."I never saw anything so beautiful since my last trip to a male strip club. I appologize to all the fair prude maidens, born-again christians, male readers and anti-sexist activists out there...but the dude is fine."
carabeara profile - diary
comments: Deep thoughts..."When I dyed my hair blue, it felt like the whole church was staring at me saying 'FREAK - GET OUT OF HERE.'"
semicharm86 profile - diary
comments: Yeah! A fellow TEB fan..."Have you ever looked into a mirror and not even reconized the reflection?"
mayfire7 profile - diary
comments: A new read..."I would give my left arm for some sleep right now. Yes, I would."
minstrelite profile - diary
comments: I like what I have read so far..."I went to a movie by myself the other night, and I felt a little strange sitting there alone. Ironically, there was even an empty seat next to me, although the theatre was packed."
fadein profile - diary
comments: Something about this guy I like..."And as I drive home, I look back over the events of the evening, and realize that, no matter how normal, nice and cool a guy I may be 99% of the time, for about fifteen minutes or so I turned into a bad 'Pathet
bcgal profile - diary
comments: "I�ve decided I�m going to allow myself one cigar day per week."
absolutgal82 profile - diary
comments: "Fuck this, Goodnight."
proofrok profile - diary
comments: A fellow Atlantan! Finally!!!! :)
verdicify profile - diary
comments: I love her writing, "moving forward...without the fear of looking back..."

My favorite music:

Smashing Pumpkins
comments: What can I say, my all time favorite band. :) Won't bore you with the deatils.
comments: LOVE her lyrics! Poetry in song...ahhh...can't get any better.
Lisa Loeb
comments: A chick with guitar...too cool!
Third Eye Blind
comments: "Visions of you on a motorcycle driveby..." I doubt I would be alone in saying, TEB is one of the underrated bands out there...
comments: BILLY-BILLY-BILLY!!!

My favorite movies:

Sound of Music
comments: Lots of singing in the hills
Sleepless in Seattle
comments: Puget Sound and The Empire State Building...need I say more?
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
comments: Windex
Ghost World
comments: Green hair, what more could you want?
Road to Perdition
comments: Excellent.

My favorite authors:

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