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from mayfire7 :
Hey, I left a note down there requesting your password... and I said email me.. so it would help if you had my email addy: [email protected]
from goodgirl177 :
Ugh, that's bullshit. I tried emailing you but I have the wrong address. If you feel like retelling me whats up, my email is [email protected] my other email gets so much spam i delete everything. :)
from mayfire7 :
I was wondering where you've went to because you haven't updated in a while. But when I clicked on you on my buddy list, I found out you locked your diary. I'm sad!! If you don't mind, could you email me the info so I can get in? I love reading your diary!!!
from goodgirl177 :
You locked! Ahhh!
from hoodloom :
Did you get the message I sent you? Check out my diary. -j
from weymouth66 :
Please could you e-mail me your passwords? Thanks, love Jess x x
from cherkitty :
Love your diary!! Awesome!
from sxepunk :
wow, haha. i was really drunk last night too and left a trail of spelling errors via entries, comments, and AIM conversations all across the internet highway.
from spunonmonkey :
you have one kick ass diary i went to it because of the intresting eye catching banner you have
from unhaired :
i poke thee!
from cherry-girl :
love is suicide.
from sad-doll :
Oh wow darling I loved your banner -- so I clicked and I'm glad someone with a banner finally has [SI] issues[!] I'll be reading.
from girlslife :
I like your diary, even if you are younger than me. Guess what, I love Billy too. I haven't heard much Zwan, but I love Billy Pumpkin + 3.
from diaryofkim :
Saw your banner. Love your writings, you really make me laugh. Have a good day:)
from candora :
your banners have attracted me more than a few times (and in my random wanderings, I could have sworn I say the child's face somewhere else, but then, maybe not), so it is time I let you know that... your longing for days of innocence is a familiar refrain in my own psyche... as is the healing process... I wish you satisfaction on your journey from where you leave behind to where you want to be.
from patw-21 :
hey it's all good, run the banner if you like, i have 6 banner views left, so not like i'll be using
from patw-21 :
No! I'm the kid your parents warned you about! And guess what..i also have a banner like that! :o[ *gasp!*
from darkfairy13 :
Awsome diary ^_^
from manacrystal :
In your banner it says "scraps", I was just wondering scraps of what?
from deadseafruit :
i love 3eb!
from manofx :
Putting 2 contacts in. Sounds like something I would do. How funny.
from flyinby :
sometimes if you put your contact on upside down/inside out (whatever it's called) you can see double. it happens. i've done it. *blush*
from iwillkillyou :
When that guy told you that he isn't like all the "other" guys, you should have said, "That's what they all say." Hehehe...:)
from carabeara :
i went to go see TEB too when they were in my town.. i wasnt able to actually meet them.. but i did accidently find their dressing room :P
from goodgirl177 :
Happy Birthday!
from goodgirl177 :
*gasp* How can you NOT like O'Charleys Caesar salad? mmm! I hope you have a good weekend!
from amberfalls :
Hi there! Wow! Thanks for adding me to your faves. Always appreciated. Take care. -a-
from manofx :
Good suggestion. =)
from goodgirl177 :
I almost bought that martini board! So adorable. God bless Target for their endless supply of cutesy items that break me every paycheck.
from goodgirl177 :
Hey, you should be getting an email with my secret spot info. :)
from punksniper :
yeah it is hard to find someone on the same level as you, some it takes a life others, a few years, what a crazy world we live in :)
from punksniper :
wow you have some nice diaries, i look forward to reading more :)
from punksniper :
thank you, i like to post quotes here and there :) so how are you?
from sockwrinkle :
Shake Shake Shake...Shake Shake Shake...Shake yo' booty!! It's Friday!!!
from manofx :
Thanks! It's nice to know SOMEONE reads it.
from manofx :
Thanks for the note. I read yours too. Talk to you later!

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