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I'm smarter than I used to be, happier than I used to be, farther along in life than I used to be..my diary has been upgraded to happier v.2!

My favorite diaries:

mad-prophet profile - diary
comments: "I may not have a whole lot of friends left in real life Marriage tends to scatter every1. I do have a few good net friends the best being my dear friend kristy I read her diary & I was all teary She is the 1 thing that keeps me sane." Iloveu2!
metalheart profile - diary
comments: "and while im not winning... if all of a sudden, there was nothing where i have been. how long til you notice. how long til it makes a difference. or does it even."
paper-girl profile - diary
comments: rock, scissors...PAPER!
kristinhank profile - diary
comments: beautiful...just beautiFULL
manda-d profile - diary
comments: love does get a second chance :-)
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: ha..he owes me new panties...I've destroyed so many laughing
shortst101 profile - diary
comments: "like the clouds in the sky huddling around the birds I want to hold them close and let them know its goign to be ok."
grlscout profile - diary
comments: flea markets, records, smart smart smart
livingwreck profile - diary
comments: "I'm toying with the idea of starting another diary for my entries on sex."
captainron profile - diary
comments: row row row your boat....
juddhole profile - diary
jakalope profile - diary
wifeberry profile - diary
comments: :-)
e-nymph profile - diary
comments: "I love a boy with a razorblade smile."
tattoobelly profile - diary
comments: this is one of those "read it all" diaries
wildrosie profile - diary
cassiopeia- profile - diary
comments: this diary....she makes me wish cloning was legal...such a cutie p'tutie
thunderstorm profile - diary
comments: "I mean anyone can be in a relationship when it is good it is when things are tough that you start to learn what you can depend on in life"
cosmicrayola profile - diary
comments: she's just a beautiful person...go see for yourself!
ursamajor profile - diary
mindfluff profile - diary
comments: i wanna steal her man...well I used to want to...I couldn't help it.
suenosverde profile - diary
exhaust profile - diary
comments: refluence
sassers profile - diary
comments: nifty
superkc profile - diary
comments: she came back! she came back! she came back!
natalucci profile - diary
heavenlyging profile - diary
fuzzy-grey profile - diary
comments: instant addiction
resonant profile - diary
comments: i've followed this diary around the world...in another life/name
piehole profile - diary
comments: the one that proves turdface is a cute nickname....the end!
laura-jane profile - diary
pischina profile - diary
comments: i've been reading this diary religiously....i'm now out of the closet... :-)
porktornado profile - diary
comments: cute, smart, inventive....newly added
littlesins profile - diary
herkinerf profile - diary
ireintrospct profile - diary
purplebanana profile - diary
comments: this alison is a girl
candora profile - diary
comments: blessed art thou who place their hand to paper with pen to write the secrets spoken only by their silent child in letters to the night
kristintracy profile - diary
lostinmylove profile - diary
comments: looking for it.......
oddsfish profile - diary
banefulvenus profile - diary
meine-kleine profile - diary
heidiann profile - diary
sixelasauce profile - diary
non-descript profile - diary
volleydahl profile - diary
barbylon profile - diary
less-than3 profile - diary
comments: so much more than any 1 else I know
betholindo profile - diary
liebling profile - diary
chickpea981 profile - diary
comments: It's not "where can I get laid easier?" its "where will I have a kitchen to call my own?"
kitty-kaboom profile - diary
colz profile - diary
just-fine profile - diary
devian profile - diary
comments: he's back and no one told me????? feee uck
dukkha-tanha profile - diary
comments: she loves candles and has the best nicknames for real people ever....
gothamite profile - diary
comments: they all come back to me eventually ;-)
boxx9000 profile - diary
comments: definitely thinks out of the boxx!
cuppajoe profile - diary
comments: his book page makes me gush like an alphabetic river
ramblin-bill profile - diary
kungfukitten profile - diary
coldandgray profile - diary
where-ocar profile - diary
nicim profile - diary
comments: just flat out hard to walk away from....
wilberteets profile - diary
gumphood profile - diary
neangel profile - diary
adaveen profile - diary
wunderwuman profile - diary
bettyford profile - diary
bluemeany profile - diary
love-me-more profile - diary
comments: a kid cuter than any Leta I've ever seen!!!
summer-gale profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Replacements
comments: "wish upon a star that turns into a plane guess that's right on par but who is there to blame?"
Azure Ray
comments: "it's just a simple line / i can still hear it / all of the time / if i can just hold on tonight / i know that nothing/nothing survives"
comments: "I'll give you anything anything 100 dollar bills...."
Paul Westerberg
comments: "You were the first one To turn me on To turn me on fast To turn me down flat Cause I was the last thing you ever wanted Still the best thing you never had Now you don't know What you're missing You'll never know what you had"
Everything Everything!!!
comments: www.bluejoules.com, Push Stars, Tom McRae, Bacon Brothers, Delerium, Blue Rodeo, Foreigner, Garbage, The Golden Palominoes, Joydrop, TOFOG, One Way Ride, Leldon, Mason Jennings, Ryan Adams, Richard Ashcroft, The Gufs .........................

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Tod Goldberg
comments: I'll never forget the crying Elvis painting and I'll never forget that Tod's just a good guy you'd want to sling a beer with.
J.T. Leroy
comments: He makes me want to......write.
Rupert Thomson
comments: Never lets me down...just the whole storylines that spew forth from him are amazing.

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