Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?

Yeah, I locked up because my child molesting hubby found me. This note is to his girlfriend; any time you want to hear the truth, you know where to find me. My children will be happy to enlighten you. I wish Greg's family had enlightened me about what he did to his niece Amy when he was a teenager. But they didn't. Now I'm offering you the chance I didn't have. Are you brave enough to hear both sides of the story?

My favorite diaries:

queenofrats profile - diary
comments: OK, maybe I'm prejudiced because she's my daughter, but dammit, she's funny!
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: R is simply the most wonderful darling in the world. There isn't a subject that she won't tackle!
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: This is a brave man. Hiding chocolate from a red-head. I bow to his fearlessness!
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: The most wonderful, playwriting pirate to sail the high seas.
lapisllong profile - diary
comments: Lapis Lazuli Long...Long live Heinlein! I always wanted to be Mama Maureen
postalpriss profile - diary
comments: Now that she's on the road to find out, follow along!
suzannadanna profile - diary
comments: New read, funny Mary Kay story....
xanthium profile - diary
comments: From Canada to San Diego to ???
brightopal profile - diary
bornearly profile - diary
comments: Music...doing what I wish I had the courage and talent to do.
zencelt profile - diary
comments: All Hail the Queen of Penises!
fairygodmum profile - diary
comments: Be careful of what you wish for...
bindyree profile - diary
comments: My favorite source for finding out the news of the world.
hothead profile - diary
batten profile - diary
comments: What an amazing lady. I wish her every success and every happiness...Sail on!
dryheat profile - diary
comments: My alter-ego...mostly poetry and songs and stuff...
gripewater profile - diary
comments: Popsicles, bikini waxes, no sex for 5 months, and then that grocery store...
sparkspark profile - diary
comments: Sparkling Violet Keelhauling stories.
moonfaeryy profile - diary
sixweasels profile - diary
comments: For an Asshole, she's a damned nice one!
bluemeany profile - diary
comments: Can the intrepid Meany survive going back "over there" again?
crazy4muffin profile - diary
comments: In the fight for Truth, Justice, And the end of idiots and pervs everywhere!
pennyjar profile - diary
comments: I ain't telling!
yelayna profile - diary
comments: Another UK sweetie!
ava-reborn profile - diary
comments: Such a sweetie, and her little darling girl too!
eastportgrrl profile - diary
comments: One of them thar assholians
beauty4ashs profile - diary
comments: Private diary of a beautiful lady
noaddedme profile - diary
comments: Been there and still living it...you go girl!
iambucket profile - diary
comments: Poolie's niece
dandydandy profile - diary
comments: Looks way too much like Kaj's daughter!
trulypoetic profile - diary
serenaville profile - diary
comments: So wonderful, but HOW could she erase her old entries? Waahhhhh!
wanders profile - diary
melwadel profile - diary
comments: But I want to be a singing diva too!
mehiel profile - diary
comments: Transplanted to Toronto, just married, and is frank and to the point. Love it!
mydiet2006 profile - diary
comments: Has adopted the Hubby-free diet, and it seems to suit her well.
chaosdaily profile - diary
comments: Must. Have. Chocolate. Can't see her page without eating something chocolate.
avalonte profile - diary
comments: Ava Reborn's private diary
bitterwineuk profile - diary
comments: Becca's public diary, check in on her and her cutie son!
joiedv profile - diary
comments: Newest read, but I'm loving it! So many similarities!
ishouldcry profile - diary
comments: Private diary of bitterwine
jammybastard profile - diary
comments: Twisted morals, naughty sex bits, but hey, who am I to judge? But he should tun on his notes!
allegedwife profile - diary
comments: Small town living on the other side of the world
startafresh profile - diary
comments: Becca's startin' fresh, and this time, she's gonna kick ass!
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: D-land's anonymous Post Office
kyboy profile - diary
comments: An absolute sweetie, found him through allegedwife
prolifique profile - diary
comments: She used to be pissy, but she's a changed woman!
nanajud profile - diary
fan4 profile - diary
bunny828 profile - diary
acaldwell profile - diary
kitchenlogic profile - diary
onlymayday profile - diary
x-centricity profile - diary
ship-jumper profile - diary
tuckandsophi profile - diary
bluecharis profile - diary
metame profile - diary
theturtle profile - diary
nilliem profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: OK, so they are a little known group from San Diego, but they are awesome!
Moody Blues
comments: I know you're out there somewhere.
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
comments: Best band...ever.
Doobies, Tull, Eagles
comments: Defining the generation
Escape Key
comments: Another unknown group, but you should hear Michelle's voice. I'm jealous.

My favorite movies:

Shakespeare in Love
comments: Joseph Fiennes. Need I say more? Oh, and awesome scriptwriting, and pretty good costuming
Paint Your Wagon
comments: Two Husbands at one time...every woman's dream...One cooking, one cleaning!
comments: Well, not really a favorite, but hey, it's part of my daily life here
Boondock Saints
comments: They should be in every city.
Bagdad Cafe
comments: Can't explain this one, either you get it, or you don't.

My favorite authors:

Raymond Feist
comments: Steve, April, Jon and Anita Dave G and Tunoc...my first Friday Night (and last foray) found my mage thrown into the mouth of a wyvern to allow the others to escape.
Robert Heinlein
comments: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset. I wanna be Mama Maureen!
Elizabeth Moon
comments: Replacing McCaffrey as a fav...
Dana Stabenow
comments: Crime in Alaska...gotta love Breakup!
Orson Scott Card
comments: Love him or hate him...but Ender's Game and the Alvin Maker series are classic.

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