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"Home" is a restless, ephemeral term; a subjective word. "Home" is a feeling, a sense of completion--under the Pendulum where all things are equal.

My favorite diaries:

threeletters profile - diary
comments: Another person who philosophizes on "homelessness" in her own way.
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: Wonderfully, beautifully accurate words. Cute haircut, awesome style.
nicim profile - diary
comments: Upon reading one entry, I was automatically intrigued. (Now locked.)
raven72d profile - diary
comments: Thank goodness, another reader of Haruki Murakami...
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: Yay for banner ads. Impressive narrative flow.
bornearly profile - diary
comments: Very pleasant to read; self-analytical without the tendency to whine.
dragprincess profile - diary
comments: Stumbled across this one--may we all be so happy at 30!
sparkspark profile - diary
comments: I read one entry, and it struck me as beautifully clear. Lovely.
wildrosie profile - diary
comments: This is her open diary, which I need to catch up on.
dryheat profile - diary
comments: This is her secret diary, and you can't read it!
how-to-fight profile - diary
comments: I wish I knew half this much about music.
geek-betty profile - diary
comments: This woman truly is Wonder Woman.
lerin profile - diary
comments: She left me a nice note, and I hope to catch up, soon! (Now locked.)
coexistapart profile - diary
comments: Another banner ad find! Will wonders never cease?
mare-ingenii profile - diary
comments: Uses "poppets" with impunity.
revisions profile - diary
comments: Although we grew up quite differently, I somehow feel a kinship with this person.
cunhell profile - diary
comments: Nicim's other diary.

My favorite music:

Nine Inch Nails
comments: There's nothing some good TR for dark, complex, soulful, angry, and soothing.
comments: My latest addiction. Saw them in concert; was dazed and happy afterward (aestheti-gasm).
comments: Half the time, I don't even know what's being said. I like it anyway.
Yoko Kanno
comments: Because the "Cowboy Bebop" soundtracks fucking rule.
Sigur Ros
comments: Seethy, beautiful music.

My favorite movies:

comments: Duh. (See also: "Cowboy Bebop.")
Fight Club
comments: Also, duh. (I named my first computer "Marla.")
The Magnificent Seven
comments: "Clap your hands!"
Tell Me Something
comments: It's like "Se7en," but in Korea. And noirish. And sexier.
Ghost in the Shell: II
comments: How many references to Milton can be made in one movie? Oh right, more than can be packed into "Bladerunner"! (This movie gave me an aestheti-gasm.)

My favorite authors:

Chuck Palahniuk
comments: I've seen Chuck in person about three times. He's hilarious.
Sebastien Japrisot
comments: Alfred Hitchcock meets Mod France.
Arturo Perez-Reverte
comments: Mmmm..."the club dumas"...mmm...
Michael Ondaatje
comments: He is such an absorbing author--I can't help but read.
Umberto Eco
comments: "Foucault's Pendulum." That's all I'm going to say.

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