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History: Diary claimed and settled, after a viciously bloody battle with HTML and various templates. Written by an intrepid woman, strenuously objecting to starting her fourth decade, who finds herself where she is today after her life has taken numerous unanticipated detours over the years. Said detours having lead her so far out of her way, that she fears she may never be able to find the road back.

She always got lost in a paper bag, anyhow.

My favorite diaries:

idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: She had me at 'Huzzah!'. A ranting, raving, rollicking, romp of a good time. (How's that for alliteration?) If you do nothing else, visit her. NOW. Brilliance.
leftunspoken profile - diary
comments: Quite possibly the most beautiful soul I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Evocative and arresting writing. She is a true rarity, and just as priceless.
red-wine profile - diary
comments: Found her through Idiot-Milk's diary. What makes Red-Wine compelling, are her unique writing 'voice', and the fact that she makes me want to be a Librarian too...as long as all of them are as sophisticated and cool as her.
casa-rosie profile - diary
comments: Remember the ending of "Thelma&Louise"? That's me and Rosie, as we both "Keep going" when cornered by our looming 40th and 50th decades, respectively. We will not go gently!! (Red Hat Society, here we come!!) TOWANDA!!
bathtubmary profile - diary
comments: Found her through Red-Wine's diary, who - as it happens -, recently became roommates with BathTubMary and Mr.BTM. It's nice to get the perspective of the other side, especially when all seems so serendipitously fortuitous. Yay for them!
wickedcrazy profile - diary
comments: "I go from Naomi Watts to Joni "My face makes kittens and orphans die" Mitchell? Don't get me wrong, I loves me some Joni Mitchell but bitch be homely. Someone needs to pave over her face and put up a parking lot. "
oldmaid profile - diary
comments: Found her through Idiot-Milk's diary. Amazing how certain groups of diarists all seem to know each other. Old Maid is now married, and adjusting to newlywed life... but keeping her former diary ident. Modern woman!
beckers-j profile - diary
comments: She originally caught my notice for having lived Upstate. Now a grant writer for a non-profit on Long Island, and a new read. She may tell you to get off her island, but that's just her antisocial way of saying she cares. ;)
im2evil4u profile - diary
comments: A fellow Iron Maiden fan! I shamelessly copied the "people online" app, on her great layout. Imitation = flattery, etc. Wild turkeys couldn't keep me away from her diary!
erianne1 profile - diary
comments: My best friend in the entire world - real AND cyber, for the past decade. So close, she is family. So loved, there can be no words. My touchstone. Mentor to my eldest, with my gratitude.
dukkha-tanha profile - diary
comments: She actually says the things I think, but would never say. Such unbridled brashness fascinates me no end. If a diary could be a cause of death, this one would be 'Blunt force trauma' , in the very best sense. Reality wrapped in a pretty layout!
dragonwench profile - diary
comments: SHE'S BACK!! HURRAH!! Now married, and pregnant with a girl. Two states of being one would never ascribe to, or expect from, Da Wench previously. The new chapter begins, and the excitement continues...
la-the-sage profile - diary
comments: I found her through BathTubMary's diary. OHH, "Kickass Diary", indeed. Two entries read, and I was toast. In the process of reading her archives too. A New Yorker, and a new delight. Can't wait to learn more!
bettyford profile - diary
comments: Single-handedly restores my faith in clicking on a random banner. For someone a year sober, she sure is an intoxicating read. Posts beautiful sepia snaps, especially of her gorgeous son. No rehab needed here!
stepfordtart profile - diary
comments: A sheer delight, and delightfully naughty. Her jokes always make me laugh, though she thinks they're crap. Possessing of the only feet I'd make exception for. (In Perspex, even!) She's got it, yeah baby, she's got it. I heart the Tart!
smokefree-me profile - diary
comments: My Rochester neighbor, and (Alas...) platonic friend. He inspires me with his commitment to losing weight and exercising, along with resolutely remaining smoke-free. Makes Ziploc omelets for me, and lets me stalk his son. Yay! A man I hope to meet, soon..
yellow-ninja profile - diary
comments: She added me. I read her bio, and instantly wanted to adopt her. A few months later, I did. She's now the D-land daughter-of-my-heart. A very lovely young lady. (Which I can call her, seeing as she was BORN when I was HER age. Hmmph! *wink*)
dieselengine profile - diary
comments: Anyone who writes a commercial for an adult store, merits place on my list. I vastly enjoy reading her space, and avidly await updates. She's seriously serious!
techrat profile - diary
comments: My pet. My "Dormouse", with home built in the cozy spot by the hit counter. Holder of my shaker of salt. Official clapper of my erasers. Head of my class. My delight. My joy.
drbigbeef profile - diary
comments: There's too much to say about this guy, and no proper words to do justice. Riveting. Suffice to say, I want to party with this man, and answer all his questions about women. Plus? Cheerleaders!
geekboy61 profile - diary
comments: The diarist formerly known as NiceGuyMike. Sanity regained, but job lost, he hopes to go back to graduate school very soon. A great guy who deserves great things. Get the full flavor- give him a read today!
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: She added me ages ago. I've been faithfully reading her wildly fascinating and highly intelligent entries ever since. During this overdue shake-up of my faves list, I am adding this saucy Aussie before another moment passes!
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: I forgot how I found her, but she truly is a "Gem of ineffable wisdom". Funnier than hell. Knows her way around punctuation, so I hope she doesn't read my diary. To paraphrase The Dead Milkmen: "You're for ME, Poolagirl !!!"

My favorite music:

comments: Brad Wilk. Kickass songs. 'Nuff said.
Fiona Apple
comments: If my life were a movie, her CD _Tidal_ would be its soundtrack.
comments: Rage and angst done right. Had I a band, I would call it "Doll Parts" in tribute.
Iron Maiden
comments: The only heavy metal band that doesn't make the term "cerebral music" an oxymoron (much less for being said in the same sentence as 'heavy metal'...), or the fact they make some, a paradox.
comments: Even though Cliff Burton died. Even though Jason Newstead left the band. Even though _St. Anger_ blows. They are just THAT good.

My favorite movies:

comments: If I need to explain, then you'd never understand it. Pure genius.
Dangerous Beauty
comments: Veronica Franco. Courtesans. 16th century Venice. You know you want to.
Empire Records
comments: The definition of cool, with a phenominal soundtrack. Renee Zellweger! Liv Tyler! Come onnnn!
My Fair Lady
comments: Audrey Hepburn ANYTHING, really. Rex Harrison is impeccable. Wouldn't it be loverly?
The Princess Bride
comments: "As you wish", "Inconceivable!", "Hello. My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." "Have fun storming the castle!".

My favorite authors:

Louisa May Alcott
comments: Reading Little Women absolutely changed my life.
Fran Lebowitz
comments: The Fran Lebowitz Reader. Brings curmudgeony to that next level.
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw
comments: I know, I know... but I deeply respect and admire someone who "tells it like it is", while pulling no punches. Hooray for pragmatism!
John Stage and Nancy Radke
comments: The Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: An American Roadhouse. A MUST HAVE COOKBOOK. For anyone that likes their barbeque slow-cooked, their bikes fast, and their blues smoldering. Original restaurant/bar location in Syracuse, New York. Do visit. (Link on diary)
Bill Watterson
comments: While not technically books, ANY compilation of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips cannot be a bad thing, for their sheer righteousness. Deal.

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