Goddamn penguins...

"Meddle with care in the affairs of Dragon Wenches, for they tend to be horny and you tend to be attractive."

2002-2005= sex, drugs, rock & roll

2005-now=taking the bitch out of the clubs and putting her in mom jeans

My favorite diaries:

ohcecilia profile - diary
comments: Deva, oh deva, oh frabjous, fabulous deva!
fangbanger profile - diary
comments: she makes me nostalgic. that and she's bangin hawt.
ghostofgor profile - diary
comments: Because he's just the kind of ghost you'd want.
all-sewn-up profile - diary
comments: gots me in stitches
patw-21 profile - diary
comments: Just bend me over and 'Oh, Canada' me...
wafflehead profile - diary
comments: I may be to old and lame to be funny. so I drop in for some wafflehead, and she's funny for me. and everyone else.
serenaville profile - diary
comments: Super mom, she is sometimes the only reason I have any faith in my own mothering.
nightdragon profile - diary
comments: A fellow dragon, a read like political cheesecake; I just can't be trusted with it!
dalyrical1 profile - diary
comments: My GIRL, the lyrical mistress herself, and when she is absent, I tend to come around less myself.
orgami profile - diary
comments: odd and lovely
nightwolfe profile - diary
comments: When you know, you know. And we know. You know?
signomifly profile - diary
comments: me likey
i-lost-sarah profile - diary
comments: beautiful. I could swim in these words.
audeamus profile - diary
comments: just so.
youfoundme profile - diary
comments: a simple, straightforward beam of sunlight.

My favorite music:

System of a Down
comments: Otep, Slayer, Killswitch Engage, Disturbed, Metallica, Korn, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Static X, Fear Factory, Six Feet Under, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Joni Mitchell
comments: Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Jewel, Sheryl Crowe
John Mayer
comments: Pink Floyd, CSN&Y, James Taylor, Bruce Springstein, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Coldplay, the White Stripes
comments: Eminem, Blackalicious, Chemical Bros, Moby, Boards of Canada, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes
Led Zeppelin
comments: Patty Griffin, Joan Baez, Dave Evans, The B Sides, The Neilds, Counting Crows, Tenacious D, Group X the Arabian Rap Sensation, the Bloodhound Gang

My favorite movies:

comments: Sneakers, Blow, Traffic, The Red Violin, A Clockwork Orange, all the Mad Max movies, Bedazzled, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Phone Booth
Full Metal Jacket
comments: American Beauty, Lawrence of Arabia, Momento, Moulin Rouge, Chocolat, American Psycho, Mansoon Wedding, the Sting
Bridget Jones' Diary
comments: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Van Wilder, Princess Bride, Willow, Pride and Predjudice (colin firth cut), Emma, Sense and Sensebility, the Magnificent Seven, MASH, Kelly's Heroes, The Jackal
comments: Rosemary's Baby, The Matrix, X-Men 1&2, High Fidelity, Boondock Saints, Trainspotting, Fist of Legend, Ghost in the Shell, Amelie
comments: 2001, the Godfather 1 & 2, Goodfellas, Scarface, White Oleander, The Green Mile, Princess Mononoke, the Thin Red Line, Platoon, The Great Escape, Chicago, Minority Report, Highlander

My favorite authors:

Orson Scott Card
comments: 'Ender's Game' should be read by everyone on earth.
William Gibson
comments: Every book is a masterpiece
George R.R. Martin
comments: the man is awesome
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: classic for a reason
J.K. Rowling
comments: Dan Brown, DJ Conway, Tad Williams, Piers Anthony, Larry Niven

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