"And sometimes when you're on, you're really fucking on. And your friends they sing along, and they love you. But the lows are so extreme, that the good seems fucking cheap. And it teases you for weeks in its absence. But you'll fight and you'll make it through. You'll fake it if you have to, and you'll show up for work with a smile" RK

locked - email for password - annehymarie(at)yahoo(dot)com

My favorite diaries:

zoobomb profile - diary
comments: it doesn't have to hurt that bad
limes-sugar profile - diary
somstar profile - diary
stellarrobot profile - diary
comments: how could i have ever forgotten?
deez-nuts profile - diary
theotherman profile - diary
amazinfuckup profile - diary
hbaybee profile - diary
beckers-j profile - diary
comments: sometimes, clicking on banners is a good thing
bettinas profile - diary
comments: "I have a sense of perspective on things that's been lacking. I don't know when the light came back on, but it did. And it's shining."
applerobot profile - diary
comments: i wish that she were my next door neighbor.
pyroguysr profile - diary
comments: professional back fat massager
d1mndn3r0ugh profile - diary
comments: from disgusta to the atl
coldandgray profile - diary
comments: "well, overcast days never turned me on - but somethin' 'bout the clouds and her mixed"
geek-betty profile - diary
chillier profile - diary
comments: "I mean, really, it's one thing to smile and nod about a coworker's personal life, it is quite another thing to smile and nod about a coworker's roommate's personal life. "
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omniscia profile - diary
life-my-way profile - diary
comments: "Parenting, like marriage, is NOT for pussies (well, except the birth part which is frequently for pussies--you know what I mean)."
lyyn profile - diary

My favorite music:

modest mouse
comments: i got this thing that i consider my only art of fucking people over
magnetic fields
comments: 'cause the world's too cold for a girl like that
i am the world trade center
comments: tell me baby, how pretty is she?
tv on the radio
comments: it's been a long time since i've liked a band this much
postal service
comments: i'll be your platform shoes undo what heredity's done to you

My favorite movies:

the life aquatic
comments: not if i see you first. i also love annie hall and husbands and wives. just because they are so real to me.
high fidelity
comments: some people, as far as chemistry goes, just feel like home. i've seen this movie probably ten times. i think about this movie at least once a day. sometimes i get the feeling i try to twist the actual events of my life so they'll seem more like
The Royal Tennenbaums
comments: there is a dent in this car, and another one, and another one. i don't think that any other movie ever made could be more beautiful than this one.
lost in translation
comments: was there no one else there to lavish you with attention? i think bill murray is the sexiest man in the movies. seriously.
the squid and the whale
comments: yes sir, my brotha'. i love any movie that wes anderson has ever touched.

My favorite authors:

john irving
jonathan franzen
anne tyler
melissa banks
comments: if i could be any author, i would be her. a girls guide to hunting and fishing, are you fucking kidding me? and the short story she wrote in speaking with the angel, jesus christ!
nick hornby

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