The Bedbug Chronicles

...drooling, screaming, ranting incoherently, he crawls toward the keyboard...

My favorite diaries:

Ravengreen profile - diary
comments: 'Cos she kicks a lotta ass, pointed me in the direction of OTEP and because, to be honest, I'm completely on her dick.
Poettheninja profile - diary
comments: One of the first diaries I read. Check her out. Now.
Blackbunny profile - diary
comments: Bring on the pain - bring on the noise! Tres cool; she told me herself.
Capt-jim profile - diary
comments: I found him after a story from The Ninja and liked his style.
holdenrevolt profile - diary
comments: Last Chance Texaco - dammit this kid is slick
bubaloo profile - diary
comments: ...birds of a feather n' all that jazz
lettersmith profile - diary
comments: I just like people who can apologise graciously
thejanechord profile - diary
comments: the best writing I've seen in diaryland. RIP Seth
Phantasy X profile - diary
comments: She wears her heart on her blog
Phone Jockey profile - diary
comments: Humour this dry can cause flash fires
BettyFord profile - diary
comments: Roaming the asylum with one eye on the camera whle the other one directs the movie
Pagan Mystique profile - diary
comments: "If anyone happens by who also happened to be in the ridiculously long land yacht parked at the post office yesterday playing GOD BLESS MY ASSHOLE at the witch loud enough to make everyone sterile, be informed that the witch is a tad confused..."

My favorite music:

The Darkness
comments: Lightness
Rollins Band/Black Flag
comments: For the high times, low times and all those inbetween
comments: ...Because HE is GOD
Chilli Peppers
comments: 'Cos I likes my funk funked up
Rancid, Guns N Roses, NIrvana, Black Flag, Metallica,
comments: 'Cos it was them that started me out on this crazed trip

My favorite movies:

The Machinist
comments: Madness is like this
Requiem for a Dream
comments: Sad, scary and haunting
La Heine(sic?)
comments: French, you have to read it, arty, and still good
Lord of the Rings
comments: Who you callin' geek?
Apocolypse Now
comments: The words, the pictures, the music, the meanings - My god it's got them all

My favorite authors:

Hunter S. Thompson
comments: Read nearly all the back catalogue and they're all too good. Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas kix ass
DBC Pierre
comments: Vernon God Little - darkly comic account of the loss of innocence and the American Nightmare
Clarence Cooper Jnr
comments: The Scene is amongst the finest books I've ever read
Josph Heller
comments: Catch 22 is still one of my favourite books ever
Walter Moseley
comments: Always out numbered, always out gunned, starring Socrates Fortlow are like todays' Aesop's Fables

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