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Life of a recovering drug, sex, and booze freak. whoo-hooo! Oh yeah, I also am a weirdo pathetic musician!

My favorite diaries:

bub66ohm profile - diary
comments: Loser wanna be musician
groovebunny profile - diary
comments: Groove's not a d-lander anymore. But she's still my oldest and bestest blog friend. Check her out at www.groovebunny.com/blog
bfairy731 profile - diary
comments: I don't think she updates anymore
miss-k2 profile - diary
comments: I don't know if anyone makes me outright laugh out loud as hard or as often as this Northwest babe.
sirkeljerk profile - diary
comments: Hasn't updated in forever, which is a shame.
iluvtunes profile - diary
comments: My san diego rocker buddy who has gotten married and posts rarely anymore. :(
pattymelt profile - diary
comments: Fucking great! She sent me some awesome pics last year and will adore her forever just for that!
cryondemand profile - diary
comments: Another d-lander that's engaged. Is it catchy? Really sweet girl. Has been updating more lately.
pixie0323 profile - diary
comments: One of my 3 amigas, she sees things in everyday occurences that alot of us miss. Makes me want to be in my 20's and in love with the world.
pantypulldwn profile - diary
comments: The only girl that I have found who makes me feel like a prude in bed. Not that I wouldn't give it a shot! ;)
lissacakes profile - diary
comments: Lissa, another of the 3 amigas. Hands down the best writer I have read in a blog. She has made me cry on more than one occasion, think on others, and just slays me the rest of the time.
missk2 profile - diary
comments: shhhhh!!!!!
weirdaunt profile - diary
lulublu profile - diary
comments: Jiminy Cricket. My conscience. The 3rd amiga. Truthfully, I probably respect her more than anyone. Sometimes I need a moral compass.
captvfirefly profile - diary
comments: OMG! I love the way her life rollercoasters to all these different stops. A lot like me without all the drugs. Thank God. Brutally honest too.
vickithecute profile - diary
comments: She added me first! I felt so cool. lol I like the title of her diary. Suits me perfect!
dirtylinda profile - diary
comments: This girl should be turning her journal entries into a book. Short, sweet and to the point.
dukkha-tanha profile - diary
comments: I really hope that we aren't long separated brother and sister cuz I would be a real sicko with the things I think about her! One of the most honest diarists on here.
anniewaits18 profile - diary
comments: I'm not sure. San Diegan that lives in Boston? With a bunch of roomates? No matter, she's cool!
marilynnv profile - diary
comments: I like her diary, just sometimes I forget to check it because it doesn't turn red when she updates. LOL
rhidundantx2 profile - diary
comments: Major League Funny. Also loves John Irving, and types Cory Hart lyrics in her entries. What more could you want?
clammy05 profile - diary
andreeb profile - diary
comments: About time Lissa comes up with someone new for me to read!
vade--mecum profile - diary
comments: pixa de li cious!

My favorite music:

comments: Just my favorite band of all time! Ryan Adams is God songwriter!
comments: I like them so much I have an X tattooed on my right wrist.
The Dresden Dolls
comments: This bridge was written, to make you feel smitten
comments: I hear god in their music....
Violent Femmes
comments: Kathleen Edwards, The Stones, Beatles, Nirvana, Black Flag, Dead Kennedies, Prince, Hank Williams, The Monkees, PJ Harvey

My favorite movies:

comments: Watching this movie is like tasting the most delicious thing ever with your eyes.
Chasing Amy
comments: Just great dialogue. I think it's the best think Kevin Smith has done that I've seen.
Life is Beautiful
comments: I walked out of the theatre bawling my eyes out before it ended. To fall in love with those people and then watch them in a concentration camp was too much. Which might have been the point.
Requiem For a Dream
comments: I stumbled out of the theatre into a bright San Diego afternoon and I still couldn't shake that feeling of utter degredation.
Glen Gary/Glen Ross
comments: This is what should happen when you take at least 6 of the best actors in Hollywood and give them a great script.

My favorite authors:

John Irving
comments: Just a great storywriter
Gunter Grass
comments: The german version of John Irving, or actually it's probably the other way around
Kurt Vonnegut
comments: And so it goes. "Slaughterhouse 5." Are you kidding me? Da bomb.
Charles Bukowski
comments: I only hesitate to put this here because I don't want to appear hip. His poetry hits way too close to home as I get older. Scares me.
Hunter S. Thompson
comments: He writes. I laugh. Then think. Then laugh some more. Then get in trouble.

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