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captvfirefly profile - diary
comments: I'm claustrophobic, and allergic to stupid, rude people.
satellitebob profile - diary
comments: some other driver on the rode really pissed me off, but it is ok now. I didn't shoot them or anything
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: This is the point where he started to call me very bad names like "psycho" and "freakshow" and "crazy pee-obsessed bitch."
perfectbone profile - diary
comments: Maybe people who are "bipolar" are really just supposed to be that...maybe we just have funny personalities?
uninspired1 profile - diary
comments: I've decided that since I tend to erase my memory several times a week, I should try to document on here my days in college as fully as I can.
bubaloo profile - diary
comments: Please don't dive into the bub pool right now, it's very shallow
common-tegus profile - diary
comments: i must confess that i thought more than once of walking out of work today and directly into a bar
spanklin profile - diary
comments: Told me she only wanted to bone deviant looking white boys
gerg69 profile - diary
comments: explain to me again the derivation of Kepler's Second Law?
edgarfrog profile - diary
comments: You have to SELL the butt plug idea to your classmates.
bingoguy profile - diary
comments: Depression is a Deep Dark Hole
rokazu profile - diary
comments: She jumped into the friend category quite quickly after a certain supposed incident with Dirty Rob.
soverycherry profile - diary
comments: Blah blah blah blah blah.
savecraig profile - diary
comments: When I die and I'm in heaven (hope, hope) If God turns out to be Budha or has eight arms that would suck because I really backed the wrong horse here on earth.
luvabeans profile - diary
comments: My uterus has me by the balls right now, rendering me temporarily insane.* As such, the following will be a fragmented narration of all the topics coursing through the minds of the voices in my head.
gumphood profile - diary
comments: The only remaining moment of humiliation, besides the actual sex, is the moment when she sees my tighy whities.
tvzero profile - diary
comments: You guys want me to get a job. Otherwise, you�re stuck reading stupid crap about laundry and masturbation. Wouldn�t you rather read about exciting office politics? And masturbation?
lorster profile - diary
comments: It�s still disgustingly cold here. Bitter, ugly cold that has you freezing your tits off in five seconds flat. And for those of you that don�t have tits? It�s cold enough to make your manhood one big Popsicle, and not in a good way either. (And yeah,
porktornado profile - diary
comments: I can practically see you walking away muttering "that oughta' shut them up". Do you always argue with a bunch of bumper stickers laid out in front of you? Does your preacher know you're using the computer? Run along and hump y
sturge profile - diary
comments: I thought all girls loved giving blow jobs.
hateismine profile - diary
comments: this has to be the top weirdest thing a doctor has ever 'diagnosed' me with.
perceptionss profile - diary
comments: Be stronger and think of the less fortunate souls out in the world.
liar-by-rote profile - diary
comments: i've been smoking entirely too much pot. the other night, i noticed that my shadow was following me. the customary shadow was there to my right, but i had a new shadow on my left. no one was behind me.
somthin profile - diary
comments: And what of the word WHORE which was bandied about not just a little in regards to the young woman
moretoknow profile - diary
comments: Who actually WANTS to be a bank teller?
matthewpv2 profile - diary
comments: its a daily struggle
boredforever profile - diary
comments: For instance I was wondering what would happen if iamese twin killed somebody, would they both go to jail??
some-trouble profile - diary
comments: How long will it take me to crack this time, I wonder???
fergie profile - diary
comments: looking forward to seeing all you lovely bitches tonight

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