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Distinct. Abnormal. Self Conscious. Able. Intelligent. Goofy. Admirable. Spunky. Energetic. Smiling. Entertaining. Willing. Compassionate. Special. Motherly. Misunderstood. Thoughtful. Shy. Gregarious. Independent. Lonely. Strong. Me.

My favorite diaries:

anomy profile - diary
comments: VERSED. My more condensed diary. More of an: 'You make me cry, and here's why:' thing.
damefortune profile - diary
comments: EVENTFUL. She's changed layouts about 13 times in the two months I've read her. And I love it. She's up and down a lot, just like me (a bit dramatic in the good way), and I really really enjoy it.
eloquent- profile - diary
comments: ARTICULATE. We write pretty. Sometimes. A damned good effort by a damned good reviewer to list the best of the best.
endserenadng profile - diary
comments: CODED. It's a modern day e.e. cummings if you will. Making your mind believe something other than you know. There's a new breed among us: and they can write.
fellbehind profile - diary
comments: UNIVERSAL. He's got a sense that makes me feel like he doesn't care what I think (even though he does) and talks on topics that we all have either been through or can relate to.
frozen-vodka profile - diary
comments: BEAUTIFUL. A great writer with a witty mind. She does what she wants and has kick ass friends/stories. Worth a read.
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: HILARIOUS. Retail. Big sentences with hyphens. Lots of cussing. Cats. Pumpkin truffles. Who could ask for more?
idoandidont profile - diary
comments: SWEET. She's just so...refreshing. Perhaps it's because we're very little alike, and yet so similar. She's got great compassion, and I <3 her.
imitatingart profile - diary
comments: SIMPLE. It makes me love the simplicity of life and want more all at once. Not particularly ancient, but alive.
itineration profile - diary
comments: NEFARIOUS. He mocks and chides and says such smart things as "plato was wrong."
karaokekatey profile - diary
comments: WITTY. She's got the small entry down. But then again her big entries are beautiful. She manages to convey her feelings using this great vocabulary into something you read once, understand, read again, and understand a completely new way. (gone,
labeled-girl profile - diary
comments: TRAGIC. When you read something so well written it makes you want to cry you know you've found a gem. Word after word I find myself scrolling for the next one. And I'm loving every second.
laura-diane profile - diary
comments: CARING. For those times in my life where I need to feel a little closer to the ground. It makes you think and want to care because she deserves it so much (locked).
lightfallsup profile - diary
comments: INSIGHTFUL. I'm not sure how to describe. Most of the people on this list are people I love. Him...I admire. His writing style is amazing, and his thoughts further than I could ever imagine.
lime-reviews profile - diary
comments: VICIOUS. My personal review site. Pretty efficient. Quite diligent. Rather thorough. I suggest you give her a try.
lovejunky profile - diary
comments: VERBAL. He writes. And I swear to god I stumbled on him by accident. He's the feelings I've always wanted to write, in a style I'd never imagine. I think I've fallen in love with words.
manchmal profile - diary
comments: ENDEARING. She's tragic and lovely and so much what I feel somedays. And more? She's a genuine person.
moretowrite profile - diary
comments: POETIC. My personal poetry/prose site. It's got finished, unfinished, and barely started works. And a few that have been published. A few.
nanomtknow profile - diary
comments: LITERATE. 2004's NaNoWriMo, barely started but I love the story, soon to hold 2005's.
normaltoilet profile - diary
comments: SENSITIVE. She talks of common things and more like falling in love and being who you want to be, but I think there's more.
onlydistance profile - diary
comments: HEART-WRENCHING. For when I want to sit back and look at the softer side of life, remember when my heart was broken so I can sit back and say, I got through that, so there's got to be more...doesn't there?
outoftime profile - diary
comments: VISUAL. Art with writing, it's like life, image with sound.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: CLEVER. Kick ass name, a cat that's in love with a hammer...who could ask for more? In a word: hilarious.
rainforme profile - diary
comments: HONEST. We all live similar lives; sooner or later we're going to have to recognize we have the same pain. But for now...I'll revel in someone who's seen more than I have, read more than I have, and has done so much more that I may ever.
savecraig profile - diary
comments: RIDICULOUS. Awesome links, lighthearted banter, thoughts we all think but could never get out that well.
shoot-down profile - diary
comments: UNDERAPPRECIATED. Words in a paper bag my ass. It's beauty in electrons. A few clusters in a specific order making the world a bit more interesting time after time.
thejanechord profile - diary
comments: IMPRESSIVE. Written on topics lower than you thought, in a manner higher than you thought. It's almost...spooky. Whether you think texas screams banana creme or simply that people are entertaining, it's well written.
track1side2 profile - diary
comments: EXPRESSIVE. He can write my feelings and paint my visions more eloquently than I could ever imagine.
ululantroar profile - diary
comments: ELEGANT. It was kind of by chance that I stumbled on this page so many times and then finally gave it a chance. I think she's more honest than she realizes most days. (gone, only not)
x-lamie-x profile - diary
comments: RANDOM. Was defunct-then-returned-now-defunct site that includes shots of furbees being shot in the jungle (aka vacation photos) and the many hilarious times of Jamie and I.
lv-rndrdwrds profile - diary
comments: ENTRANCING. I don't know how. But I got stuck for it all.
geek-betty profile - diary
comments: REAL. She speaks of bath tubs and children and trying to be young again, and yet she's got this great sense of persona that feels like I'm sitting in front of her listening to her tell me the story herself. Too long missing from this list.

My favorite music:

Ben Folds Five
comments: Innovation. Ben Folds is an asshole, but shit can he and his boys play music.
comments: Fell in love with them the second I heard them. Took me forever to find their music, but now that I have, I believe good music still exists.
Green Day
comments: Innovators extraordinaire. They personified I generation, one I just happened to grow up in.
comments: They are the innovators of everything today. They mimicked well, they wrote well. Freddy Mercury, gay or not, marry me?
New Favorite(rotates): Taking Back Sunday
comments: Not a new group to the realm at all, but lovely none the less. Their lyrics make me cry and their sound touches my soul.

My favorite movies:

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything-Julie Newmar
comments: Possibly the most amazing movie ever made a great combonation of men in drag(famous ones at that) and down home comedy with southern accents, nuthin' better
comments: While I'll admit I've seen it 11 times, I still hate the beginning, but after #4, it's all over kids, most sophisticated comedy ever
Monty Python and The Holy Grail
comments: Possibly some of their funniest and most accessible work, besides their tv show, it remains comic genuis in my mind
Band of Brothers
comments: A more recent favorite, though do to its accuracy(especially the D-day landing) I'll be in love with Spielberg forever
Ferris Beuller's Day Off
comments: I forgot this one at first, thanks to a survey I remembered it; fell in love with Chicago early, fell in love with Broderick early, hell what could be better

My favorite authors:

Fyodor Dostoevsky
comments: I've read far too many russian literature pieces for my own good, and he remains one of my favorites
comments: A Philosopher of true wisdom, where he knows that a situation only arrives out of unequals
Thomas Hobbes
comments: I used to read for fun, then I read Hobbes, now I read for the sheer fact that he seems to know everything, and it makes my jaw drop
Gary Larson
comments: Author of the famous comic Farside, he's come to be one of the better comic genius' of his time
Tom Stoppard
comments: Possibly the most intuitive playwright ever, he has this ability to make fun of you, as you laugh at his overbearing joke, covering the entire situation until it's over and you're left wondering--wait a second!

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